Good Morning on Saturday

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Good Morning All,

Sorry I missed you yesterday on the gm thread but my computer was being a major difficult child!

We had a great day on our field trip yesterday. The kids were all well behaved and had a lot of fun. It was also very chilly so I don't think the kids missed the no swimming!

Hopefully since it is Saturday most of you are still sleeping away. I'm up because I have to go in to work at my weight watchers job. Not sure if I'll be brave enough to face the damage this week has brought :hammer:

After work I hope to fit in a nap. At some point today I should probably mow the lawn and I have a bit of shopping today but we'll see how much I get in (a workout is a must :smile:) as difficult child has respite this afternoon for four hours and I might just sit and not move a muscle!

Enjoy your day-find reasons to smile. :flower:


Good Saturday morning!

Sharon, glad you and your kids had fun on the field trip. Sounds like a busy Saturday for you. Enjoy respite!

Not too much on the agenda today after a whirlwind week of school activities for the kids. They're exhausted and still snoozing away as I type this post. M was so cute in her recorder concert yesterday (as the smallest child in the whole 3rd grade, she was front and center). A had a wonderful time at her 6th grade party last night. The school's beloved former principal, who moved to South Carolina at the end of last school year, made a surprise appearance and danced with all the kids. Shows what kind of a guy he is.

Tonight J is taking a few friends to an Orioles game to belatedly celebrate his May birthday. He and his friends are just nuts about baseball.

I've got to start gathering all A's gear and packing her for overnight camp. She leaves in less than two weeks!

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.
Good Saturday morning!

Sharon, enjoy your nap, respite, and workout.

SW, the recorder concert sounds adorable. Hope you can rest after a busy week.

Yesterday was Tink's last day. She's a first grader now! She is with her dad this weekend. She did NOT want to go with him. She really tried to lay the guilt trip on me. "I didn't see you all week, and now you are trying to get rid of me. You don't even care how much I missed you". Quite honestly, I miss her so much that I would have loved to keep her here this weekend but I am not up to caring for her yet. Heck, my mom is still at my house taking care of me! I'm still on the mend. Getting better. The breathing is way way better. I cannot get over how the steroids messed me up. So a weekend of recoup for me so that I can be there for Tink on Monday.

Hello and have a faboulous weekend to anyone who snuck in. Find something beautiful to look at!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, enjoy respite today.

smallworld, a busy day ahead for you.

BBK, rest up - you'll be on your feet & caring for little Tink sooner than you realize.

I woke up to kt unloading the dishwasher & coffee made. I love this but it makes me crazy!!! Earlier this week kt had a mega meltdown over a request to help. My head is spinning.

Today promises to be a pretty day - nice day to play in the yard. Actually I have a rose tree that needs reigning in - husband & I will be putting in a trellis.

Enjoy your Saturday.


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:wink: Good Moring Ladies!

Sharon, glad the field trip went well! Enjoy your respite and your nap :smile:!

SW, you had a busy week and a busy friday with the kids. I would use that time you were going to pull stuff together to do something for you! Read a good book, watch a movie, or take a nice afternoon nap :thumb:!

BBK, glad your mom is still with you and you have a couple days to do nothing but recupe :doctor:

Linda, that's one of things about having a difficult child - they keep in a constant state of "WHAT??????? :surprise:" Enjoy your gardening.

We have some tremendous thunder storms last night. We got up to 96 yesterday and the storms started rolling in about 9. You could sit on my back porch and watch the entire north/western sky just light up like crazy. As the storms got closer the cloud to cloud lighting was like nothing I have ever seen! We got a little rain and a lot wind, but the storms basically went around us.

This morning I a picking up my cousin and going to the mall (I hate the mall on Saturday :grrr:) to help her find something to wear in a famiy wedding at the end of the month. I told her that if she wanted me to go, we had to get there when they opened! So I'll be picking her up at 9:40 so we can get out of there!

Unfortunately I didn't get to the grocer yesterday, so I'll have to do another thing I hate to do on Saturday! But, after that I'm free. It will be a nice relaxing afternoon and evening. Have a few teacher gifts to wrap with difficult child and some cards to write to accompany them, but that is all I have on the list.

Wishing al of you a wonderful Saturday :flower: