Good Morning on a Wednesday


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We made it to the middle of the week. I can see a weekend coming. It's starting to get warm in the middle of the day.
After dinner, poor husband was exhausted so easy child and I went for a walk. I think it's the first time in years he agreed to go. It was lovely and enjoyable. I think maybe he is growing up. 10 more class days to go. He turns 18 in a few days. Life is rushing towards him and he is chomping at the bit to get out there.

difficult child left the dishwashing job on Sunday. He was supposed to resign Sunday but he said he couldn't take it anymore and quit 2 hrs early. :rolleyes: He is working more hours at the super market. He is trying hard. Of course he is still a difficult child. What can one say.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks. Hope your difficult child's are allowing you to enjoy the spring weather. :princess:


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Fran- yeah it's Wednesday the weekend is coming fast, i hope easy child enjoys the last 10 days of class, i remember those days tring to stay focused. Hopefully difficult child will like the grocery store, good luck.

Well my difficult children iep went great for a change, i sat there and listened to all the teachers talk about what a great kid he was and how motavated he is, they said he is doing great, and will continue the same next year, just possibly change his speech classs so he is with different kids. So that was easy, he does have to go to extended school which difficult child dislikes, so i try to let him miss as much as possible as i don't think he should have to go. Well got to run!

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Good Morning,

Fran-How nice that easy child went on a walk with you. He is going to be 18 in a few days and only a few days left of high school-hard to believe I bet! It's too bad difficult child couldn't finish the last couple of hours but good for him that he is working more hours at the supermarket!

I skipped book club last night because difficult child's IEP went until just after 6 and book club started at 6:30-I hadn't eaten yet and decided I just couldn't do it.

It's suppose to be a rainy day which means in door recess-yuck! At least the rest of the week looks sunny. After school today easy child has an appointment. with her pediatrican for a medication check and then I'm hoping to get to the health club.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


It IS the weekend for me. 6 more hours and i am off for 4 days.
Rainy here yesterday, haven't been out for a while.

Have no plans today. Maybe try to sleep again. So tired yesterday slept only 1 hour and was up. Later 3 hours ant that was it. Usually stay up on my last day until evening so I can turn my days around for the next few.

Good day everyone.


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:salute: Good Morning Fran, Jen, Sharon, Kjs, and all to follow!

Fran, I don't usually start thinking about the looming weekend until thursday morning - but if you want to speed things up it's ok with me! About easy child biting at the bit - I've always thought that if you have a child (we are definately talking pcs here) that is ready to move on and spread their wings in confidence, you've done the job you were asked to do when blessed with that child. easy child has the desire and the confidence to begin to make it on his own (with invisible supports from mom and dad of course) and become a man - you and husband have done the job right - he's a lucky young man.

Jen, glad the IEP meeting went well yesterday - still curious about the three-year 8th grade program. Have a good day.

Sharon, I haven't checked any other posts but this one this morning so I don't know if you have posted an IEP meeting update. I certainly hope, after three tries, everything is complete to your nad husband's satisfaction. Get some rest woman!

Kjs, you are on the downhill side of your workweek! I hope you are able to catch up on our sleep. You need to try and stop thinking and worrying - take yourself a nice long bubble bath and, if you imbide, have a nice glass of wine and hit the sack!

Some local errands and misc household chores today. I'm going to try and get my nails done as well. Things going well here - loved my journey through the science fair yesterday!

Wishing everyone a great day - keep that smile in place :smile:


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Good morning friends,

Fran - what a lovely evening walking with easy child.

Jen - good news on the IEP.

Sharon - sounds like another busy day in the wiped out household. I'm glad that you scheduled in the workout.

kjs - I'm all about sleeping. Sounds like a nap will do you good.

"Hi" if you snuck in.

Today is all about getting my vacuum cleaner repaired & an upstairs closet cleaned out of old computer components. I've been researching drop off sites for electronics.

This afternoon I'm interviewing a PCA.

Keep it calm today. Find a reason to smile.


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G'day, everyone.

Fran, I'm glad difficult child has the supermarket job. And that walk with easy child sounds like a memory to cherish.

Jen, I'm always suspicious when they tell me how wonderful my child is, at an IEP meeting. If the kid is so wonderful, why do we need an IEP? Let's deal with the REAL story, please teachers! I've had IEP meetings which never got down properly to the real issues because they were so busy trying to make me feel good about GFGBs progress that we never dealt with how far he still had to go.

Sharon, sorry you missed book club but sometimes we have to make these sacrifices, in the name of rest.

Kjs, you've got to the point where you're keeping score on minutes of sleep achieved. Not good. A thought to hold on to - five minutes of sleep in the day can compensate for an hour or more missed sleep at night.

