from the #^&* hitting the fan to 'the $$$ talk' ....


riding the roller coaster
Well, we had the $$$ conversation last night. (he's been out of work due to fractures 3 wks.) oh yeah 'we' got the 1/4ly interest bill from the latest school loan.........
ahhhhhhhhhhh can life just get any better......
i hope he's having some kind of learning experience from this.
i keep hoping.

how can anyone have such a fit about being asked to do something / anything at home.
oh and here's the kicker, "everyone thinks i'm a rat" (that's the cleaned up version) cause i expect him to do something, instead of just handing him $$$.
round & round we go where it stops nobody knows!!!!!

left him a note this a.m. saying it's time to suspend the gym membership using the pulled hamstring as excuse. he can pay a bill with that $$, and then start up again in couple months.

now he says that general credits from the school he's in don't transfer when you switch to the U for a business degree. he'll never make it thru that anyway.
can't even do this program.
life is incredulous sometimes!!

................... just need to vent a bit............

what a way to go thru life!!!!!
thanks for letting me express my disbelief, incomprehensive, disheartened thoughts.

hope you have a peaceful day......................


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Yep - vent away. My son is also 21 but doesn't live at home, doesn't work, doesn't support his son, hmmmm not sure what he does do and would rather not know. I know the frustration! Sorry we are in the same sinking boat! lol


riding the roller coaster
I know. Right now I'm waiting to see what happens next in reality. What about court suit, will he be able to keep his job, will he drop school?

I was updating my friend last night and she was so funny. She too was telling me to get him out, etc, etc....... she mixed in some PMS and it was really funny. I told her I needed to vent till I see what happens next. I could tell she was still holding more in. She's a great friend like you guys are........... listening & supporting, till action is taken.


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Vent away.

It really does help crystallize what the issues are.

When we were going through the worst of it, I bounced between guilty and angry and just plain old flabbergasted. It wasn't until I could get a handle on my own emotions that I was able to say what I saw and state my expectations clearly.

Not that our difficult child listened.