Gave my kids away yesterday!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I needed some info from one of our clients so he knew I worked with billing issues and financial info. On my way out the door yesterday, he called down the hall to ask me a question. As I was answering, he noticed my wedding ring. "Oh, I see you are married!" "Yep and have kids too!" "Really?" "Yep, you can have the kids!" "Are you serious?" I just laughed. I don't think anyone has offered him kids before.
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    I tried that too. Nobody took me up on it. ;)
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    Me too. Wonder why that doesn't work? :tongue: The most honest person about it though...was one of difficult child's counselors. I offered to let him have difficult child for a weekend and got a polite and somewhat professional version of "Oh HELL no!" LOL He went on to say that he KNEW he wouldn't be able to take it. At the time, they guy had a 6 year old daughter and I told him it would basically be the same....only bigger. He still didn't go for it. On the plus side though, this was the ONLY professional who told me that it must be hard living the way husband and I do with difficult child. I miss him.
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    For ten years my Ex and I had an ongoing "joke" that either of us could leave
    the marriage questions asked...BUT...the three kids went with the deserter. ;)

    When the split did come...somehow we both forgot that agreement. DDD
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    I've been trying to trade difficult child 1 for anyone else's daughter today. So far no one wants her... LOL!