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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    What a day! Cold, rainy, a bit windy and we had to head for the city...

    Because we had mother in law coming with us, we had to plan for as little walking as possible. Paths slippery, navigating steps in the wet is much trickier. mother in law kept offering me the use of her umbrella but I know from experience that it is just too awkward. We left the car at the station and caught the train; at the last minute I grabbed a huge black cape from the car, I usually only wear it in winter but it keeps the rain off, mostly. I was so glad of it, though - I was still cold because of the wind and the rain, despite being wrapped in my shawl.

    We got to the place in enough time. The place was packed but we got seats together. difficult child 3 did very well, paying attention to the event (a new trait) but by the end of it all he was getting increasingly anxious over every little thing. As we were leaving he was even nagging people about holding the lift doors open, repeatedly reminding people, "It's alarmed." Most of the people he was reminding were teachers from school, who fortunately know him well enough now to be understanding.

    difficult child 3's academic awards - he got "Excellence in Science" and 3rd place in Electronics. We were really pleased for him. He did moderately well in a couple of other subjects and scraped through in a couple as well. It justifies our decision, I feel, to do school from here at half pace, taking two years now for each academic year. Hopefully having more time from here on will help him do even better.

    Days like this show us the spectrum of students at this school - they range from kids with sudden serious health problems, to kids who are attending performing arts or sports centres (spending half the day performing/training, the other half doing correspondence lessons) to kids with many reasons for not attending a mainstream school. There were a couple of kids with obvious physical deformities, for example, who I can imagine would really suffer in a mainstream setting. There are also kids who attend mainstream but are using the correspondence school for a subject here or there that just isn't available at their school.

    One young man there is a great guy we've known in previous years, as a real treasure and gifted artist. He did what difficult child 3 is about to do - spread the workload over more years - and finally finished last year. He won a major art award and endowed a prize in his name, which he personally awarded. This young man also has autism but you wouldn't know it to talk to him (unless you're more sensitive to it, as I have become). I remember last year, teachers and this young man's mother all told me, "the young man used to be just like difficult child 3 - your son is going to be like this, if he keeps going the way he is."

    Another week to go of our school year. However, anything we post off now won't get dealt with until next year, so difficult child 3 has already begun to work on next year's work.

    Today was miserable and wet, a crazy weather day for summer. We've had a lot of rain in the dams (great!) and tomorrow is forecast to be a scorcher, but with gale-force winds. So if we go to the beach we'll get sand-blasted. Then the next day - cooler, with the winds continuing. We have two Christmas parties with the trains over Saturday and Sunday so we're in for a busy weekend.

    mother in law got through today, but we were all glad to get home. I'm a bit worried at how slowly she's walking now, and how much trouble she has getting out of a chair. I think she needs a physical assessment but I know she will fight it hard, if we suggest it.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, so glad to hear of difficult children academic achievements; you must have glowed with pride yesterday.

    kt missed school yesterday & I believe she won't be going today either. Her anxiety level is building from day to day. We've a crisis plan on hand that's updated since husband left. Ughhhh ~ I hate this. kt needs to understand that it's not her place to take care of me. She can pitch in & help however, she's not invited to my doctor's appts (which she feels will help - she has some questions for my doctors). I think other than my GP, none of the other specialists will appreciate a 14 going on 9 y/o in on my exams. Heck I won't.

    Given that, I have a GPs appts which I probably will miss if I cannot get kt off to school That will be the 2nd appointment this month.

    I plan on making up a batch of sugar cookie dough this morning; clean the kitchen from top to bottom (as much as I can tolerate) & put together a lamp I'm fashioning from a bird cage holder. It'll will be a floor lamp & if I get it right I'll post a picture of my newest creation.

    Hopefully I'll get help rearranging my living room so we can set up our Christmas tree. I plan on decorating it to the hilt.

    Have a good day ~ hope you all have a good Friday.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Happy Friday!

    Marg-Congrats to difficult child-how fantastic!:bravo:
    Linda-I'm sorry kt is so anxious right now and not wanting to go to school. I hope somehow you are able to make that gp appointment. The lamp sounds really cool, I can't wait to see the picture:)

    I'm really tired this morning and glad it is Friday. Tonight my dad and his wife are coming to celebrate Christmas-they'll stay until sometime tomorrow afternoon. It's always a stressful visit. Dad is wonderful with difficult child but his wife really struggles with him as she believes all kids can be pcs and is very hard on him. The problem now is difficult child doesn't like her at all so we are constantly running interference.

    Tonight we are taking it easy and ordering pizza. Tomorrow I'll make enchiladas and spanish rice for dinner.

    Wishing everyone a fun free choice Friday.:forchristmas:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowman: Good Free Choice Friday Morning Friends!!!!

    Marg, how proud you must have been - let difficult child 3 know that his board auntie is very proud!!!

    Linda, sounds like you are planning a full day - don't try to bite too much off friend.

    Sharon, hope the visit goes smoothly.

    Running REALLY late this morning! Just wanted to pop in and say good morning to everyone.

    Make sure that free choice is a good one! :gingerbread: Keep it warm!

