Fun FurBaby Thread, Anyone?


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Healthwise he is doing great, though we have scaled his feeding back because he was conning everyone but me into giving him 3 meals a day - EACH of them! Part of his routine is to start yelling if he feels he needs food or husband isn't home or thank you is out too late (yes, about 9:45 he starts pacing and at 10:05 he starts yelling). thank you doesn't really have a curfew as long as he has all As and we know roughly where he is. But Morgan doesn't believe it.

I walked into thank you's room to put something down & the cat was on the bed. I am NOT the one Capn likes to cuddle with and be cute with. I don't indulge him like husband does, so I am no fun. I asked Capn if he wanted me to pet him for a minute (yes, I do hold discussions with him & ask hiss opinion). Capn looked at me and then rolled his eyes all the way around like a teenage girl!!! It was HILARIOUS!! I haven't seen him do it that completely before,lol!

He does know that I am the Keeper of the Catnip. I have to keep it in double ziploc bags up high because he has torn open every package we have tried down low - to the point of knocking off a glass jar until it broke! Last week he was being a pest over it, coming into the bedroom and not leaving, then having a fit as soon as the door was shut, etc... husband tried to get him out by asking nicely and warning him that the door was closing & staying closed. You should see the look husband gets when he says this stuff - Capn never believes it and is usually smirking at husband as husband waits to see if Capn will do what husband asked (Capn complies maybe 5% of the time to husband, lol!). The idiot cat then smirked at me to see what I would do. So I asked Capn if he wanted a "nuggle". I haven't seen him look that much like a deer in the headlights or leave a room so fast in quite some time, lol!

FYI a 'nuggle' is being held and petted and fussed over, usually involving baby talk (which I didn't even use when my kids were babies). I use it when rewards don't result in appropriate behavior from Capn. It sure stopped the 3 am yowling in under a week! I think Capn would prefer a bath, with actual soap, to 'nuggle' lol!

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Captain Morgan thinks that you are untrainable. He has tried and tried to get you to deliver more meals for his insatiable appetite. You refuse. He has repeatedly requested more catnip. What do you do? You continue to make access to his drug impossible . And then you have the nerve to request "nuggles?" To the Captain you are "the stupid human." Why can't you bend to his will when he demands it?


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Pigless, you hit the nail on the head. Mostly I don't bend to his will because my hubby is his slave. The cat will sleep on his shoes if he can, so that hubby cannot leave the house. You should have seen his face the day he realized husband had new shoes so there were 4 shoes he had to somehow guard. Capn was NOT happy, lol!


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My sweet Buddy is still going strong at 16...a bit arthritic, but he still runs the length of the yard after pooping.

The panther boys are still quite naughty. One of the boys was on top of the laundry room door the other day, and another one was on top of the book case I have in the kitchen. He managed to knock over a box of light bulbs, which, of course, shattered on the floor. And as a final treat late last night, one of them threw up on my kitchen counter...all over the butter dish. I was cleaning and sanitizing and throwing out the butter, while reminding the boys that they are not allowed on the counter. OK, I was yelling at them.

Hubby brought home two tabby sisters several years ago, semi-feral, and they are very fat now. I think it's because they had no food, and when they moved in here there was always food, and they just ate and ate and ate. They are pretty girls, and will pat you on the arm to be petted, but one is the stereotypical "I really want you to pet me but I also kinda want to bite you" kitty.

Hubby's favorite kitty, an inside/outside cat he brought home three years ago, disappeared about six weeks ago. We put all her info out there, but still haven't heard anything. Hubby is very upset.

We have agreed that he is not to bring home any more cats. Over the years, he's brought home snakes, cats, turtles, rabbits, and a woodpecker with a broken wing. No more.


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We have agreed that he is not to bring home any more cats. Over the years, he's brought home snakes, cats, turtles, rabbits, and a woodpecker with a broken wing. No more.

So, he can't bring home any more cats, but... he can bring home rabbits and snakes? Just wondering...


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We have a new furbaby and he certainly is a baby - all three months old and very eager to taste the world, literally. Very sharp teeth too.

Very energetic thing; no brains but starts to find his feet. So much fun!

