getting difficult child moved to hospital for psychiatric evaluation



could you look at my posts on sub abuse forum? Agency F tells me I need a psychiatrist request to move him to another hospital for evaluation. As you may recall from a couple of years ago this is the hospital for my catchbasin and the only one in the county. It's from He... My many complaints filed with the state licensing board obviously haven't resulted in any improvement.

But I want a full inpatient psychiatric evaluation workup which has never been done. MRI, EEG, etc. How do I get him moved?

FYI he's on medicaid via SSI. Could get him on medicaid via dyfs or NJ family care. No HMO now except to the extent that DYFS/ Medicaid uses one to approve Residential Treatment Center (RTC).


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First of all if he is underage you have a right to see his records. I would start with this, and see if they will put into writing what you say they have recommended. Also would call whatever carrier is administering his Medicaid, ask what Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s are in their network, and what do you need to do to get a child admitted. They should tell you. Once you get this,(and I'd try to get this in writing), then I would just circumvent whatever agency F is(and might I ask just who they are and why they are involved at this point, since he is on SSI which I assume you got due to his mental health disability). Email me with a little more info on the MEdicaid carrier and I think I can give you a little more info to go on. I will check my emails later tonight ok? BLUE