Good Morning Friday (Australia Day!)


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Happy Australia Day, everyone!

We had a wonderful day today. I'm still recovering from yesterday's exhaustion and missing my medications, so I took it easy. At the zoo I had a good look around at the wonderful improvements to the place - it's looking fabulous. They have Tasmanian Devils now - very privileged, because there's still strict controls on moving these animals around Australia, due to deep concerns about risks to the species with the contagious face cancer. The crocs - they're Freshwater crocodiles, an Aussie-only species. On the website there's a photo of the lace monitors (flamin' big goannas) - we saw a 2 metre one two days ago, eating a dead wallaby by the side of the road. When we drove past at sunrise next morning the wallaby was gone.
Symbio has tiny marmosets now, too - so adorable! And lots of roos and wallabies to hand-feed.
After a look at everything I headed for the swimming pool area and cooled off. difficult child 3 came and joined me for a while, before we left for Stanwell Park and our "best hamburger on the south coast". difficult child 3 actually wanted a second one - I don't know where he put the first. But it had filled him up enough to wait for a few hours.

We drove further south across the wonderful, new Seacliff Bridge - the road there was one of those "falling rocks do not stop" places (yeah, we KNOW falling rocks don't stop, they just keep going) where the road finally collapsed into the sea three years ago. In the time it took to build a replacement, the area suffered from the isolation and loss of through business. But the new bridge still follows the curves of the cliffs but stands a little out to sea, it's now a tourist attraction. It's beautiful, it's white, it curves around three cliffs and bays and you can see the ocean underneath. There is a tourist walk and gardens alongside (on the sea side) and you can still see the impressive cliffs close on the land side.

Then we drove further south to the trains - they had a holiday members only day, we dropped in to cut a small cake for difficult child 3 and give him a train ride. A small steam engine pulled in and we all got on it. difficult child 3 then headed up to the loading bay to help unload some more miniature steam trains, then, to his delight - he got to drive a train! husband sat behind him to keep him safe, but difficult child 3 concentrated on getting it right and drove two entire loops of the track. A very happy boy!

On the way back we drove past a lot of street parties. People were picnicking in their front gardens or on the footpaths, where anybody passing by would be invited to share a drink or a snack. People drove past cheering any flying flags and it was fun. We met some people returning from fun in Sydney - one day we'll have to do Australia Day in the heart of the city again. Maybe it's like 4 July, but more relaxed, less formal. Instead of being like a brass band street parade, this is more like a huge family backyard party.

We bought some fish on the way back, and prawns (giant shrimp) so we're having a seafood dinner. husband is cooking, but I'd better head kitchen-ward and make some salad. difficult child 3 got a second burger, with a huge serve of hot chips (fries, only bigger, thicker and fatter). Somehow he's eaten the lot and is heading for the bath.

I've still got some work to do tonight and some shopping tomorrow with easy child, her boyfriend and difficult child 3.

I love days like this - hot summer sun searing down, but a cool ocean breeze to take out the sting. And maybe the promise of a small cloudburst later in the night, so I don't have to water my garden!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone. Have a Vegemite sanger (sandwich) on us! (just make sure you spread it as thin as possible - it's not meant to be thick like jam)


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Good morning Marg & all who follow,

Marg, sounds like a busy but wonderful day. These are the days I love best. can be my source for fresh prawns. We really have to work out a shipment schedule. :rofl:

I've been up & down all night long. Struggling to overcome this respiratory flu thing that's taken me down. Maybe, when someone tells me to sleep the next 4 days, I should listen.

In the meantime, kt has called at least 6 times last night to make sure I'm okay & to "remind" husband that he is to take her out on their dinner "date" tomorrow night.

wm, on the other hand, is in the doghouse once again at group home. Co-mom & I are tearing our hair out - cannot for the life of us find anything positive to pull this kid out of the hole he's dug. Well - just a little update on tweedles dee & dum.

I'm sipping lemon ginger tea; taking my medications for the cough & watching the early morning news. Nothing here today but sleep & more sleep.

Enjoy your day all - I plan on it. :smile:

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Happy Australia Day! :princess:Your day sounds like it was lovely and you sound in really good spirits! The trip to the zoo and the drive sound amazing. Sleep well!

This busy week is almost over! :princess: Today
difficult child has an ENT appointment that I'm taking him to. I think husband has more than had his difficult child time this week with me having to go other places-although I did ask him if he wanted to replace me at the meeting for easy child last night and he didn't.

We're having a soup luncheon at work today-should be yummy! I think I'm going to finally get in a workout today too. :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys their day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning!!

It is freezing here, a whole 3 outside with the wind temps. bringing it to the minus. I am so not looking to going out this morning. difficult child says he's going to be an ice cube at the bus stop. Wel i'm off to the cold, have a great day everyone!

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Sharon - my sleep patterns are so skewed of late. I doze off at the oddest times & others I'm wide awake. I'm snuggled in a warm quilt right now & catching up on things. Expect I'll be back sleeping real soon. :crazy:


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* Happy Free Choice Friday Morning *

Marg, sounds like a wonderful day of celebration - kinda like our 4th of July - glad the day was great :smile:

Linda, you just stay curled up in the quilt. Add a little brandy to that tea and you will sleep for a little while :blush:

Sharon, only one more day to respite :princess:. Lunch sounds yummy, especially with it being so cold. Have a great one.

