Good Morning on Wedneday

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Good Morning Everyone!

It's Wednesday and going to be a hot one here. It only got down to 70 last night-that's usually August type weather around here.

I'm not feeling well this morning but am going to try to make it to work as I don't have a lot of sick days left. After work difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment and then if I have any energy left I need to start cleaning my house as my dad and his wife are coming on Friday and this house is no way ready for guests!

Enjoy your day-find reasons to smile and laugh :kisses:


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:smile: Good Morning My Friends :smile:

Well, the heat is on here in central va! We will be up to 90 degrees by Sunday :smile:. This is the first Memorial Day in years that I can remember it being hot AND dry!!! You would think we were living in Franland :grin:

A house day today....using this day to get some little projects done here around the house. I should keep busy all day. It's been awhile since I've had the time to just work on things here. Usually it's laundry, or cleaning, or etc........

difficult child is doing well and, the last two days, has taken to riding the riding mower around our house (without the blade mechanism) in the evenings. Bonehead and I had to laugh yesterday at his face. He thinks he's Kyle Petty or something - even though he's traveling at under 5 miles an hour, his face says he's racing!

Wishing everyone a great h-u-m-p day :smile:



Good Wednesday morning!

Sharon, hope you're feeling better soon. Try to take it easy today.

Not much on the agenda today. After a workout this morning, I plan to head to the mall to accompany a friend on her shopping trip. I'm going more for the company than to spend any money. Should be fun to catch up with her.

Tonight the kids and I will watch American Idol. Go Jordin!

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sorry that you're not feeling well - don't push it. Take a day off if you can afford it.

We had the weather yesterday that Sharon is getting today. I woke up to rain & thunderstorms. It's been a pretty wild ride weather wise this month.

therapist appointment for kt this afternoon; since it's raining I'm going to putter around the house this morning. A bit of correspondence to complete & a couple loads of laundry.

Enjoy your day - find a reason to laugh. :flower:


Good morning everyone!

Sharon - I hope you feel better. It's no fun being sick.

I took difficult child to the pediatrician doctor yesterday morning and had to get x-rays of her knees. Turns out she may have Oshgood Slaters - which is growth related. If so, she'll need physical therapy. My brother had it. And I thought she was just whining. Sigh. No Mother of the Year Award here. :slap: However, the nausea and other things did miraculously disappear after the appointment. I did go into work after and it felt good.

Nothing big on the agenda today. Just work and whatever comes up at home.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day! :flower:


Morning everyone. Wednesday...yes! Last day of my work week. All I can think about is crawling into my bed. When I have appointments in the afternoon, I may get 2 hours sleep. Everyone expects you to be awake and do things during the day. They don't realize that when they go to bed..I go to work. I think it would be much easier to get less sleep at night and stay awake during the day hours, than it is to try to sleep during the day. I have got to get a grip on these hours and get some type of sleeping pattern down. This 2 and 3 hours of sleep is killing me.

Hope you all are feeling better. Many people sick here with a cold/flu type thing. Even hospital visits.

Warm here today, too bad I plan to miss it.

difficult child had baseball game last night. Missed Monday nights game and they lost. So I was told I cannot miss anymore. It wasn't his best game. I am glad I told the coach about his diagnosis. difficult child struck out and didn't take it well. Coach sat him out the next inning and let him regroup. No confrontation, which is what use to happen because everyone would try to comfort him. Last night they just had him sit out and left him alone. Worked good. But they won. So, guess I cannot miss any games.

No plans, no appointments, just a really comfy bed calling my name.

have a good day


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Good morning Sharon, Smallworld, Linda, Heather, Kjs and all that follow. Sorry I've got to run, but I need to get into the shower quick. Today is Duckie's ***BIG*** field trip to a play. I'm chaperoning...:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:


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Thanks TM - I posted then got off to work on easy child's hair! Didn't notice "the other Sharon" had already posted!!

The Other, other Sharon


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G'day, everybody.

It's late Wednesday night for us, we took difficult child 3 for a night-time walk in the bush to look at the stars (for schoolwork). We're fortunate we have that option, to get into the bush and get away from the artificial lights. It was really clear, although some high ice made things a little halo-ish. husband reckoned he could see the Magellanic Clouds. I don't think my eyes are good enough - I could barely make out the fifth star in the Southern Cross. But the sky was still clearer than just about anywhere else within range of Sydney. The trees were high enough on all sides to block out the brighter horizon (from city lights to the north, west and south).

easy child 2/difficult child 2 just got home from college in a difficult mood - she was arguing about the bath not being run for her! She likes it roasting hot, run at 42C, but doesn't get home until 10 pm. difficult child 3 has his bath much cooler (about 39C) and at 7.30 pm. I still can't see how difficult child 3's bath is worth any water-saving to keep it for easy child 2/difficult child 2 - she has to let too much out to have it anywhere near hot enough for her. But because we don't automatically agree with her, she storms off slamming doors and I've been listening to her whine to BF2 about how unreasonable we are.

And the pediatrician still insists she's not Aspie! I really want to tape some of these exchanges, maybe then the doctor will listen...

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. I do apologize for being scarce lately. Lots of activity going on with easy child graduating, company coming for 4 days this weekend, difficult child going out of town for 4 days and easy child packing up to leave for the summer to work. On top of that, easy child who didn't want a party has somehow invited "some" friends to the barbecue we are planning Sunday night. It seems like a party to me. :nonono: Oh well. It's an end of an era for us.

The weather has been perfect. Hope those hot, humid temps stay up where the Sharon's live for just one weekend longer. difficult child's graduation party it was 100 degree. The candles on the tables were soft. It was miserable.

difficult child is doing well. He is so excited about 4 days in Virginia with his friends that he is hyper focused and doing a great job preparing and packing. We went through the check list and everything is done. I'm proud of that accomplishment.

easy child and foster daughter on the other hand have senioritis and can't seem to keep a thought in their head for a nanosecond. Cruella Daville(me) had to put the hammer down. No car unless they accomplish a task. There was smoking coming out of ears but it worked. I will continue this until their rooms are packed and chores are done. It's their own fault. They have had ample time to do this and to pitch in with getting the house ready. :nonono:
Can you hear my dastardly laugh.

Have a great day everyone. I am reading but don't seem to have any worthwhile responses this week. Now off to get the second cup of rocket fuel. :coffee: </span>