First load of laundry out on the line today!

Pink Elephant

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Thought the sunshine and warm days would never come. Feels so good to look outside through the screen doors! No snow, blue skies, and warm outside!

Tanya M

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We had an ice storm yesterday but today the sun is shining.

By golly my daffodils WILL bloom one of these days. Such crazy weather we have been having.



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It's 51 right now and the good folks of Wisconsin, me included....not sure I'm "good" ;)) are going in and out of Aldi's in sweatshirts or short sleeves!! It feels warm to us! My car window is halfway down. Sun is so bright! Yaaaaaaaaay!

Welcome ssssssspring!! :)

(Took you long enough)


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Looks like here in mid-mo we'll finally get 60's in the days and 40's in the nights for a week or so - like we SHOULD have had in March! The grass is starting to go green. The flowering trees are blooming. But the oak trees don't have any leaves at all! What a weird year we've had so far.


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Good morning everyone!

It a beautiful day! Suppose to be close to 60 today and every day thereafter for the foreseeable future. Still getting below freezing at night, but warms up quickly.

My daffodils haven’t bloomed either, but it won’t be much longer now. They are just starting to peek through the dirt, but they grow fast.

I’m not hanging anything out on any clothesline’s today (or any day), but I’m glad you can, OH! It would be boring if we all did things the same way.

We will be grilling out soon.

Pink Elephant

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Love hearing from you all!

We had such a dreary winter, little sunshine, and long, really long, so I welcome the warmth and sunshine with open arms. Has such a way of breathing life back into you again.

Can't wait for outdoor barbecues once again!


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Another lovely day here in Central CA. 73 degrees now, getting into the 80's early next week. If it would only stay in those temps, I'd be thrilled, but it will get over 100 this summer.