Giving Credit to GFGmom. Yep, you read correctly, lol!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Mar 7, 2013.

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    GFGmom has recently gone to work for a grocery store chain (remember she quit her job with State and spent her retirement funds that are now gone????). Anyway she is hired to work in the seafood/meat dept. and guess what??? She is buying and bringing all natural and organic seafood and meats to me once a week. The "lose" part of this story is that she has "way to many" foodstamps coming into her household. SIGH! The "win/win" part of the story is that I am getting alot of free healthy stuff that I would not usually buy on my own AND GFGmom is feeling really good about her efforts to help feed her old sick Mom. Weird?? Yeah! on the other hand husband and I pigged out on deep Atlantic shrimp for dinner. OMG they were H U G E! Combined with a salad I was in hog heaven. Plus I have two BIG steaks in the frig for tomorrow. I'm not complaining. on the other hand I can't help but smile that GFGmom feels like she is making up for all the years of stress. Guess once you have have to still love them. DDD
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    And she's going to teach you how to bone chicken of course. :D

    Seriously, if I hadn't moved here id still be a butcher. Love that job to pieces.
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    DDD that is so sweet. A gfgish sort of way to go about it.......but still her heart is in the right place. LOL Enjoy! :)
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    DDD, i hope she is truly trying to take care of you a bit. You deserve it!
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    Nice to have those moments of pride. It's sweet she is trying to care for you. Thanks for sharing that.
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    Enjoy all the yummies!!! If you have a favorite dish at a restaurant that is for whatever she brings, google "copycat Red Lobster STuffed Shrimp" or whatever. Top Secret Recipes will pop up, but you usually have to purchase recipes from them at about a buck each. Look past to other sites and you will find free ones that are as good as TSR. Don't get me wrong, I love TSR but I won't pay a dollar or more for one recipe. Ever. Esp as so many other people post similar ones.

    It is nice that she is sharing and contributing. Makes me smile, even if she does it in her own gfgish way!

    Butchers pay VERY well. A female cousin paid her way through college by becoming a butcher. She was really good and the money she made was incredible. She continued to work part time for a while after college because she couldn't make nearly as much with an entry level job in the field she wanted to be in.