Our older dog is not quite sure, if it was a good idea to get him. Especially because he really likes to bite hairs on his tail. But playing with puppy seems to have made him more happy after he seemed bit depressed after our other dog died last summer.

It is remarkable how much joy one little (well, not long, he is growing quickly and will not be a small dog when he grows up) puppy can bring into the home.


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LOL Fido and Lala are best friends, even though he is a 13-month-old Great Pyrenees and she is a tubby Tortie. We call her his BFF-and-chew-toy, he is her protector and plaything.

Icicle is your typical grumpy old cat... Unless it is Rose pestering her, in which case she puts up with ANYTHING Rose dishes out. It's hysterical.

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Susiestar, that's a lot of shoes to be responsible for.
KTmom, sorry about the defiled butter dish. I once had cat wake me by ralphing on my chest. That was definitely a rude awakening.
SuZir, too cool about the Rhodesian ridgeback. I've always wanted one. Maybe one day. Can you post a picture?
Annie, Great Pyrenees are really cool too. Another breed I've considered. I'm not sure why I went with a mutt this time, but I'm pretty happy with him.


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I still have my four, three Bostons and my bigger mixed breed girl. I worship and adore every one of them but it's turning in to a real adventure having four senior dogs! My youngest Boston, Trace is "guestimated" to be about 10, Katy is 11-1/2, Ragan is 13-1/2, and my mixed breed, Freebie is 16! Physically she does fine but she gets more and more senile every day. She still gets around good, she eats well, doesn't seem to be in any pain. But when she's out of her crate she's either pacing back and forth or happily walking in circles. Ragan, the 13 year old, is almost completely blind but still my bratty little wild girl. And Katy, the 11 year old, has a ton of medical problems but she's still my goofy, happy, super friendly little girl. Everybody in town knows Katy because she goes everywhere with me. But she's now on four different medications that come to over $200 a month. There's one to improve her liver function, lasix because she gets fluid in her lungs from her enlarged heart, and now she's on a muscle relaxer and a medication for pain/inflammation because of vertebrate in her neck that are trying to fuse together. And my little Trace, the youngster of the group, is still a happy, playful, loving little guy. He still has a few hangups from the abuses in his previous life and a few physical issues from past injuries, but he's a smart, funny, adorable little guy and now I don't know how I ever got along without him!


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My dad used to bring home all sorts of critters people brought into the schools he taught at. I was 10 when he brought home a baby possum for me to bottle feed. Boy are they stupid animals. It would forget who I was during the day while I was at school - they literally cannot remember anything longer than 1-2 hours! It was very interesting but a lot of work.


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Well, Gryphon had to be put down after a rage seizure caused by a brain tumor caused him to savage a neighbor without provocation.

Jakey, who was bonded to Gryphon, was devastated. After about 5 mos, I brought home Squeaky, a skinny, tabby shelter rescue with one functional eye. She and Jake bonded.

Then, 2 years ago, Jakey had to be put down due to renal failure. Squeaky was devastated all over again as she'd bonded with with Jakey.

I literally rescued a Maine Coon-oid 11 year old from the shelter as he was waiting for Animal Control to come pick him up to take him to be euthanized due to his being vicious.

I figured out that he wasn't vicious, he was absolutely terrified. He'd been starved, beated, and allowed to become covered with mats and caked in his own filth.

I and three others to help hold him down, shaved him bald and bathed him. I took him home. Took three weeks before I could touch him, and Squeaky attacked him every time he got near her. Then, one night, I woke up with the cat, now named Thomas, plastered against my chest under the comforter. As soon as he realized I was awake, he squalled and took off like a bat out of hell.

This routine went on for another week, and then the switch flipped entirely and Thomas became one of hte most affectionate cats I've ever known.

After four months of Squeaky charging Thomas every time she got the chance, and 6 mos of her smacking him every time she got close enough, they are currently cuddled up together in the easy chair in the living room.

