Ggood Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Rabbit, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Hope everyone has a GREAT Day!!
    Sending Hugs Rabbit
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Rabbiti-Hope you have a great day:)

    Work today and then difficult child has a therapist appointment. We're finally going to have a bit of sun today-high only of 60 but if it's sunny it should be o.k.

    Tonight the health club is a must. Didn't make it again last night. After difficult child's drumming lessons I just couldn't go back out, lousy weather and being super tired, I couldn't get motivated.

    I was so tired that husband was reading out loud to me (we pick books to do that with once in awhile-lots of fun) and I fell asleep!

    Hoping everyone enjoys a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :bigsmile: Good Middle of the Week!

    Rabitt, hope your day is good as well!

    Sharon, what happened to your purple ink??????? Sounds like you were beat last night - hope you make your workout this afternoon/evening. Didn't you used to walk with fellow teachers at lunchtime? Maybe you should try and do that - at least you would be getting some physical activity if you can't make it in the evening :sleeping:.

    A day full of errands and stuff - this is my last full day to run errands and get things in order before the bookfair arrives tomorrow! I'll be going up to my moms on Saturday, so I need to get a whole lot of things done because, as you all know - you've watch me run these bookfairs twice a year for last 6 years - my life is encompassed by the fair for about 7 to 10 days. I will be at the office tomorrow, then I have to set up the fair Friday am, hit WW real quick and then get back there in the afternoon for the teacher preview event. Then the fair will run every day next week.

    I need to sit down and plan meals - I'll need to bring some lunches with me in the morning and dinner one night (parent/teacher conf night we are open). Since I'm doing WW again, I want to have a plan of meals going into next week. I've made two homemade soups (one bean and one mushroom) that I froze in 2 cup containers that I can grab for lunches. I also want to make sure everything in the house is in order, phone calls and errands on my to do list get done......stuff like that :holymoly:.

    And to top if all off - I need to color my hair today - that sneaky grey is back :hairy:!

    Wishing Rabitt, Sharon and all to follow a great Wed - we are halfway there!

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Rabbit- Have a great day!
    Sharon (WO)- Enjoy the sunshine!
    Sharon (LDM)- I hope you get everything accomplished!

    Today is day #3 of Duckie being home from school with her cold/flu thing. Her temp went up again last night so she's home (AGAIN!!!) today. She's already missed four days of school since September 9th. I really wish parents would/could keep their sick kids home... they keep infecting my daughter with the crud!

    We may run out to the GS council today for a new sash and a workbook... I'm starting to crawl the walls!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. Fran

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    Good morning from the soupy, hot, humid state of Texas.

    Rabbitt, hope you have a good day also.

    with-o what a lovely idea of reading aloud to each other. My sweet husband would read so fast I wouldn't catch half the words. LOL. If I had to sit through drumming lessons I may lose all ability to function. You are a trooper.

    LDM, so the book fair is happening again. You must be really good at it and love it. Good for you. It's a wonderful thing to do. I dreamt of you and difficult child all night long. Have no idea why and can't remember the specifics. I remember you were hugging difficult child so that's a good thing.

    TM, I can imagine you are ready to climb the walls. Hope Duckie feels better soon.

    Another day of almost record breaking heat but at least yesterday there was the normal coastal breeze. Hopefully today will be somewhat better. The return to normal Oct. temps happens after we return home. I'm lucky like that.

    difficult child drove the 5 hrs to Virginia Beach to visit a friend. He has become quite the adventurer. He is so excited since he is having a Halloween party and 3 or 4 of his friends from his NY- Long Island program are coming for 4 days plus his girlfriend with a few of her friends. He has decorations and costumes and menu's. It's really lovely to see him so excited about entertaining. He keeps asking about his budget since it's difficult to remember how much of the money he saved is available to him. Hopefully it will be as much fun as he anticipates.

    Have a pleasant day everyone. I'm off to battle the mosquito population to walk the pups.
  6. therese005us

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    Good morning everyone!
    I started out late to the hospital today, because I needed to tidy my house before the Japanese student arrived. The floors still look awful, i walked on them in my outdoor shoes before it was dry.
    Got to the hospital and practically demanded they give cherub an enema. doctor said she'd see the x ray results first. So, x ray happens and guess what? she's still impacted. So, doctor decided NG tube rather than enema (which I reckon should have happened last Friday).
    Before they could get the liquid running through, cherub had coughed herself silly, and coughed the tube up.
    So, they tried again, by which time cherub traumatised and couldn't be held still enoough to get it into the right place, so it had to come out again!
    They then decide to go back to drinking the medicine, and I was able to calm her enough to get her to drink 750ml. Now we wait again.
    Even when this is over, she is to be transferred to another hospital for further tests and treatment.... so i have a long, long, time ahead of me.
    Japanese student must think I'm looney! She's with us for 10 days....
    Eventually we got home, though i'm ashamed to say I had to buy takeway fish and chips for my guest.
    Another day tomorrow.....
    I have been so stressed today, I went out and bought chocolate, now i'm drinking tea with chocolate covered shortbread.
    I'm so glad that biomum hasn't got to go through this, and is having such a lovely holiday! I'm sure she really needs the break (I'm being sarcastic - what I really want to say is "I'm so ANGRY that she has abused her child by neglecting her medication and that cherub is being so badly traumatised through her faults")

    have a good day everyone, and please spare a prayer for cherub when you can.