Sharon, I can't remember when I've ever had my nails done - I guess it's one thing to keep on my 'to do' list. Glad you enjoyed the science fair.

Linda, have you thought about local high schools for the old electronic bits? They can take them apart and build other things with them.

We had Open Day at difficult child 3's school today. It was much better than last year. There were some kids from a behaviour school there (these kids also do at least some subjects by correspondence) but only minor verbal conflict from one kid with difficult child 3, which I was able to step in and deal with. Later difficult child 3 saw this kid entering his drama session and looked upset, but he stayed and participated (as much as he does - in fact, more than usual).
The Open Day worked with the kids getting a "passport" on arrival, with their photo. The different departments provided a range of activities and for completing each activity, the student got a fresh stamp for his passport. Last year difficult child got about four things - this year, he had 8. He even went back after lunch (when everyone else was going home) to finish sewing a library bag. So he came home with a calico bag, a photo frame, a small dish (these last two made out of thermoplastic), a badge and very nice pen (these for completing so many tasks). He had fun, the school fed everybody (hundreds) on pizza and mother in law, who came too, really enjoyed herself. Except for the zoo visit, and the reptiles. She wasn't happy when they brought out a 3 metre diamond python. mother in law was sitting with a friend of hers, our neighbour who is a teacher at this school. The echidna was cute - he scuttled across the floor, very determined to explore everything in case there were some termites.

I also had the chance to talk to a couple of difficult child 3's senior teachers about the Geography problem - from the looks they gave each other, it sounds like this Year 8 course has been too much for a number of kids. They said they will look into dropping difficult child 3 back from the mainstream curriculum into a modified one. They agree he still needs things concrete, not abstract in the slightest. He was "left" too much in mainstream, he's missed out on so much and needs to consolidate the basics.

So all in all, a very productive day. mother in law & I did some shopping on the way home and I'm just finishing up some cooking preparation for tomorrow.

The weather here is weird. Every time we walked out of a shop, it felt like we were walking into a sauna. Today was warm (not quite hot) and I was wishing I'd worn a sleeveless shirt. This evening is cooler but we might need to pull a blanket off the bed tonight. And it's the middle of May! The sea temperature is still 21 degrees C (about the temperature of my shower yesterday morning!) so if tomorrow is like this I hope to take difficult child 3 to the beach, if I can persuade him. We shall see... but mother in law is finally believing in global warming.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.



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Good morning all,

just a quick hi... am busy packing. SO and I are having a much deserved weekend away (friday to monday) and today is last day in work so tomorrow i doubt i'll get much done.. he'll be under my feet more than the cat!!

difficult child is off on school camp till tomorrow... not so much as a phone call before he went and when he gets back he will be viewing the place he might be moving to (supported lodgings).

Stil raining here.. has been all week.. fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!

Have a good day all.
Good Morning :coffee:,

Fran, It's so nice that you were able to spend some quality time with easy child last night. Even though things didn't go as planned with difficult child's dishwashing job, I agree with the others that it is good he is getting more hours at the grocery store.

Jen, I'm so happy that difficult child's IEP meeting went well!!!

Sharon, I hope everything went well at difficult child's IEP meeting. Sorry about the indoor recess - You'll probably need the health club after that!!! I hope you get there tonight...

Kjs, I hope you manage to get some sleep. You need some time off. Try to get in some "ME" time.

Sharon, I'm glad you enjoyed the science fair yesterday. It's nice to hear that things are going well. I hope you have time for your nails.

Linda, I hope the closet cleaning goes quickly!!! I always feel so good once I've managed to get one cleaned out. I hope the interview with the PCA goes well.

Marg, Open Day at difficult child 3's school sounds like fun. I'm glad difficult child 3, you and mother in law enjoyed it. I don't think I would have enjoyed the python either!!! You and my easy child would have fun together. I can almost hear my easy child saying, "But Mom, it's sooooo cute!", too.

Today is a beautiful Spring morning:flower:!!! I think I'm going to skip my housework and take my favorite sanity saver for a ride to a nearby park. I just bought her a new frisbee and I think we should break it in properly!!!

Then I want to check on husband's aunt and book a few yearly medical appointments for the kids. I already booked mine. I'm proud of myself since I haven't had a yearly physical in over two years.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone finds at least one reason to smile or laugh today... WFEN :flower:

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Morning Everyone!

I just got in from physical therapy for my knee (The surgery a few weeks ago) Boy! He made me work this time. I had to get on the eliptical. I thought it was going to kill me. I do feel much better since I started therapy though. :smile:

Hope everyone has a meltdown free day!



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I have been reading as many posts as I can, and finally have to ask-what is an IEP? I have had AARD meetings at difficult child's school. Are these similar? I do know that so far the teachers have rarely held up their end of the bargain.