Jen, enjoy your Friday and your weekend :grin:

It's 13 degrees and that is the coldest all winter. I did get my snow yesterday - but...... it was part of a front that brought the cold weather in and it snowed like a blizzard for about 30 minutes, then the sun came out! It was the talk of the town - snow :smile:. Oh well, I'll take what I can get, it was pretty while it lasted and was the first thing difficult child said when I picked him up, "Mom, did you see that snow storm, we were all jumping up and down...."

difficult child had a great day yesterday...... easy child finishes exams at 1 and is off till Tuesday. Think she and I will go see Dream Girls on Monday.

Have a great Friday everyone - if you make a free choice today - make it really great!!!!!



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Marg- Some of my favorite mommy day memories is when the kids were young and we went to the zoo, the beach, the pool, anywhere, having fun.

Sounds like a great day.

Good morning and to the rest, have a great day.
Good Morning Everyone
:smile: :smile: :smile:!!!

Marg, I really enjoyed reading your morning post!!! I felt like I was on a mini - vacation. The zoo sounds like a place my kids would love, especially easy child, who wants to be a vet. I don't mean to sound "dumb", but I've always wondered what Vegemite is - so when you get a chance please let me know. THANKS!

Linda, I hope each day finds you feeling better and better and better... I'm glad you're doing as the doctor ordered and taking really good care of yourself. I love fresh prawns too!!! So, when you're feeling better, dinner at your place or mine???

Sharon, What kind of soup are they serving? I'm FREEZING!!!! Sounds like fun. Enjoy. I think its nice when DHs get to spend alot of time with difficult children - it gives them a hefty dose of reality. And, glad to hear you're going to finally get a workout in ...


Think WARM thoughts...!!! Stay warm and have a great day!!!


Glad to hear difficult child had a great day yesterday! Enjoy Dream Girls with easy child on Monday!
I'm glad you enjoyed your mini snowstorm!!!


Have a GREAT day!!! I agree - some of the best memories I have of my kids is when they were small too. We used to go to the zoo , the beach etc. Sometimes, when difficult children are really getting to me, I take out old photos to remember the good times...

Today difficult child 1 has a counseling appointment. I'm not really looking forward to taking him...
He always acts up when he has to go... I'm going to start researching other
options for difficult child 2 as the teacher from the daily living skills program still hasn't returned my phone calls... I might drop by the school if I have time to see if I can get more info that way. Anyway its one more cup of :smile: and I'm ready to start my day... WFEN


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Good morning!
Marg- That sounds like an absolutely ideal holiday. :bravo:
Linda- I hope you start feeling better soon. Too cute about husband & kt's "date". As for wm, sometimes the only good about a child is that you love them. I hope he starts to pull himself up. :warrior:
Sharon- I think I'd be collapsing in a heap if I were you with how busy you've been all week. :smile:
Jen- Bundle up! We've got the same sort of temps as you. Brrr. *
Sharon- I thought of you when they showed it snowing in your area! I'm glad difficult child had a better day. :smile:
Lia- Pool and zoo is fun with little ones! Have a good one! :smile:
WFEN- I hate it when people don't return my calls! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif
Duckie has off today for a superintendent's day and husband is working from home. It may get a little hairy here later, lol! :smile: I hope to take Duckie out shopping with her birthday money, but we're also under a lake effect snow watch and wind chill advisory so we may not be going anywhere. :hammer:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning Friends. It's is a beautiful clear crisp day in North Texas. I finally got a good night's sleep. All is well. :smile:
Marguarite- Happy Australia Day. Your country always sounds so exotic and different from ours. I love the little marmosets. They are precious. difficult child was quite interested in unique animals at one time. I will pass on the veg a mite. been there done that. It is a taste I think one must grow up with.

timer, sorry you are still feeling poorly. It's lovely that kt is concerned. Rest up.

Wiped out, a soup luncheon sounds pretty yummy. Enjoy and get a break this weekend.

Raz, can't say I miss freezing at the bus stop in the north. Brrrrr *

LDM, how precious that the kids got so excited about the snow. It is a sight to behold though. :smile:

gottaloveem, you have a good day too.

WFEN, good luck with the doctor appointment. It's so stressful when they fight the help they are getting.

TM, shopping with Duckie sounds like fun.

I have to get up earlier. It takes forever to say good morning. LOL. :smile:

easy child's play opened to a standing ovation. So we anticipate it will be good. The family goes this evening to see our easy child and his 3 lines. :smile: He looks pretty tired.

difficult child is looking for jobs. The fact he was on the job line site is a step forward. :bravo: He is leading and I am providing support and the frequent nudge. He really wants to yell about me but I'm not doing a thing. :smile:

The cupboards are bare, so I'm off to the market and a few errands. Have a good day. No meltdowns allowed. :princess:


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Good morning to all and thanks again so much for the kind welcomes. Happy Australia Day! Makes me feel I'm not in this alone so much. It was 4 degrees when I drove my older difficult child to school; too cold to wait for bus. Planning on making meatballs and doing lots of laundry today! *

Had exceptionally bad night with my 8yo last night -- at the end of his tirade he told me he can't wait until he's 18 so I don't have to be his Mom anymore (my response was not the most tactful). Don't know where he gets that info, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope for the future here. But there are really good days too -- have to remember that