Good morning Safe Sunday -

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. hearts and roses

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    Good morning! We are hunkered down with our morning coffee. Just chilling and waiting out the storm. Hope everyone in her path stays safe and the rest of you enjoy your day!
  2. cubsgirl

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    Good Morning. :mornincoffee: I'm still awaiting my coffee to finish brewing.

    H&R - glad to hear you are hunkered down and prepared. I hope we hear from the others affected by the storm soon - and that power is restored quickly.

    Here in the midwest all is peaceful & quiet. I have a busy day today....leaving the house at 10am and won't be home until 9:30pm.

    Have a great day H&R and everyone that follows.
  3. Marguerite

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    I'm late, because by the time anyone started tis thread it was past my bedtime on Sunday night!

    We've been hearing news of the storms, absolutely amazing where it has hit. I hope you all stay safe.

    Weather in the world seems to be topsy turvy - it's still officially winter here, but our weather is almost warm enough for the beach. According to the flowers blooming (and finishing flowering, going into leaf) it's well into the middle of spring here now. We drove to Wollongong yesterday through a lot of bush (what we call our forests here) and really enjoyed the flowers everywhere. The gardens in Wollongong were lovely too, and as we drove past the beaches we saw a lot of people enjoying the warm weather.

    At the train track (where I help sell tickets) it was a busy day, we sold about 2,200 rides! I finally slipped out of the ticket box and got a ride with husband's niece late in the day.

    We had shuffled apart to let a family in between us, it looked like she & I would be minding the three kids, but we fitted their mum on there as well.

    Today - back to schoolwork for difficult child 3, plus I have to get the car checked out (tyre keeps deflating). Plus it's washing day/cleaning and cooking day. But considering how my days have been lately, it will be a lot quieter!

    Enjoy your Sunday!