Goals for Wednesday

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by smallworld, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. smallworld

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    I have gotten so off track! Last week was the Inauguration and lots of out-of-town visitors. This week: a teacher professional day on Monday, a snow day yesterday and another snow day today. But I'm determined not to waste my time today and get some household stuff done (even if the kids are underfoot).

    On the agenda for today:

    Go through the piles of mail that are lying all over my desk
    Make a healthy dinner
    Exercise using a DVD at home

    That should do it. How about you?
  2. SRL

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    Bummer about the snow days. We had a 6 day weekend not long ago and I'll be mightily impressed if you get moving with kids underfoot.

    I haven't been stellar for eating and exercise has been pretty non-existent except for ice skating on Sunday, but I have been making progress on the house. I had lunch with a friend last week who when I was lamenting the mess my house was in basically said "I love you, but your house is a mess" and she is right. I fell waaaaaay behind in the difficult child years and it's time to take it back one closet and one shelf at a time. Yesterday I tackled a linen closet and sent a lot of the contents to the trash or thrift box. Today I hope to get to a shelf in the kitchen that needs a total redo but I've got routine stuff to do first.

    When I get off here I'm going to call about my dishwasher which is under warranty. After 9 service visits and parts taking weeks to order, I think it's time they replaced it.
  3. ML

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    I came too late to share goals but wanted to comend you both and say that I hope you had productive days!