Feingold diet?


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Has anyone tried this for their children? When easy child was in grade school I remember I put him on this diet as he was just tooooooo active. It helped a ton.

I remembered this as I'm dealing with some health symptoms and am eliminating the crap additives from my diet.

Just a thought if you haven't heard of it.

I found the Feingold diet too difficult. It does help a lot to eliminate as many artificial additives--dyes, flavors and preservatives---from your diet. You can try to eat as few processed foods as possible and buy organic.


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Yes, I have tried it with my children and we have been on it for 2 yrs. and 5 months. I Love It.
Two weeks after I put my whole family on it, I had a whole new child in my difficult child 1.

Thanks to the Feingold Program I found out that my children's allergies to artificals comes from me.

One big plus for me is that I have not suffered from PMS or cramps from my cycles since I started the program.

I am going to stay on this program for the rest of my natural days.


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Hey you girls. I am new here and have posted in the under age 5 section "angle with horns".

I just posted that I am going to look into the feingold diet for my 3 yr old.

I'm glad others here have had good success with it!



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I have heard of this diet too. I was tented to try it but gave up for lack of better information, other than the one everyone can get on their website.

I would highly appreciate if some of you who have tried the diet would tell me, in a few sentences, what this diet is all about.

I have a 6 years old daughter for whom I would love to find a good diet to help her in her hyper ways, nervoussness, maybe anxiaty problems.

How hard is it to introduce a diet like this one to small children? Any experiences on this?

Thanks a bunch!


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Missy has been on it. I found that reducing the salycilates (after eliminating them completely) and taking out the dyes and corn syrup has made a huge difference.


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Oh my gosh! This diet has been in existance for over 25 years. My friend had her now 30 year old son on it. I tried it too for my easy child chld who had many many allergies. It has been somewhat successfull for many kids. Unfortunately not for my difficult child. It is a difficult diet to follow. Especially when the child goes to school and trades his lunch or otherwise deals to get banned foods from his friends. Also those in school parties where cupcakes and punch are served don't help any. My kids always felt like they were being punished when they had to refrain from eating those treats when everyone else didn't.-RM
I agree with this. There are so many additives to our food, which can cause problems in our children's little bodies. You can always try to determine what the biggest triggers are (like red dye, MSG, etc) and at least eliminate them.
Originally posted by Nomad:
[qb] I believe that changing one's dietary habits can have a great impact on the body. The more healthy choices one makes...including avoiding preservatives, etc., in my humble opinion, the more healthier we are physically and probably emotionally as well.


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I hope to end up having Duckie on a whole foods type of diet where we cook from scratch to avoid additives and over-processing. We're currently rotating any consumed animal and botanical food groups over a four day period. Duckie likes the home cookin' too. She says she can taste the love and that she's lucky her Mommy loves enough to cook for her.