GFGMOM Called, said M is going to Supermax


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Last I heard from M was that he got mad at a guard, said something to anger him, and got put in solitary for 3 months. he was transfered out of the place where he was at (a drug and alcohol program) which was minimum security.

No fennces, he could walk around the grounds, just had to be in at specified times. He could have walked away from there if he had a mind to.

He has messed up so many times while there, waiting to be put into the AODA program that they decided he wasn't eligible for the drug and alcohol program.

So He was transferred to another state facility about a week ago, that does have some rehab programs. He was scheduled to get out in May of 2008 as scheduled.

Today GFGMOM told me she founmd out that he is in a SUPER MAX prison for violent offenders.

He will be in solitary confinement for 6 months.

husband states that this is happening in this state, that they are shuffling people around even when they are not viloent offenders. (husband has experience woring for Corrections.)

I keep thinking that M must have done something terribly wrong to get Super max prison, but husband and GFGMOM say no, but I am told no, that once you are in the system there is no recourse.

The only GOOD thing about this is that GFGMOM said, "They think there is a REASON WHY M keeps popping off at people! They are having see a *#@$ PSYCHIATRIST!"

husband and I have felt that M needed medications for possible Bipolar, at the most or a mood disorder or just plain anger and that what he also needed was a long term relationsip with a GOOD Psychiatrist and psychologist.

I know many times the state prison docs are not the best, sometimes they are. All I can think is that at least he is not running the streets getting killed by a gang.

But then I full well know that there are gangs in the prison and they are very active.

I am hoping this is a bad dream or that GFGMOM has got somehing wrong. But I fear not.


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Sounds scary to me, but I do know good things can come from prison stays. You know where they are and they aren't on the street comitting worse crimes and in my son's case, he had to stop smoking cold turkey. The prison he was in did not allow cigarettes, so he came out of prison off cigs.

That being said prisons have very different facilities and services. My son hated county jails because there was nothing to do. The state facilities had the opportunity to work or go to school online. I would imagine the phychiatric services would be better at a state place too. Solitary for 6 months would have driven my son over the edge, he is tooooooo social. How do you think difficult child will handle that? Does your state have a website for prisons? Indiana has a listing where you can find out what facility prisoners are at...I guess I would check that out if its available. It doesn't mean you can contact them, but at least you would know where he was.....

Thinking of you and hoping answers come....


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Pat, can you contact your congressman to find out what's going on?

Big hugs to you. How are <u>you</u> feeling?



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hi Pat, I am sorry M is not any better. sad to think of him as the boy you used whose back you would rub to go to sleep. sigh.

prisons are not my fav places. they do not help. however I have to say ant spent 6 months in isolation (solitary confinement) in a plain old hokey smalltown county jail. remember his jail was due to DUIs for crying out loud. he was never violent in jail. he was stupid.

do you care to write to M?


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Good Grief! The whole blankin' system is certifiable! Just found out today that a boy we know who had a weapon, shot into an
occupied house to retaliate for "getting jumped" is going to get
released with 5 years probation. That is the exact same punishment as easy child/difficult child has for the partial bottle of pills found in
the back of his unoccupied car. The soon to be released kid will, however, not be designated a felon.

I don't understand the system. I really, really don't get it!
I'm sorry Nana. I believe the only thing we can do is pray and
hope there is some plan that the Lord has for these kids.

Sending hugs and prayers. DDD


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Florida has a great reputation for housing many, many people with mental health issues.

It's a no-win situation.

I certainly hope "the man upstairs" definately has something in mind for our difficult child kids.


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Thanks, After spilling this, I was able to think clearer. I went on the net and found it is NOT a Supermax prison anymore. Evidently there was a lowsuit filed by prisononers for abuse and it now a Maximum security prison. Here is an excerpt from their web site.

"Inmates transferred to WSPF have earned their way to this facility because of behaviors exhibited in alternate sites.

They have jeopardized the safety and security of the facility, staff, and/or other inmates."

Last I heard, he said he "smarted off" to a guard. He always did minamalize, and lie.

So that seems to make sense to me. he has burned his bridges at the last place beng the last one their that stillhad not been accepted into the AODA program due to continuing to shoot himself in the foot, so to speak.


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The actual sound of the words "Super Max" are fearful. I'm glad
the facility is no longer designated that way but darn it!! I wish he could stabilize a bit before his whole youth is gone. I
can only imagine how difficult it is to detach from his issues.

How are YOU?? Have you recovered from your traumatic medical problems of last month?

I think of you and yours often and include you in my prayers.DDD


So sorry. Have to agree that 6 mo in solitary would send me over the edge as well. Obviously 6 mo is not punishment but safety for the others. You might call and find out if there's anything you can send him like books to read. Even if they don't like to read with nothing else to do 23 hours a day he might get something out of a book. Unfortunately, my understanding of such a solitary situation is that he will not have access to computers, classes or anything but one hour in a cage in a field. You can ask that too. Calling might help you get to some kind of peace with this situation which you cannot control.

It really is a horrible situation for both you and him. But my understanding is that they do this to protect everyone. And yes, he is safe.


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Thanks all who posted.

As for me, I am still "detoxing" from the steroids I was given 4 weeks ago. I learned that Methylprednisone is 10 times the strength of prednisone. I didn't know that. So insted of giving me 8 mg a day, I was getting 80 mg!! And to think I told the walk in clinic doctor that I could not tolerate much more than 5 mg per day.

Last week for the first time, My feet and legs swelled up so that I coldn't get shoes on and had to cut white cotton socks to get socks on. Now I am on Lasix too. I am told it is all part of the detoxing.

I awas still getting only two to three hours of sleep at night, until last night, whe I wen tback on my Elavil 50 mg that usually knocks me out at night and it did.

I hate to tell you what Ambien, a mild sleeping pill and water pill did to me the night before last! Lets just say that husband caught me in the hall closet and got me to the bathroom with out an incidence!

I just can't take medications unles they are pediatric doses, have been that way all my life. P- doctor was amazed because the doss of Ambien was 12.5 mg and I took one half of that, so it doesn't take much to make me nutso.

This year I feel old for the first time ever. Too many things out of my control.


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I'm so sorry. I can imagine how frightening this is for you nana. Prison scares me to the point of anxiety. You have no input, no control, no supervision. Our difficult child's do stupid things and their consequences get higher and higher. I hope your difficult child survives to get a chance to turn himself around.
Many hugs.