Good Friday Morning!


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:coffee: Good Friday Morning!!!!

Well, this is one friday that I wish could have taken longer to get here. This is our last day of spring break. We have had a great break - just wish it was a little longer.

Unfortunately, I have to wake the kids early this morning. I am having my security system updated this morning to include monitored smoke detectors and a keyless remote for easy child. He is supposed to be here between 8 and 10. And, my cleaning company called yesterday and asked for a favor - could they come at 8:30 instead of 10:30? I figured it would be good to get everyone done and out of here early so the kids and I could do something special. We don't know what we are going to do - nothing really good left in the theater that we haven't seen. difficult child is voting for lazer tag while easy child is voting for the children's museum (go figure, at 16 she wants to go to the children's museum!!!!)

For those of you on spring break, enjoy the day. For the rest, take a deep breath, it's Friday!!!! Wishing you all a great day.


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Good Morning,

Sharon-We must have been posting at the same time! Sounds like a busy day ahead. I vote for the laser tag-sounds like more fun to me! Hope all the workers show up on time!-Enjoy the day. :smile:

I'm so glad it is Friday-it's been a long week! I also have a sore throat which ususally for me means a cold. I only usually get one a year but this will be my third!

We had difficult child's wrestling banquet last night. It was very cool. He got a particpation award for participating in more than half of the tournaments. The coach also made the coolest DVD of pictures from the season set to music.

This morning we're taking our kids on a science field trip-should be fun. After school I plan on getting to the health club as I haven't gone the past two days. Other than that not much planned.

I hope everyone finds a reason to smile today. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - I'd go for the laser tag as well.

Sharon - a hot toddy should take care of that cold. Will put you in nap mode as well. Take care of yourself.

kt's heading back to school this morning - protesting & whining the entire way. I expect I will be getting a call this morning.

My day includes cleaning up & doing a bit of laundry. Trying to stay on top of the mountain that can collect from a tween girl changing her clothes 18 times a day. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker & I decided that next week kt will be allowed only 2 outfits a day & she will (with supervision) start doing her own laundry.

Have a fun Friday - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh, smile or just enjoy the absurd.


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having the girls do their own laundry is a great thing! I started having easy child do her own laundry about kt's age because I would find clothes I knew she hadn't worn in the laundry basket. I told her that I didn't have time to wash, dry, and fold fresh clothes and if I found it in the basket again, she would do her own. She's been doing it for years. Not to say that I don't grab some stuff to fill a load or do it if she's really busy with school or work, but the majority of the time it's her. Plus, I don't ever have to be responsible for her having "nothing to wear." It's her gig!!!!


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Sharon, we've been slowly nudging kt to more age appropriate activities that include help around the house. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker is guiding kt in simple cooking (they made dinner last night), keeping her room organized & now laundry.

We're doing this while kt is "excited" about it. It will become her responsibility once we see that she can handle this with-o a ton of adult supervision.

I hate the clean clothes that land in the laundry & have to be washed again & again because kt cannot decide on an outfit. :hammer:

It's all "about the look, mom". :smile:


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Good morning! :coffee:
Sharon- How about the children's museum followed by a rousing game of laser tag? :princess:
Sharon- I hope the field trip is fun, take care of that cold. :ill:
Linda- Maybe kt will have a better day than expected? I hope so. :warrior:
We are trying for an easy day today. Duckie took part in a kids group production of Shrek (she was the dragon, lol! :devil:) and read The Daddy Book to other children for story time. The excitement took a lot out of her. :surprise:I have a reception at the church later this evening, I need to help in the kitchen.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Today is another BUSY one!!! We are leaving around 2:00 a.m. Saturday (or Friday p.m., depending on how you look at it), for our road trip. I still have lots of things to do before we go!!!

I didn't have time to post in general about this trip, but I'm hoping things go smoothly!!! My difficult children are acting up which is usual before anything out of the ordinary happens. I think husband and I must be crazy but we're definitely going... We're traveling to an area where husband and I would like to retire someday...

I hope everyone has a great day, a wonderful weekend, and that next week goes smoothly for all... :flower: I'll be back one week from Monday. I'll be thinking of all of you... WFEN :flower:


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G'day, everyone.

Sharon 1, The laser tag sounds good. difficult child 1 has a two-person set somewhere, I should get it out and set it up for difficult child 3 to play with one of his friends. I remember one New Year's Eve husband & his cousin donned it and stalked each other in the dark, while the rest of us watched. great fun!

Sharon 2, look after that sore throat. Is it possible that last night's banquet could be partly responsible? I always get a sore throat from trying to talk over the noise of a crowd.

Linda, I know how you feel about excess laundry because girls can't be bothered to put clean clothes away after they've tried them on. We went through the same problem, aggravated by girls buying clothing with every spare cent they could earn. easy child 2/difficult child 2 has especially bizarre tastes in clothes. We now have the opposite problem with difficult child 3 - he will wear the same clothes day in, day out. His 'at home' favourites include a pair of "trakky daks" that are too short, out of shape and have holes in both knees and the seat.

TM, my easy child always used to say that playing the villain was the best role because you could be bad and it was still acceptable. Although the dragon in Shrek isn't bad, just misunderstood. Great costume, though!

WFEN, enjoy your road trip. You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back. We always have special music to play as we set off - holiday music appropriate to the trip. beach Boys, for example, or Bobby McFerrin...

We organised our passport photos this morning. My professional photographer mate owed me a favour after I fed his cat all Easter weekend, and took our photos for us. husband has them on the computer, all we have to do now is print them out. So at last we're going to have passport photos that look like us - I hope they pass inspection. They may be TOO good! Then we went shopping - husband bought some luggage locks (we don't want a Schappelle Corby situation). difficult child 3 did some price-checking for a Wii, trying to find how much we'd save if we get one duty-free. Hey, it kept him out of our hair most of the day... and speaking of hair, my neck now feels draughty. I think it's the shortest my hair has been since I was four years old!

Tomorrow morning easy child 2/difficult child 2 has her audition in the city CBD. I hope she's been thinking about the role, although I doubt it. I'll print an updated performance CV for her - it should only take a few minutes, if I can get the printer to work. It will have to be b/w, though. She wants to go to the Royal Easter Show from the audition, I'm not so sure I want to go - I won't be able to walk the distance needed. So whatever happens, tomorrow is going to be an adventure!