Gee, I hadn't thought about that


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I met difficult child for lunch today at the mall. As we ate, she told me that she was going to Chicago for spring break. I told her that sounded great and asked her how she could afford to go.

She replied that one of her roommates' aunt worked for an airline and could get them five buddy passes so all she would have to pay for was her food.

I then asked how she could afford a week off of work and still be able to pay her bills that month.

"Gee, I hadn't thought about that." :hammer::smile:

Overall, the day was nice. We went window shopping after we ate. I told her that I was proud of her for going to the technical college and checking into a diploma program. She seemed pleased with the praise. I also told her how proud I was that she was working, living on her own, and paying her bills.

"Yeah, and I haven't even asked you guys for money lately." I told her that I was aware of that and it showed that she really was functioning as an independent adult.

So she got a big grin and . . . drumroll please . . . asked, "So, will you buy me something?"

Some things never change. But I do see some positive changes in her. Keep your fingers crossed that she keeps moving ahead. She has an appointment next Tuesday with the financial aid counselor to discuss the GA Hope grant.



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Well, of course she asked if you would buy her something, Kathy. It's part of her MO- she wouldn't be difficult child if she didn't ask. I'm glad it was with humor today.

Sounds like a very nice mother/daughter day. Excellent! :bravo:



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"So, will you buy me something?"

[/ QUOTE ]

Well gee... :blush: :blush:

I still ask my Mom that when we spend the day shopping. :tongue:



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<font color="blue">kathy, it does seems she's on a more positive path & good for her.

....if only she could have zipped her lip long enough for you to decide to do that on your own lol.

kris </font>


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I missed the school post. I'll have to find it. That's great. Glad you all had a good time. DDD


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Aw, that's so cute, Kathy!

You will have to give difficult child an extra hug from all of us, next time.

She really IS making progress, isn't she?

I'm happy for you both, Kathy.




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Have you seen the cell phone commercial on TV where a gal is on a date with a loser and she's calling her 'buddy' network to get excuses how she can leave early? Her buddies are all underneath the table coaching her.

I think we should have an ear piece connection with this board when dealing with difficult child's. Others could be giving us great lines to respond to these kids with.

I loved it when she asked you to buy her something....... and some of the responses on other posts. too funny!!! I can't always think fast or creative enough when 'dueling with difficult child."


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Sounds like you had a great lunch and great communication. Did you end up getting her a little something? :rofl: We and our difficult child's....aren't we something :rofl: