Good morning friends,.....

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Yup, that time again.....time wake up!!!! :crazy: Sorry, just wide awake with not much to do this morning.

kt woke early & is laying on the couch here in the living room. She's working out a new SIMS family in her notebook.

Nothing but catching up on things here & there & napping.

Enjoy your day - as always I plan on it. :flower:


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You're an early riser. Don't know what SIMS is, but glad kt is working quietly.

Leaving work early today to see Dylan. Yay! He's dropped level, from a 6 to a 2, and having a hard time getting back up there. The day before yesterday, inappropriate blurting in class. Yesterday, had a cold, so he said, and was sent back to the res ~ didn't finish class, dropped him again for not finishing.

His enuresis is still acting up like crazy. psychiatrist there upped his DDAVP from .5 mg. to 2 mg, and it's not helping. They aren't allowing him to wear the Overnights, and I have a call into the therapist to find out why. I don't see the purpose of him waking every morning to a sopping wet bed, and it's disrupting his sleep. Grr.

Other than that, preparing for school. Starts Monday. Got the babysitter lined up, bus schedule ready, physicals and dentals done. Not much else to do.

Enjoy your day.


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Hi Linda--Glad you're home...I've been thinking about you. Sounds like a good start to the morning.

Janna-sorry to hear about Dylan dropping level...hopefully he'll feel better today.

I don't usually drop into the monring thread but I wanted to say hello to everyone and wish them a happy day. :salute:

I'm off to day three of the new school year. Things have been so busy both at work and at home. Today I have a 16 year old boy watching my two kids. Hopefully all will go well. Seven hours for a teenage can be hard...He watches them all the time, but never for extended periods. I think they will walk to the movie theater and see Underdog or Daddy Day Camp.

My car is still gone--never recovered. :grrr: I'll know more from the insurance company by Monday.

School starts on Monday and we almost have all the summer homework completed. easy child/difficult child read a lot, but did not finish any of the books he started so I'm not sure what to write down as completed the least the written portion is completed. difficult child resisted reading all summer, but at least I have some titles of picture books we've read together to write down.


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Morning ladies :smile:

Hi Linda - your day sounds quieter than normal, I hope it will stay that way for you.

Janna - Sorry to hear about Dylan. I hope they can get the medications figured out. I agree about the Overnights, I hope you can find out why.

Jannie - I'm embarrassed to say we have done nothing over the summer school work wise. I hope they enjoy the movies!

We might go to the little water park today, it'll depend on if it gets nicer out. We just haven't had great weather the last couple of weeks. easy child has riding tonight, difficult child has his prep camp.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


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Good Morning everyone.
Linda, hope your sleep schedule gets back into a routine.

Janna, I don't think it's unusual for kids to slip back for a while. It's as if they have to regress a bit to get their footing before they go forward. We went long periods of time where difficult child was far behind where he should have been but it's like they are in hibernation before the next awakening. Sending good thoughts for him to work through the program at pace that brings meaningful change to his behaviors and helps him find a way to live with the challenges life brought him.

jannie,starting a new school year always brought excitement. I'm sure you are tired at the end of the day getting back into the groove. Hope the kids do well with the sitter.

easy child is filling the house with kids but slowly one by one they are leaving for school. :crying: It's exciting and a bit of an end of a chapter in their lives and mine. His room is a disaster with piles of things to pack.
We are also saying our good byes as husband won't return to Tx again,after Saturday, except as a visitor or on vacation. It a full week that's for sure.

It's back to hot but I'm grateful that we aren't dealing with the rain and flooding other states are dealing with this year.

difficult child seems to be planning a move to NJ. :bravo: He visited a place that has a set up that will suit difficult child. It has residences and apt./condo for more independent type adults with developmental delays but normal IQ. Two of his friends live in the residence. It will help with job search/training/advocacy. It's difficult child's idea so we will see how it works out. He seems to want to follow his path finally. We are just trying to not intrude ourselves unless requested or needed. If it works out, he may stay in that town forever. I can't believe both son's will be 30 min from each other. Makes visiting easier.

