Good Morning Saturday


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I'm getting in early again because I'm still fairly fragile and needing my sleep. This way I can get to bed at a more reasonable hour and finally catch up on sleep!

It's been another hot day here, classic summer. It's also election day for our state (I posted in Watercooler). I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 down to vote, then about midday after feeding her and difficult child 3 some rice, I took difficult child 3 to the beach. The water is still warm (lovely!) but we knew a storm was forecast, with a temperature drop and high winds.

And it's here! At last! Not much rain, and not much wind as yet, but husband, difficult child 3 & I just went out to stand in it. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is still sleeping. She hasn't been vomiting at all today, she's kept down the rice as well as the water she's been drinking. Great! Thanks for all the bead rattling, guys! BF2 should be home in the next hour, maybe having a rough ride home on the ferry if the winds pick up. Rough weather is forecast for the next few days so I'm glad we made the most of the beach. Now it's time to open up the house and let the winds cool us down.

The election coverage is just starting, with the polling booths now closed. I reckon we'll have a firm result in half an hour.

Have a good Saturday, everyone.



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Good morning Marguerite and all who follow.
It sounds like you live in a place I have always dreamed of.Always have liked the idea of living on an island, big enough for a few people of course but not so big that it would be overly crowded.
Although I have lived in a place quite close to what I dreamed of. Warm days, sandy beaches and lots of windows on my house to enjoy both.
Both of my easy child girls were days old when I had them on their first beach trip and difficult child was 9 days old when we went on his first camping trip. ALL my kids would rather live outside. LOL Even the grand girls are ALL tomboys..

Having my first cup of java and planning my day. Lots of house work and family stuff today.
Have a good day everyone...


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Good morning.
Marg- I'm glad this are cooling down a bit and easy child/difficult child 2 is able to hold down some food. Now it's time for you to rest.
Sdr- I hope the housework goes quickly & the family stuff is fun.
Duckie has dance this morning and we may go do some more crafting at the church this afternoon.
Duckie did a nice thing this week. She nominated our church's deacon as a hero in our community for all her ministering to us when my grandmother was dying. The essay (all three sentences for a kindergartner, lol) was very sweet & she drew a lovely picture of herself with Grandma & our deacon praying.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Just a quick drop in before bedtime. I know, I'm late again, but "The Birdcage" is on TV and I like that movie; almost as much as the original French "La Cage Aux Folles".

The winds and spattering of rain have been noisy outside, the temperature has dropped 12 degrees C outside.

Sdr, we don't QUITE live on an island, it is actually a peninsula but it is very isolated because the entire peninsula and surrounds are natural bushland. It's a 20 minute drive through bush to the highway, a 30 minute drive to the main shopping centre and anything between 60 minutes and 2 hours' drive to the centre of Sydney. Alternatively, it's a 20 minute boat trip "to the mainland", the boat skimming the headland so you can almost touch the mansions clinging to the cliffs. We've got estuary beaches, about 4 of them, with nearby access along the south road to some wild ocean beaches. A lot of films get made in our area because of the wild scenery. Both the recent films out kids were in, had some filming done very near to us - ironically, none of then scenes our kids were in!
Our summer came in late, but is hanging on late too. I'm glad spring is starting for many of you, it's been a harsh winter for you. Even our coldest winter in our highest mountains would be a mild winters' day for many of you.

TM, good on Duckie for remembering how kind the deacon was. They don't do the job for the recognition, but it's always very welcome for a job well done and often unrecognised. It's good that Duckie's memories of her great grandmother's death are such positive ones.

I'm off to bed now. The election coverage is pretty much over, the Labor government is back in with a still strong but decreased majority. The Liberal leader is claiming to have done well by achieving the swing against Labor and patting himself on the back for a good campaign - maybe he will still be leader after Monday. I've turned off election coverage when I could but "newsbreaks" give us saturation coverage on all networks sometimes.

Good night, all.



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Good Saturday morning!

Marg- I live reading about where you live. It is very different than what I am use to. Glad that the food is now staying down, and you can cool off with the storms!

SDR- Hope the housework goes quickly, and you have a good day with family stuff.

TM- That is so thoughtful of Duckie! Have fun with the dancing and crafting today.

It is a wonderful sunny and warm day today. difficult child had a wonderful week. The only complaints he had were of the side effects of feeling tired and not ever full from the Zyprexa. We were thinking of taking the dog for a walk today in Duke forest to get some exercise. There is also some shopping to get done. Life feels OK for the moment.


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I Hope you all enjoy your day.

Well here it looks like a mud bog, the foot of snow we had last week has been melting quickly due to60 degree weather, it is odd to be outside in a sweatshirt , with a mound of snow around. difficult child worked last night, and loved it, however was unable to ask his boss if he can work again next week. He asked the lady, and she kind of thinks she runs the place but doesn't. Well i'm off to do nothing until tonight, difficult child has bowling then we will do laundry. Have a nice day!!

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Good Saturday morning,

I feel like I've been on an all night drunk this morning - so I apologize for not addressing each of you....just no coherent.

kt is up & talking; incessantly. I love ktbug.

My plan today is to get out in the yard and do some winter cleanup. It's still too early to plant anything, but I can rake & prune.

Enjoy your Saturday.