Good Morning Friday


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G'day, everyone.

We finally made it to the beach! Some storms were forecast but they all went inland for once. No rain really, though. 1 mm in the dam. That doesn't even cover evaporation. The beach - lovely. The water is 20 degrees C (maybe 21) - lovely and warm. Gentle waves, clear water. Tomorrow and Sunday are forecast to be even hotter, so we'll get in plenty of swimming, I hope. In Fahrenheit numbers, the weekend days should both go over the 100 mark.

difficult child 3 has had a distracted week, with school visit, Occupational Therapist (OT) appointment and lots of people in the house. He's been working ahead though (which we didn't know) so he's not behind. He can have time off over the weekend, although I'll try and get him to do some study.

difficult child 1 may have found himself an electronics trade apprenticeship, which is great news. easy child 2/difficult child 2 seems to be enjoying her studies, although with work as well she is getting tired. She's graduated to the next level of driver's licence, which means she can now teach others to drive. difficult child 1 has now driven enough hours to get formal driving lessons (which we promised him as a birthday present) so hopefully he will have his licence in a few months.

I got a phone call from easy child today - we're planning a holiday later in the year, she and boyfriend may be joining us, which will be lovely. Planning will be fun! difficult child 1 had better have his licence by then.

Enjoy your Friday.



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Oh the warm weather sounds nice... we are in the midst of a winter snow advisory... snowed all day. While it is beautiful the kids are getting tired of it. We went 34 days with no sun straight!!! Yikes. Not good for the soul. Lots of SAD sufferers here in these parts.
I am hoping for a calmer day with difficult child... she was very wound up yesterday. Very ultra rapid cycling, with a little clinginess thrown in the mix.
I am going off line to try and read myself to sleep.

Good night and good morning to everyone... hope your Friday has a pleasant start.


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TGIF Marguerite and Totoro. We hit 80 degree yesterday but it is going to cool down this weekend. It was a wonderfully warm spring day. Although I wouldn't mind seeing the white stuff once in a while.

difficult child went to another job fair. Nothing new. Poor kid.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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:salute: Happy Friday Morning!

So glad it has finally arrived! I've been looking forward to this since Monday :whew:

Marg, glad you go to the beach. difficult child got the choice regarding spring break this year since I just took easy child to nyc. He has chosen the beach. We will go for three days during the week of spring break. It won't be warm enough for the ocean, but he can play on the beach and they have an indoor pool as well.

Totoro, sorry yesterday was so rough for difficult child - wishing you a better day today.

Fran, enjoy your spring! Goodness, I can't believe difficult child hasn't found a job yet, poor guy. Sending positive thoughts his way.

I have a hair appointment this morning at 9:15. difficult child and I will leave early for school since he is having his 1/2 birthday today and we have cupcakes and fruit punch to deliver and I need to buggie to the hair salon. After that, it's "me" time. I'll probably come home and work on getting my laptop wirelessly connected to the printer. That should be good for a couple hours :surprise:

Wishing everyone a great Friday - find some time for you before the day closes.



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I hope you all have a nice day!!

Well it's snowing here, such a tease as yesterday it was 40 out, we finally got my class outside, and they had so much fun. difficult child is still not feeling well, but i guess it can take up to six months to get out of his system. Well have to run i need to go clean off the car!


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Morning everyone,

Running a bit late, but wanted to say hello.

Nothing exciting on the agenda today. TGIF - didn't sleep at all last night. Hoping to catch up some tonight.

Dylan's in rare form this morning. *sigh* easy child would be okay if he'd just be quiet. I think my being tired and grouchy is not helping.

Going to try to have a good day. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.



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Good morning. :cool:
Marg- It sounds like things are starting to really fall into place for your brood. :warrior:
Totoro- I hope you will have a better day today and got some rest in. :salute:
Fran- Enjoy the beautiful weather. We woke to several inches of snow this morning and it's getting old fast. :rolleyes:
Sharon- What is this "me" time you speak of? Enjoy your day! :rofl:
Jen- It was whooping cough, right? I hope he gets over it faster than in six months, but again his asthma probably complicates that. :nonono:
I'm in a foul mood this morning! I need to be out of the house by 9am because I work fish fry prep at the church. husband usually leaves for work around 7:30, but just got in the shower at 7:15. I'm behind now because I was waiting to shower until he has one. And he seems to do this whenever I have plans in the morning. Grr! :devil:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:


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Good morning all.

