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    G'day, people.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 picked up her wedding dress today. It is absolutely beautiful! I met her at the final fitting (8.15 am!) so they could show me how to lace it up at the back. We have a young friend who can't come to the wedding (along with her parents, good friends of ours) and easy child 2/difficult child 2 had invited this young girl to meet with her once we had the dress, so we could take some photos with her as if she was a guest at the wedding. So back at easy child 2/difficult child 2's apartment we did just that. And somehow I botched the lacing up, I don't know what I did wrong. It looked OK but was harder to pull tight and I heard a stitch give way. The dress looks OK though, I think it was just a single stitch on the well-sewn in top loop.

    This afternoon we did some tidying up (it's a street rubbish collection on Monday) then husband & I cooked dinner. husband did the steak, I did some vegetables.

    Tonight easy child 2/difficult child 2 texted me, her problems with her boss are escalating. She tried to talk to a supervisor but was toldto send her complaint to head office. Now she is being punished for having complained, and has been told she must never contact head office. But she's being told this by the person she complained about.

    I'm not sure, but I think this kind of bullying is illegal... I'm going to make some enquiries on Monday, but it seems to me that her boss is trying to make life at work so nasty, she will resign. And once she resigns she won't have any recourse.

    For the moment she's keeping her head down and playing dumb, doing what she's told by the boss even though it's undermining her position as shift supervisor. Give him plenty of rope, I told her. But there needs to be some suitable conflict resolution procedure in place and she shouldn't be getting victimised because she complained in exactly the way the boss's supervisor told her to do!

    Enjoy your Saturday. Despite it still being wintry cold at night here, during the day we can smell spring.

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    Had an not so great experience in court yesterday - I had filed for contempt against ex due to his not following divorce decree. Judge ruled that he was not in contempt because he wasn't "willfully non-compliant" but did lecture ex at length that ex needed to extend more effort in difficult child's summer educational needs and setting up counseling during visitations.

    One disappointment was that the judge ruled that although ex is responsible for his share of the medical expenses for the past two years, counseling services are not medical care!!! So I get no help for the once a week co-pays for the past two years... And I have to give ex more time to make arrangements to pay his share, if he doesn't I have to take him back to court again for a judgement so I can collect. <sigh>

    The judge did acknowledge that difficult child has AD/HD and is a "special needs child" and told ex that since I had affadavits from medical professionals documenting diagnosis he wouldn't overrule a medical professional's medical diagnosis. So the Munchausen's accusation basically got ignored by the judge.

    So basically difficult child gets nothing for the rest of this summer's visitation (2 weeks) and I have to start the whole process again next summer because I know ex won't follow through with summer tutoring or counseling next year...
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    Good Morning,

    Marg-How sweet of your daughter to invite friend and then do the photos! I'm sorry things are so bad at her work though. If you are smelling Spring then Fall must be in the air here.

    Headed out this morning to Green Bay to visit first my mom, then my dad and his wife. Tomorrow we'll meet up with some good friends that I went to high school with. We're going to have a picnic in a park!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend.:peaceful:
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    Sharon/WO, have a safe trip. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Babbs, I'm glad the Munchausen's got trown out but sorry you didn't get the extra stuff you needed. Ex's smokescreen perhaps? You might want to post in more detail in a separate thread, the morning thread usually vanishes quickly (evaporates with the morning dew...) and not everyone interested will see your post.

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    Good saturday morning everyone. I have been a sleepyhead lately. husband is such a good sport to let me sleep in on a Saturday. I knew he was a good guy. :couple:

    Marguerite, I'm excited about difficult child 2 having her dress and final fitting. It's all so exciting and hopeful. New marriages are really signs of hope for the future aren't they?
    How unfortunate that she can't constructive complain without being ignored. I hope the situation become resolved.
    Sounds like your husband is a good guy with pitching in.

    Babbs, what a horrible situation! I can imagine your outrage at being accused of Munchausen. My m i l jokingly made a similar comment about 14yrs ago and our relationship has never been the same. I was crushed. I could only wish it to be true then I would have the problem and not my son. What a horrid thing to say to a struggling parent.
    I can't imagine the frustration with the courts to not see how hard you have to struggle because ex doesn't do his fair share.

    Wiped out, have fun.

    Now for my sweet bit of update about difficult child. He decided to have his car washed! That alone is big since he has to be reminded. He came home and was in his room doing who knows what. Comes down and says "mom, I cleaned my room and need to vacuum". :woohoo::whistle::thumbsup::jumphappy::faint::faint::faint: The cleaning is amazing but to initiate an action that is practical is a hugggggggggggggee step. I'm trying to make too big of a deal to him while giving him positive strokes but I am jumping up and down inside. Another leap forward. I asked why he cleaned. He said his room was a disaster so he put trash in trash can, laundry in hamper, papers and books on desk. He even made his bed. All by himself!!!!!!!! He will be 25 in a few weeks and this is the first time he has initiated cleaning. There is hope. He even knew he needed to vacuum. I didn't think he remembered we had a vacuum.
    We are building on this and hopefully he will eventually develop a routine for his weekly life skills.

    Have a great day.