The only sad thing is that Thomas was 11 when I rescued him from the needle, and will be 13 come 8/19. I hope we'll have a few years yet, Squeaky and I both, to enjoy life with him. So far he's healthy other than teeth which require frequent attention and arthritis, including a dandy case of hip displaysia. He has pain killers and a medication for nerve pain for when he is in discomfort

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Edwina is a cat, some would call her the other name for female dog. Edwina gets what Edwina wants. She is a mouser, a very large mouser. Sometimes she purrfers the house, but mostly outside.
When she comes indoors, Fatso the pomchi wants to be friends. Edwina saunters by him with purrfect aloofness as he whines his friend request. She pops up on the bed feigning indifference, sits behind the pillow, head peeking out, one eye closed the other trained on Fatso. Edwina pretends to sleep. Fatso dares draw near, and nudges the large cat who couldn't be bothered. With ninja like reflexes Edwina attacks Fatso's face with five rapid fire machine gun like bursts of claw extended slaps, pawpawpawpawPAW!
Fatso lets out a yelp, backward crawling just out of reach, complaining with his high pitched girlymandog chihuahua voice "Hey, take it easy, I just want to play wit ju Dwiiiiiina!
The cat sits and purrs with a sinister smile, her tail briskly whipping back and forth, tauntingly, the silent yet obvious message, "Try that one more time stupid dog.....if you dare."

Fatso thinks about it and plans his next attempt.

Le'a the golden retriever is oblivious to the altercation, fast asleep on the couch, snoring.

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2/4/16. Edwina has taken over the house. She is tired from several nights out mousing and has decided to stay inside for the evening despite the ignorant dog relentlessly bothering her.
She seeks out her place of rest and the victim of her "affection".

I awaken in the middle of the night suddenly unable to breath, a stabbing sensation on my chest.

I am not having a heart attack.

Edwina is happily perched atop my body purring and kneading the fluffy blanket, one claw on each front paw extended just enough to poke through to my tender skin. It feels like a sewing machine needle piercing my flesh. "Owwwwwwww" I say groggily annoyed, in pain and yearning for rest. I push Edwina off, then stupidly drift off to sleep.

Edwina will not be denied the fluffy blanket. After two more incessant awakenings, I reluctantly get up to find another blanket, relinquishing the fluffy one to the purrsistant feline.

Cat smugly sits atop "her" blanket, kneading and purring loudly and victoriously.
I see her sinister grin.

Edwina has won again.


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There must be something in the air...all the kitties have been goofy tonight.

Fat tabby #1 dumped over the recycling, got her fat little body stuck in the cardboard carrier for drinkable yogurts, and flopped on top of a pizza box. Fat tabby #2 made a valiant attempt to jump on top of the desk, and ended up hanging from the side of it.

Hubby had a panther laying on his chest, which was perfectly acceptable until said panther decided to stretch his legs/toes/claws and sink them into Hubby's arm. Another panther is back on the kitchen counter examining the butter dish I suspect he yakked in earlier this week. And the third panther is curled up in a perfectly round ball on top of Hubby's backpack.

Buddy is napping on the couch. When anyone feline comes too close, he lets out a warning grrrrr.

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There is a stench in the house.
Le'a the golden retriever and sidekick Fatso the pomchi, have discovered something really disgusting in the yard, possibly a dead thing, and probably, typically, rubbed their fur bodies all up inside the is a vomit inducing smell.
They lay asleep now, dreaming of how they have recently found the greatest dog perfume ever.

Bathing will commence as soon as the sun comes up, and their boy wakes.....
He will not be happy.
Awwww the joys of pet ownership.

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Mental note: never eat rolls at KTMom's house.

Rozzy has decided that the primo napping spot in the house is in front of the toilet in our main bathroom. We believe she has decided this because #1 there is a nice soft pad place there and #2 it is adjacent to the heating vent. Our furnace has been limping along this winter, and we've spent many days without heat. I suppose Rozzy thinks this is the only spot worth inhabiting.

Rozzy is an indoor/outdoor beast. The lower the temperature is outside, the faster she comes when called. When it's pleasant outside (in her cat mind) she refuses to come inside at night. Candy feels sad as Rozzy is her snugglebuddy.

About a week ago when we had a blizzard, Rozzy kept heading for the back door. She seems to think that the weather in the back yard will be much improved from the weather in the front yard. Normally, she steers clear of the back yard as that is the domain of Bingo, the cat food scarfing, hair raising, bed stealing mutt.