Goats, horses, losing weight, farm life...

Hi family,

Been a bit since I have updated y'all on our triumphs and tribulations since moving to this ranch/farm. What can I say, I love it here! We have now successfully greened up all around the house and husband got to try out his new/used riding mower! WE HAVE LAWN!!! For the first time in years! I love it!

Yesterday we went and got 2 Boer Goats that are both "with kid/kids?". Puddles and Blondie. They are just too cute for words. Puddles is a little friendlier than Blondie, but she is coming around. The cool thing is, they both LOVE Aly and Jayme. They follow them around the pasture, it is so adorable!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to go get a little 17 yo Arabian Mare named Aspen. My sister is coming with me since she is THE HORSE LADY around these parts. I am so excited. Aspen is super gentle and easy around kids. Only 14.2 hands high so a good size for the kids, and me too!

And...the best news yet, I am down 3, count them, 3 pants sizes!!! I just got back from WalMart with 2 new pairs of jeans and am feeling GREAT!! I haven't been this size in so many years! Still need so get walking and keep watching my diet, but boy does this feel good!!! Oh, and I just bought my first Cow Girl Boots!! Fat Baby's and they are so comfy and sooo cute!! Wearing them right now to break them in, but they already feel wonderful!!

Aly is settling into her new school. Still having alot of anxiety and is not in her Gen Ed class very much. She is with the Resource teacher most of her day. Her IEP is next Monday and I am not nearly ready for it. husband finally got our other computer up here, just waiting for him to set it up so I can do an agenda and update her parent report.

Still waiting for an opening in the Head Start preschool for Jayme, but in the meantime she has in home tutoring 1 1/2 hours a week with an awesome teacher. Jayme has taken to this life so well, she just loves to run out and play with the goats and I know she will LOVE the horse!!!

husband and I are doing better. Things are still strained, but we are here, living together and slowly talking about our issues. I think once we are totally moved out of the other house, it will be much less stressful for all of us.

Anyways, just an update on us here at "Green Acres", LOL!!



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Gosh, Vickie...that sounds good!! :bravo:

I hope things continue to go well for you and those lovely goats don't become a pain the arse. :wink:
been there done that



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Vicki, I must have missed a whole chapter. Didn't know you moved to the country. Last I remember you were having horrible back pain.

I'm not sure what it is but I really love goats too. Who would have thought? I almost have easy child and husband convinced to get fainting goats. Maybe I can make cheese or something with their milk. Do you think there is a book called Pecorino Romano making For Dummies?
Anyhow, how great for the kids (human) to have real animals to learn to care for.

Congrats on losing 2 pant sizes. I think I found them but good for you. Keep it up whatever you are doing.
Enjoy the cowgirl boots. They are comfy.

Didn't know there were some rough patches in the marriage. It's never a smooth path is it?
Thanks so much for the update.

Abbey, thanks!!!


husband is of the mind that we will sell any buck kids out of our goats for meat goats. UGH! Can't even think like that. Guess Boer goats are excellent eating, low fat, low cholesterol, etc. I cannot imagine sending any to a slaughter house!!! We shall see!! The breeder said that since these 2 are twin sisters, most likely Blondie and Puddles will have at least 2 kids each, maybe 3 or 4. I am praying for only 2, not sure about bottle feeding several kids in the dead of winter! UGH!! Might be fun, for the first few days or so! :smile:

And, by the way, it was 3, count them, 3 pant sizes!!! Last pair of jeans I bought were size 16. These are 12's, and in my way of thinking that is 3 sizes down!!!! LOL!!

Yes, you must have missed my post of a few weeks back about all the drama. Things are better now, so let the past be the past!!

Hugs and thanks,


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Vicki, my parents grew up in Italy,goat meat was/is a staple. I enjoy it but a lot of people have never tried it. Now that I think about it, Pecorino romano is sheep cheese and not goat cheese. Duh. Got confused.

Glad the drama has settled.


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:princess: Glad to hear things are going so well!

And huge congrats on downsizing the pants :bravo:

Fingers crossed that the IEP meeting goes well next week.

Thanks for the update!



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So glad for the update! Sounds like you have things on the right path, congratulations. I am so happy for you.

Hugs to you and allthe kids (people and other, LOL)



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Vickie! Congrats on the great news! What a great update!
Losing 3 pants sizes - is awesome. I am guessing you are getting outside more and I hope you get some exercise as well. Gotta keep it firm, ya know?!?!? LOL!

Glad you and husband are working on things. Sometimes change brings out the best in people - even when we thought it would not.