Good Morning on Wednesday

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Good Morning All,

For now it is dry but the forecast is for some rain both of the next two days. I'm not really looking forward to work today. I have to tell all my 5th graders that the field trip we've all been looking forward to for Friday has to be canceled because our district has decided no more trips that involve swimming can be held effective immediately. They are going to be so disappointed and I'm not sure what else we can plan at this point. I wish they could have let this year's trips go and make it a future policy.

I'm going to try to come at it from the angle (at the suggestion from a friend who had to do the same thing with her class) that life has handed us a lemon let's make lemonade but still I know they will be disappointed.

After work I have to go pick up both kids because husband has a retirement party to attend. I'm hoping to fit in the club tonight (I did yesterday) but we'll see since I have both kids if I have the energy once I get them home!

Enjoy your day! :flower:


Good Wednesday morning!

Sharon, that's too bad the swimming field trip had to be canceled. I'm sure the kids will be disappointed. Hope you get your workout in tonight.

difficult child 1 leaves for an overnight trip to Harpers Ferry with his 8th grade class this morning. When he returns tomorrow afternoon, school will officially be over for him. And he will officially be a high schooler. Yikes!

easy child/difficult child 2 has been up late two nights in a row -- Monday night because she was building a balloon-powered Lego car for a school project (hers came in first place!) and last night becuase she went to a Nationals game with a friend. I hope she's not a bear today. She and easy child/difficult child 3 finish up school next week. I am so done with the homework and school projects already!

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


Good Morning

It is nice outside now, but rain expected this afternoon. Then 90's tomorrow.

Sharon, do you have an alternative field trip? I know my son's end of the year trip they all went to water park in Wisconsin Dells. Ofcourse difficult child was not able to go due to behavior issues.
Sure hope they don't pass that here.

good for you getting to the club. Wish I could find the time to do so.

Have a happy Wednesday.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - sorry to hear the field trip is off.

smallworld - hope difficult child's project is a huge success.

kjs, have a good day.

I have a couple of appts going on today; one out of the home, the other involve a couple of SWs tweaking kt's care plan coming out to the house.

I spent yesterday in the yard - mowing, weeding & getting some flowers planted. Looks as though we'll be getting deluged by rain again today.

"Hi" if you snuck in.

Have a calm day - I plan on it.


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:salute: Good Morning Friends!!

Sharon, couple suggestions - last year I had a couple parents bring sprinklers (our school has hoses), two dads pick up my gas grill, and we had a sprinkler/hotdog party. The kids loved it. The year before, I had a firetruck. This may sound juvinile, but let me tell you, they brought the ladder/hose truck and put that ladder up high and turned on the hose (hydrant right back our back field) and that thing was awesome! Two ideas that involve water but not "swimming." Hope something works out. I can understand where the kids would be disappointed.

SW, hope difficult child is ok today - those "lack of sleep days" are always "iffy"

Kjs, wishing you a good Wednesday.

Linda, I suppose it's good to get the rain after a day of weeding and planting. Glad you don't have too much on the agenda today.

Well my PTA/social evening was so much fun last night. I had a couple coolers filled with ice on the patio and had everyone drop their food off in the dining room and then go outside. We had a really quick abreviated meeting that ended by 7, then we all went in and got plate and went back outside. We had beer and wine and some great food and desserts. We laughed and talked for an hour and a half. It's SOL testing this week so none of us could be out too late.

I'm going to miss this group of woman. Not one catty one in the group - not one power hungry one in the group - just a group of down-to-earth, kind-hearted woman. I do have one more official board duty, I was the chair of the audit committee last year to audit the treasurer's books, so I will serve on the committee of three this year - then my elementary days are over.

I have an eye appointment later this afternoon, but this morning I'll putz around straightening up from last night - then venture upstairs to put laundry away from Sunday!

It's cooled down a little today - high in the low 80's but by Friday we are expected to be at almost 100!!!!!!!

Have a great day all.



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Good morning Sharon, Smallworld, Linda & LDM.
Sorry I can't address everyone individually, but I'm running extremely late (again). I go with Duckie's class on their farm field trip. Duckie is picking out songs for the bus: B-I-N-G-O, Old MacDonald, On Top of Spaghetti, & John Jacob..., are on the list so far.
Have a great day! :smile:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, Having to tell your fifth graders that their field trip is off is a tough one!!! I hope your day goes smoothly... Hopefully, the weather for you is starting to improve...It sounds like you definitely could use some sunshine!!!

Smallworld, I understand how you feel - difficult child 2 will be starting high school in the fall too. It's a SCARY thought!!! :bravo: to easy child/difficult child 2 on her balloon powered lego car!!!

kjs, I hope you manage to get some "me" time soon!!! I hope your day goes smoothly!!!

Linda, I'm glad you were able to get lots of yard work done yesterday. I hope after today you get lots of sunshine and are able to enjoy your beautiful yard!!!

Sharon, I'm glad you had fun at your PTA/social evening last night!!! Hope your housework goes quickly and smoothly!!!

TM, Enjoy your field trip to the farm!!! I remember those days... I can still picture easy child sitting in a wagon covered in hay, proudly holding a pumpkin she picked during a trip she took right before Halloween. I think she was four at the time...a little younger than Duckie. Time flies!!!

Today I have to work a bit. Then I'm hoping to take it easy - Maybe take my favorite sanity saver on a long walk. Last night was a rough one in my house!!! As I always say, things are always subject to change... Hopefully, tonight will go much more smoothly!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in... As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN
Good morning, everyone! I managed to sneak on two days in a row! Not much time right now but enough to say I've missed all of you and hope that everyone is doing OK. difficult child is doing very well (for him) and hope that the end-of-school-year excitement isn't more than he can handle. [I've been getting a lot more yelling and NO! at home but apparently he's still holding it together at school.] Hope everyone has a good day!

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Good morning everyone - you're all up and going so early! It's only 9:15 and I feel like it's too early for me. lol.

difficult child is counting down the days now. Tomorrow are all her finals. She's been grounded so studying seems less forced this week, thank God. Still no word if she will definitely graduate next week or have to attend summer school to take the same darned class she's already taken 3 times, yes, I said THREE times!

I'm working today and this afternoon I will vacuum the pool and check all my plants for rain damage - we were deluged quite nicely the past two days; everything looks like it's been mowed down. I just discovered that I have poison ivy on my ankles and wrists. And possibly my neck. Ick.

Anyway, have a lovely calm day~


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Good Morning everyone. I haven't made it to the good morning thread for a few days. It's good to catch up.
Sharon, too bad about the swimming thing. I can't imagine how you supervise a class of kids in a swimming pool. You must have a lot of parent volunteers. I love the idea of a sprinkler/hot dog picnic. Slip and slides were popular when easy child was little.

Sounds like a lot of you have end of year festivities happening. It's pretty sleepy on the roads now that school is out.
difficult child is working quite a few hours. He isn't wild about the 8 hr shifts but he is going and not even complaining. So that's progress.

Today I have errands to run but I'm going to meet a friend and go to the mall. It's a treat for me since I tend to avoid the mall.

Hope you all have a fun day and your kids give you a reason to smile. :coffee: