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    G'day, people.

    We had a great day today. Time for a sleep-in to begin with, then we headed off to the city, collecting easy child 2/difficult child 2 on the way. It was hot today, summer-hot. Temperatures 31 C (88 F). Blue and sunny, singlets and shorts. Except for easy child 2/difficult child 2, who carries a parasol not just for effect.

    The day was organised specially, for children. It was a combination of organ recital and carillon introduction. Inside the Great Hall of Sydney University it was delightfully cool and easy child 2/difficult child 2 has been admiring the architecture, hoping to afford to have her wedding in the place.

    Because this was for children, we had hands-on opportunities. difficult child 3 & husband got in the queue to have a turn at playing the organ while I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 outside to listen to the carillon recital. I tried to find the various gardens, but because it was Sunday most of the special secret areas I know were closed off. Pity. You can hear the carillon from most of these gardens, there is something really special about the place.

    The music was something else - can you imagine someone playing, on carillon, Pachelbel's Canon as well as a number of similarly beautiful pieces including rounds, in THREE PARTS! That takes careful lever-pulling...

    After the carillon recital was over, we were able to go up to the clavier room to check it out. We even got to climb even higher, to see the bells themselves. The carillonist explained about how the bells were made, how they were tuned carefully - the whole thing.

    We had to quietly chuckle - one of the first young people in the clavier room with us, clearly Aspie or similar, asked the first question. "Why are the bells all tuned to a semi-tone above Middle C and why do they have overtones in minor thirds?"
    Hmm. Perfect absolute pitch. Very, very rare. The carillonist picked her jaw up off the floor and explained how the bells are made of expensive metal and the semi-tone higher means the bells are a bit smaller and lighter. The minor third overtones are also deliberate, the mark of really good bells apparently.

    I would have loved to talk to this young man later. difficult child 3 & I have perfect relative pitch, which isn't that unusual. As far as absolute pitch, I can get to about a tone or two away, but certainly not closer. Even if I practised, I don't think I would ever do better. husband said he had heard this teenager playing the organ in Great Hall when the kids were all getting a turn, he was good.

    Another laugh - easy child 2/difficult child 2 met up with us in the organ loft just as difficult child 3 was having a turn at playing this "king of instruments" as Mozart described it. When it was time for the next child's turn we had to get back to the staircase a different way because it is so very narrow. The organist said to difficult child 3, "Go with the little girl, she just said she'll show you."
    The "little girl" was easy child 2/difficult child 2, who drew herself up to her full height of not quite 5' 4" and looked outraged. But despite her Goth/Victorian clothing, without make-up she looked about 10 years old. husband wished he'd been fast enough with the camera to catch the look on her face!

    After seeing inside the carillon's peals we went back to Great Hall for an organ recital which began with Bach's Toccata & Fugue in D minor - you mightn't know the name but you would know it if you heard it, it's a fabulous piece that really tests a good organ. And this is one of Australia's best.

    We have two carillons in Australia. I've heard this one many times - I used to work at the uni, so I would hear the carillon every week when it was played at lunchtime. But this is the first time I've ever seen it.

    To get to the organ loft and the clavier room, each one has its own stone spiral staircase, about as wide as your shoulders. Tiny, twisting, very high. It just keeps going up and up and up... the buildings here are all made of Sydney's yellow sandstone, with gargoyles, columns, crenellations and curly bits everywhere. Stained class windows, casement windows, neo-Gothic arches, ivy everywhere. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was in hog heaven.

    By the time we came outside the sky had clouded over and the sting of the sun had eased. It was still a warm drive home, we got back just before sunset and in time to water the garden. There is supposed to be a cool change coming through but no sign of it yet. Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy and cooler.

    Today was definitely a day for new adventures.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Andy

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    Marg - What an awesome day for you and your family! I have decided that when my kids are too old for "children activities", I am going to "adopt" one to take to things like this. What a perfect day.

    It has been a nice long weekend off of work. I suppose I better do grocery shopping today. This morning is the Sunday School parent teacher meeting. I will ask my assistant if she would like to attend the meeting. My snack mom has been asked to watch the 7th and 8th graders as they watch a movie. I don't think the teacher who asked her rememberd that she should be at the meeting. I want someone there that can speak up and tell people that my teaching PK - 6th is not overwhelming to me and that my teaching is reaching all age groups. I want to do this this year and they can try to find teachers for next year. I know that this is nothing against me and I want to make sure the parents know that it is not being done as a personal attack but to encourage a format the Board of Ed wants to see.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-It definitely sounds like you had a fun and adventurous day!:)

    Andy-Glad you have had a nice weekend off of work. I hope the Sunday school meeting goes well!:)

    I've just returned from church and need to get myself to the health club. Feeling a bit lazy but I need to do this. It is going to be a beautiful fall day and I'm hoping to convince difficult child to go on a small hike with me.

    I'm feeling a bit in the comfort food mood. Yesterday I made my homemade chicken soup and I'm thinking of an apple pie today-we'll see.

    Tonight we'll be wathing "Desperate Housevives". It's really good this season.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday:peaceful:
  4. TerryJ2

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    Oooh, Marg, that sounds fabulous! All my favorite composers and pieces! LOVE the comment about "Why are the bells all tuned to a semi-tone above Middle C and why do they have overtones in minor thirds?"

    Good luck with-your Sunday School mtng, Andy.
    Make my difficult child laugh ... hmmm ...

    Sharon, you are way ahead of me. I haven't done a workout in ages. Maybe I can go for a walk today.
    I caught difficult child's cold. It's making me spacey and giving me a nasty sinus headache.
    Just a great combo for my surgery tomorrow. NOT!

    We're going out to eat tonight -- my last solid food for the next few days. The sun is out and it's chilly and the fall colors are wonderful.

    difficult child and easy child have no school tomorrow. And I have a quick job "interview" right after my surgery. (Just to turn in paperwork for a seasonal job.)
  5. Stella Johnson

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    Morning everyone!
    I'm taking it easy today. It's 1pm and I'm still in my jammies.:D Thinking about taking a shower.
    I'm slow cooking a brisket today. SO and I went to Williams Sonoma yesterday and bought a bunch of new cooking gadgets and sauces. Found a cool sauce for the brisket.
    SO gutted his kitchen a few weeks ago so we are buying all new kitchen stuff. I love the new kitchen.

    difficult child is grounded from life right now. So we have been listening to her beg to go out and play all weekend. Grrr...

    Hope you guys have a relaxing, melt down free day!

  6. Rabbit

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    hi going to visit my daughter in the mental hospital I am new here
    thanks for letting me join I feel exhausted not sure why
    I joined because I was looking for advice and support Thanks