Fun in the snow anyone?

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I have to admit I almost felt like a kid again today. difficult child and I built a snowball fort (mostly me) and then had a snowball fight. After that I took our dog for a 3 mile walk. It was fun seeing all the snow people that had been built. One guy and his daughter built a whole snow family-really cool. I was outside for over 2 hours and it was a blast! I have to admit now the bottom of my feet are killing me and my legs are a bit sore-guess it's the reality of not being a kid! Shoveling through where the plow went through wasn't so fun-we had to shovel a bit before the snowblower could go through-and the snow plows aren't done on our street yet!

Anyone else have fun in the snow? Of course now I'm ready for a hot bath! :bath:


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Waaaahhhh....I miss snow!

Jamie called to brag to me that it was snowing up in northern va and he had 8 fluffy inches already!


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I wish I could enjoy the snow, but after all the snow and ice we've had in the last three weeks, I don't equate the word "snow" with the word "fun" in any way, shape, or form :nonono: Yesterday we had rain, then freezing rain, then snow, then back to rain, all within the space of a couple of hours. I'm ready for warm temps and green grass :smile:


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We've had over a foot. Thankfully, it was over the weekend so no chance of school being called off :smile: The kids went out and used a sled to slide down the 4-5 foot hills by the curb of our road. All the kids were out. Then they had a snowball fight with neighbors and seemed to have a blast.
Our snowblower is broken, so hub and I didn't get to join in the festivities. Oh, my back!!!!!!


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husband and I built a HUGE snowball fort... and the 3rd snowcat (not man) and shoveled..
I got my exercise in!!! But it was fun... and the girls love it. We woke up yesterday to 5 more inches...
But it is pretty it looks just like my avatar.