Fundraiser - your thoughts?


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The HS in my town has a prom that is organized and paid for by the parents. The concept is a good one - the kids are contained in one place, etc. Every year, there is a committee that runs the prom. This year, I was shocked when I found on the school district website a flyer for an upcoming fundraiser. It seems that the parents this year think that it's a good idea to hold a KEGGER for parents! The flyer is decorated by a photo of an entertainer from the 70's - '80's who died from drug-related issues. I called the principal to complain. My child isn't a senior this year but...

What do you all think of this idea? Am I unreasonable? The principal told me I was the only parent who complained (over 1000 students at the HS) but they are "rebranding" the party. I wouldn't have a problem with a wine and cheese party and I haven't complained about the bar night fundraisers, but a kegger just seems wrong to me.

My daughter, who is a public school teacher (and is only 23), asked if the dads would have to pay twice so the "floozy mamas" could get in free.

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in my opinion when it comes to school functions I do not think it's a good idea to advertise any type of drinking and a "kegger" to me sends the wrong message. I guess what concerns me the most is if a parent over indulges and gets a DUI or worse causes an accident.
Call me old fashioned but I think bake sales, car washes, lawn clean ups and the like are a better way to go.


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It wouldn't fly around here. We're not a "dry" community by any stretch of the imagination, but... there is some sensitivity around the message that gets sent to teenagers.

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I agree that "kegger" is a way wrong message. It isn't just the kegger idea, though that's bad enough. It is the "exciting" aspect of the idea of a kegger sponsored by the school in the first place. It's like the mentors and authority figures in the kids' lives are winking at themselves and the kids.

A marathon would have been a better idea, or even a series of hikes.

Yoga class.

Tai Chi.

I agree with you svengali.



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That would TOTALLY not fly in my community. It is a bad idea on MANY fronts. In no way should excessive drinking be promoted around teens. They don't need any encouragement to drink, they need responsible role models who show them that alcohol is not needed to have fun. Our district has a foundation that supports the schools and they don't have ANY alcohol at any of their events, not even the fancy formal dinners that only the biggest earners in the community can afford to attend. They serve tea and water at those functions because the extra $$ that alcohol would cost is given to the schools. Heck, they don't even offer soda or cash bars because they don't feel soda is needed and they feel alcohol is inappropriate for a school related function.

Our foundation is NOT losing out on $ by not offering alcohol at any function. They make enough that our elementary schools NEVER have a supply list for parents to buy, our middle school and jr high have free breakfast for all students and free lunch for most (our income guidelines are well above the federal ones with the foundation making up the difference in the $$ needed,), and our teachers are able to have a lot of what they want above just what they need for their jobs. The foundation has also taken the long term view of the districts' finances and our schools are some of the top in our state even among the most elite private schools in the state.

I think your district is seriously misguided and sending the absolute wrong message with a kegger. in my opinion that is a stupid frat party thing and NOT what the adults should do to support their teens. I don't care HOW they market it or phrase the flyers, it is wrong.


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Thanks for your input.

The school district isn't sponsoring it, a separate foundation is but it's on the school district website. In any event, the function has now been changed from a kegger to a "Back to College Night." It still has the picture of the dead from drugs star. I spoke with the principal and he didn't seem as bothered by the whole thing as I was, but he still agreed to have them change it.

I wasn't going to take on the whole town and battle it out because I do have other things to do, but frankly, my town is well known in our area for the massive amount of drug and alcohol abuse and I thought it in poor taste that parents would advocate it. I don't know anyone who is planning to go but it will probably be a sell-out amongst those parents who think it's cute to do things like duct tape beer bottles under the tables at the prom, as one mom was caught doing last year during set up.

I'll let you know how this party turns out.


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A parent who tried to duct tape beer under tables at prom would be arrested here. The BIGGEST and most profitable bar in our town, one with a national reputation, usually closes on prom night so that the after party can be held there. No alcohol is served and if you leave, your parents are notified and you cannot come back in. Mostly that is because of my graduating class, I will admit. LOTS of the kids went to their cars because they 'forgot' something and drank there and then went back to the party drunk. I had a lovely time with friends taking photos of my classmates getting arrested for being drunk because the staff caught on and called the cops. I didn't drink even then, because I was on medication that would have interacted badly with alcohol, and I thought it was HILARIOUS to see all the 'goody two shoes' honor society types all get arrested, cause they did. So after that year, the party is closed. I know the owner and he has given up a LOT of $$ each year to close on a Friday or Saturday night at the end of the college semester, but he does it anyway because he truly supports the town.

I cannot believe a parent would duct tape beer to tables for kids to get drunk at prom. that just floors me. I guess I am out of touch if that is normal. Our school system works closely with the cops and has them at each high school dance (again, thanks to my graduating class, sigh). I thought all school systems did.