Good Morning on Monday

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Good Morning All,

It's Monday which means the start of another work/school week. After work today easy child has a therapist appointment but I think husband is going to take her since I will have to take difficult child Wednesday to his psychiatrist appointment. I'll still have to go pick up difficult child tonight which is a bit out of the way but will get home much earlier and hopefully squeeze in a workout or maybe mow the lawn since I didn't get around to it this weekend.

It's going to be warm today which is better than the cold we had yesterday. I will need to have the fans running in the classroom today!

I hope everyone enjoys a calm Monday-no meltdowns would be great! :flower:


Good morning Monday.
So looking forward to the end of the school year. 16 more days.
Done with work at noon. EIP at 2:15..scared to go, so angry on recent findings. I expect we won't finish today. VP told me if I had any issues with teachers address those first as they must get to their next class, then psychologist will go over test results. VP told me on Thursday that the SW that did the FBA will not be able to attend. After reading through the EIP instructions it states if any member if IEP team cannot be present must have written notice. I would not have even known if I wasn't at school picking up difficult child.
I expect IEP to end about be continued, then must catch a little sleep before returning to work. difficult child wants me to go to baseball game which is at 5:30. Don't think I can make it. He has been doing very well, wish I could make it.

Everyone enjoy there Monday.


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:wink: Good Monday Morning and all you sleepy heads to follow!!

Sharon, I see you survived your incrediby busy weekend. It's getting warmer here too. This is the first year in awhile that I remember the forecast for memorial day weekend actually being warm and sunny with no rain (well, at least this early in the week). Do you see Shrek this weekend? I took difficult child after that sat am birthday party (he actually called me 25 minutes early and wondered if I could pick him up because he was bored?! :crazy:) We enjoyed it. The critics didn't. Hey, if I can sit and watch some good previews, eat a little popcorn, and not think about anything but what I'm watching for 90 minutes - it's a success! He lol a lot during the movie and I enjoyed the adult humor and the music. Curious as to what you thought.

Well, it's Monday so it's house day today. Gobs of laundry and I took Sunday off so the house definately needs me this morning. Want to do the summer/winter clothes switch in difficult child's room as well.

Wishing you all a great Monday - Make sure your family knows it's No Meltdown Monday :surprise:


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, it's supposed to be a nicer day to work in the yard - at least in our area. Have a good day.

Kjs, good luck at the IEP today. It's never an easy process.

My calendar if filled for the week however there is nothing scheduled for today. It's my day for groceries, laundry, bills, etc. kt has a new PCA starting today. I expect it will be a good fit. She's full of ideas to keep kt physically busy & safe at the same time. (Former camp counsellor at a special needs camp).

Enjoy your Monday - find a minute for yourself.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I can't imagine why the lawn didn't get mowed over the weekend, lol! Enjoy the warmer weather. :thumb:
Kjs- Fingers crossed all goes well today. Get some rest. :warrior:
LDM- FWIW, I enjoyed Shrek 3. The girls laughed almost non-stop. :smile:
Linda- I hope the new PCA works out as well as she sounds. Enjoy your unscheduled day. :smile:
Duckie is still asleep, can you believe it? husband & I decided to let her sleep today. She won't go school if she misses the bus. Her allergies have been just awful & she's exhausted. Poor kid! :ill:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,


It is nice that you and husband share the "joy" of taking the kids to psychiatrist and therapist appointments. I hope you have enough time to get the lawn mowed or to get a workout in!!!


I hope the IEP meeting goes well!!! It is so RUDE when the meetings are held and important team members can't attend!!! It is so frustrating and aggrevating!!! :grrr:!!! in my humble opinion, I definitely would make sure that the meeting is continued - I can't believe that it is still going to be held without the SW who did the FBA!!! Just put on your :warrior:!!! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way...


I know what you mean about finding just about anything enjoyable- If I can just sit and not have to do anything for awhile I feel like I've won the lottery!!! I found the long car ride during our winter vacation very relaxing...LOL!!! I hope your household chores go quickly and smoothly...


I hope your household chores go quickly and smoothly too... Maybe you could sneak in a bit of time in your yard? It sounds like you found a great PCA for kt. The counselors at difficult child 1's camp were the BEST!!! They have to be wonderful with so many difficult children to watch!!!


I hope Duckie gets the rest she needs!!! I hope she is feeling better soon!!! I hope you have a calm, uneventful day!!!

Today I have to work and do a few errands. easy child is in a concert tonight for chorus. It is the last one for the year.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile or laugh today!!! :flower: WFEN
It's Monday. Whoopie.

Yesterday was great! The rain held off till the end of the parade. All the little cheerleaders looked so cute! As soon as I figure out how to import the pictures from my camera, I will have them on my myspace. We got soaked at the end, but it was worth it. And DEX shocked the heck out of me, he showed up to watch. Made Pixie's day.


Ok, enough about me. I hope everyone has a great start to their week. Hello & hugs to everyone who posted before me & anyone who may have snuck in. Find something beautiful to look at!


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Good morning, all. No time to greet people individually, apart from Kjs - best of luck with the meeting today, if/when the meeting gets held over, I'd be insisting that those absent be asked to attend the continuation.

Those dealing with wet weather etc, I'm glad the rain held off for the parade. Good stuff. We're getting it colder now - winter is here for us, now there's snow on the alps. Mind you, from the point of view of most of you, it's ludicrous for us to call them "alps".

husband & I went shopping today and fixing lots of little stuff. difficult child 3's bank account - sorted, they didn't need to sight his school stuff. Bleedin' obvious to them, after all that. easy child 2/difficult child 2 came too, got to have a peek at the car she wants to buy (when she's rich enough). We've replaced the things that have broken down, so there won't be problems while we're away (the middle two aren't coming with us). Bought one b'day present (for friend/difficult child 3's godmother) and couldn't get what I wanted for easy child so have to think of something else.

Visited difficult child 3's godmother tonight to give her birthday present - used my scooter, it was after dinner, and each way there disturbed small herd of deer, hanging around hopefully for someone's bin to be available to knock over (tonight is garbage night). It's kind of weird, hearing deer break away on both sides through the bush as I scoot home.

It's late, I've not had enough sleep for days and need to crawl into bed. Have a good Monday, all of you. Your school term ends a few days after we leave for our holiday in NZ. We're actually going during our school term, but difficult child 3 is now very portable!