Our sort of foster daughter visited yesterday to pick up her things. She will move on to Florida and has reconnected with her parents. Hopefully she will find her way.

So that's the story from the house of Mrs.Fran this week. It's busy, sad, happy, excited and hopeful.

The pups add to the excitement. They have the painter tiptoeing past the kitchen. At their size they are imposing even if they would slurp you to death. They are breaking us in pretty well. :rofl:


Good Morning everyone. Appointments again today so must rush off shortly.

TM - KT sure gets up early, my difficult child would never get up. Hard to get him up for school and that doesn't start until 8:30. Glad she is keeping herself occupied.

Janna - hope Dylan is feeling better. You sure seem to have everything in order!

Janine - Sounds like the sitter will have a good day, with plans of a movie, that always makes things go smoothe. Sorry your car hasn't been found. Hopefully insurance company will work with you and give you what you need.

Christine, hope weather is good so you can get in the waterpark today.

Fran - you are just too busy. Hope the kids have things all worked out. Glad you are not getting the rain and flooding.

I was up at 5 and to the gym. Really didn't want to go today. It is only day 3! I am not spending much time there yet, 45 minutes. Pool is closed for cleaning for two weeks, and I love to swim. The whole facility is closing next week for maintenance.

Well, I have one dog with an allergic reaction again..other in heat.
Must try to get into school to see principal and new vp. difficult child's schedule is messed up. Hope they can fix it!
Been raining since last Thursday or Friday..don't remember anymore. Backyard was/is flooded. Water went down enough yesterday that I could get to the garage. So, tried to dry that out..And woke up today to a thunderstorm and garage is flooded again.

Have a great day

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Good Morning!

Linda-I hope your day is a quiet one and you get in those naps!

Janna-I'm sorry Dylan dropped down levels-I hope it is not for long. I too wonder why they won't let him wear the Good Nights.

Jannie-Day 3 already? Wow-we don't go back til after Labor Day although I'm slowly getting into my room to get it ready. I hope things go well with the babysitter! Homework over the summer? Noone around here ever gets homework in the summer!

Christine-Enjoy the water park if you go-I love water parks!

Fran-Very cool for difficult child! I hope it all works out. I imagine with easy child getting ready to leave, difficult child moving, and husband already going things could be emotional. Lots of changes. When will you be moving? Too funny about the dogs!

I wish we could get rid of this rain! We had more last night. Five counties (not ours) are flooded and considered disaster areas. My grass is getting so long but it won't dry out enough for me to mow!

difficult child has a therapist appointment this morning and then, heaven help me, I may bring him to school with-me to help a bit. on the other hand, he has been a royal PITA so I may just come home. As always I'll fit in my workout and a nap!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and hi to anyone who snuck in!

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Good morning all,

Work today, got a late start. I've been readin non-stop these past few weeks (really good books) and I can't put them down so I stay up late and it's difficult to get up I was late again!

difficult child is going out job hunting today (fingers crossed please) and then meeting me for lunch later.

Hugs to everyone - hope you all have a nice day.


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G'day, all. It's late here - I nearly let husband shut down the computer an hour ago, but I did want to say good morning before I had to say good night, if you know what I mean!

Another fight with difficult child 3 tonight - he gets tired, he talks all through a TV program we're trying to watch and eventually husband shouts at him. difficult child 3 then gets all offended so NOTHING is learned. I've found if I keep correcting him but stop short of shouting at him, he does slowly get the message, at least a little. He is far more likely to realise he's doing the wrong thing. Once he feels victimised, we've lost.

Oh, well. As Scarlett O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."

I'm still a long way from well and a lot of people are pressuring me to do stuff for them. I'm going to begin ringing people tomorrow and telling them to back off, find someone else. One friend wants me to take minutes of a meeting on Saturday - I had already said I didn't feel I should be there, even before my health added another reason. It's just that my substitute can't go either. So I'm going to strongly suggest the meeting be postponed, rather than have the hassle. It's only routine anyway.

Wish me luck.



I'm glad you have the opportunity to chill :smile: They don't come around often in our worlds so I hope you enjoy it.