  5. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good morning All! Hope everyone has a great
    Linda-sending Hugs!
    Sharon- Hope the visit goes well!
    Sharon - Have a GREAT day!
    difficult child 3 's therapy appointment did not go great but it went ok. The Psch Dr is adding Wellbutrin to her zoloft. difficult child 1 is coming home for Christmas.
    Sending hugs to all ! Rabbit
  6. Andy

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    Marg - Congrats to difficult child 3. He is really doing great! If your mother in law is open to using a walker, try to find one that is also a chair. My dad has a hard time getting out of chairs and has one. It has arm rests to help. He is tall making it even harder to stand up. He also has a reclining chair that he can back into and then hit a button to lower him to a sitting position. Another button brings him back up to the standing position to get out of it.

    Timer - I am so sorry KT is still struggling with going to school. I know it is so hard on you especially knowing how far she had come before this latest backslide. I hope you gets lots done today.

    Wiped Out - I know how difficult it is to have someone around that difficult child does not care for. Mine seems to go out of his way to cause problems with someone he doesn't like. Nothing too noticeable, just little comments here and there to bring my frustrations up as I pray the other person didn't hear him. Fortunately, I don't know that some of these people are aware of his rudeness, just me! Like that is fair!

    Little Dude's Mom - I hope you also have a great day!

    No idea why I am up this early. Better not happen tomorrow morning! Sounds like we will have a bad weather weekend ending with a winter storm watch Sunday night into Monday. Maybe Monday will be a snow day! One station states lots of snow Saturday night into Sunday - wonder if I will get in for Sunday School?

    husband came home from church council last night and stated that I am suppose to go to a 8:00 pm meeting on Dec 22nd regarding the DCE position - If we want to extend a call to our DCE or save money by having another student or not having one at all. I would love to have K stay on as our DCE. She has been a very good influence on easy child but I would be surprised if she would want to stay. I think 8:00 pm is way to late to start a meeting. I am suppose to see if the new Board of Christian Education chair wants to come to the meeting also. Hopefully I will remember to ask him. I will play it by ear rather I go or not. Depends on if husband will be home so difficult child doesn't have to go out and if difficult child is up to it if he does have to go.

    Sounds like I missed an interesting church council meeting last night. Oh well, I am tired of fighting people's foolishness and selfishness and am ready to walk away. One lady asked if I would provide a pan of bars for Wed. I told her, "No, I do not bake. I can purchase some cookies." Elderly ladies have a fit over serving cookies which are much more child friendly than cakes/bars. Gotta serve cakes/bars and then complain when the kids make a mess of the crumbs you know. I just don't think you have to have homemade treats for every get together! Food is food - get over it! But the old ladies don't want to be the first ones to be ashamed of themselves by taking an easier route. Oh the shock of congregation members eating store bought cookies! It may just get more children involved and we can not have that! More noisy fast running kids around! Can't cater to that! She settled with me giving $5.00 and she would make a pan. And of course, there was so much left over that it would not have been needed.

    Wonder if I can get going on time today since I am up a good hour earlier than normal? I sure get grumpy when up early don't I?

    Have a great day everyone. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Rabbit - You snuck in on me. Have a great day. I hope the medication change helps.

  8. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Andy, just a quick note on the grumps and biscuits - I have a really easy recipe for you, you make up the biscuit dough (in just one flavour, or in several at once) and leave it rolled into a long log shape wrapped, in the fridge. You can then simply cut thin slices and bake them, or I cut slices then cut into these slices with fancy shape cutters and play to have fun. It's good to do this with the kids, too - they can have fun playing with the dough with cutters, you then put the tray into the oven after the kids have done all the work. Leftover scraps get rolled back into a log and put back into the fridge so nothing is ever wasted.
    If I have the oven on for a roast or something, I will sometimes make a tray of biscuits just for fun. An easy one that will shut up the ladies at the church AND keep kids really happy - I do this especially when I'm running low on the dough - I roll out two different colours/flavours (chocolate and vanilla, for example) into two same-size rectangles then carefully sandwich them into two layers. I then roll this into a neat log with a pinwheel spiral. You can gently reshape the log to make it fatter or thinner. Put it in the fridge to chill again. Then slice it into thin rounds (quarter inch) and bake them. I often decorate these with choc chips (one pressed into the centre) or tiny sugar shapes for cake decorating. Incredibly quick and easy but makes it look like you're a biscuit genius. They also don't drop crumbs - these biscuits work so well because they are made with no baking powder at all, so they don't spread on the tray and don't get crumbly. You can, if you REALLY want to fuss, spread frosting onto them and sandwich them.

    I've made a lot of star shapes and heart shapes, I poked holes in the top of each one and threaded string through after I baked them - edible Christmas decorations!

    It puts a whole new complexion onto "playing with your food".

    I find making a single tray of these cures any case of the grumps.

    One trick though - if you're cutting these into shapes, do it on the baking paper and don't try to move the biscuits after you've cut them out. The dough warms up and gets soft really quickly. Trying to move them breaks them up, then all you can do is scrunch them back into the dough ball again and wait until it chills once more.

  9. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Sorry to say I have just a bit of time today to say hello and TGIF.
    easy child is driving home today. I have been getting his favorite dinner organized so it will be ready when he arrives. I know he is ready for a "home fix". So having the house decorated and his favorite lasagna and apple pie in the oven will make it special for all of us. His two friends are joining us for the weekend. Should be fun.

    Hope you all have a weekend filled with fun and hope.