Snow coming down again, they said we were only to get a dusting, but we've got an inch and more is coming, so weather man didn't know what he was talking about. LOL
husband and I are both drained today, so hopefully there will be a little bit of relaxation for us, before difficult child gets home, Fridays are his early days at school though.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.


Good morning everyone,

Running a bit late today. I am really wishing for another hour in bed. Or two.

difficult child got up with zero argument this morning. Something new and different. Nice way to start the day.

No big plans today. Deadline day at work. Then pick up difficult child from school. Then planning on an early night.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-The beach sounds fantastici-we're in for a huge winter storm this weekend so I'm a bit jealous! Wish I could escape to someplace warm!

Totoro-I hope today is a better one and that you are getting some sleep. Hugs.

Fran-Eighty sounds heavenly-if you need to find some white stuff we'll have it after this weekend. Keeping a good thought for your difficult child.

Sharon-Enjoy the hair appointment and happy 1/2 birthday to difficult child! I hope the computer time goes quickly so you can enjoy some true me time!

Razzle-I know what you mean by being teased about spring coming and then it gets taken away. I'm sorry difficult child still isn't feeling well.

Janna-I hope you get some sleep and today is a better one.

TM-I hope your day gets better-I hate being thrown off my schedule.

Joanne-I hope you get some good rest in before difficult child gets home.

The kids don't have school today as it is a teacher convention day. I'm going to drop off difficult child at an after school program and then run into school.

Tonight I'm hoping for a good workout!

Enjoy your day and hi to anyone who sneaks in. :kisses:

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Good morning friends,

I'm brain dead this morning. You know that feeling. Just cannot seem to get my brain awake to catch up with my body.

We're to have a major snowstorm over the weekend. So, it's out to stock up on basics (need them anyway) ... the forecast is just pushing this errand.

Scheduled to pick wm up after school - we're taking him out to dinner this evening. (He earned a major field trip today so he won't get out of school until 4:30.)

kt is coming for a weekend pass tomorrow morning.

Enjoy your Friday - if you're in the path of the storm, stay warm, dry & safe.
Good Morning Everyone!

Marg, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the beach!!! Great news about about difficult child 3, difficult child 1, and easy child 2/difficult child 2!!! Planning a vacation is always so much fun - ENJOY!!!

Totoro, I hope difficult child has a much better day today!!! I hope you get the rest you need and some SUNSHINE...

Fran, It must be so frustrating for you and difficult child - I'm hoping he finds a job soon!!! At least it sounds like he is really trying hard. I'm keeping him in my thoughts... How about you ship us the warm sunshine and we'll ship you the "white stuff"???

Sharon, It's so nice to hear that you're going to have some "me" time today :smile:!!! ENJOY...

Jen, I hope difficult child is feeling better soon!!! It sounds like you could use some time for yourself. I hope you get some this weekend!!!

Janna, I hope you get some much needed rest this weekend!!! It's amazing how kids always know when we're not at our best and manage to usually make things so much harder... I hope Dylan's mood improves!!!

TM, I'm sorry your day isn't off to a great start. DHs can be such PITAs!!! I hope your day improves!!!

jodyice, I hope you and husband get to have some quality relaxation time before difficult child gets home!!!

Wyntersgrace2, I'm glad difficult child is off to a great start today!!! Hope you enjoy a peaceful weekend!!!

Sharon, I'm glad you're going to :smile: today!!! Way To Go!!!

I finally got a :smile: in this morning before husband left for work. I am still a bit weak from being sick so it wasn't the best :smile: ever but I feel better since I did it.

I've already had three cups of :coffee:. I plan on taking it easy today if difficult children let me.... Not too much planned for the weekend. I'm just hoping to get my strength back!!!

I hope everyone is able to do at least one nice thing for themselves today :flower:... WFEN

P.S. Linda, I'm so sorry!!! I must be "brain-dead" too!!! I didn't realize there were 2 pages to the morning thread... Anyway, It sounds like you could use some :coffee:!!! I could make another pot... Enjoy dinner with wm tonight and the weekend with kt!!! I hope the major snowstorm they're forcasting just fizzles out... Keeping my fingers crossed...