Good Morning Sunday!


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OK, I overdid things a bit on Saturday. So many problems with the sushi - the magazine I thought had some recipes in it, somehow seemed to be empty of inspiration. I must have the wrong issue, so I went to the shops to find that I DO have the correct issue. Back home I searched more closely and found the recipes - no wonder I missed them.
Then the avocados - I did say they were out of season. I've never had an avocado that my knife wouldn't cut, before. And I'd bought six of them! All like bullets.
Back to the shop. Two avocados, with a trace amount of give in them. At least the knife cut them, but they didn't go brown at all, and had a crunchy texture - a worry, in sushi.
Finally rolling sushi, an hour before I have to leave. Got 12 rolls done and left easy child 2/difficult child 2 to have a go. She did two rolls but at least put everything away in the fridge.
Great meeting - glad I went. But worrying about needing to make more sushi; haven't had lunch; very tired; what will I wear to this Japanese costume party?
Collected BF2 from his job (late leaving). Almost falling asleep at the wheel driving home - forget making more sushi, I need at least fifteen minutes' catnap.
husband & easy child 2/difficult child 2 packed a 'kitchen box' so I could continue making sushi at the party. I threw on a gold jacket over a red shirt - sufficiently oriental.
At the party I unpacked and began cutting up sushi rolls. The hostess gave me a huge platter covered with giant orange daisies - yeah, great for sushi. Not. I loaded it up anyway, nobody would notice in the dark outside.
But wait - don't take out the sushi until the hot food arrives. Why is it late? The restaurant forgot to make up the order. Whoops. Doing it now, sorry, OK? Bung that huge platter of sushi in the fridge.
An hour later, hot food arrives. An hour and five minutes later, silence except for the sound of jaws moving.
difficult child 1 is asked to fetch milk from fridge - opens fridge, platter of sushi is upside down on floor.
I'm back in kitchen before hostess finds out - she has a temper like Vesuvius. Sushi partly rescued, difficult child 1's friends hoover up the rest of the damage (with their appetites). Mistakes all eaten by the time hostess arrives back in the kitchen, none the wiser. "A few guests have had some advance samples," I told her.
I begin to make more sushi. Friends drop into the kitchen to chat and watch me make sushi. I hand out those bits off the ends of the rolls that are always wonky - my taste testers don't die so it must be OK. By now I have little idea what ingredients I'm mixing...
Outside, guests take turns climbing into padded sumo suits and wrestling. Not for me anyway. I got away to watch difficult child 1, and later his girlfriend (whose party it was) in sumo suits. Great fun!
By now, back is killing me, shoulders not good, very tired indeed. Friend offers remedial massage when I'm done. Trouble is, she leaves a few minutes later.
Finally, all the sushi gets taken outside (what hasn't already been scoffed in the kitchen). Gone in five minutes.
Finally, I go and sit outside and chat to party girl's parents. Mum is weird. difficult child in the extreme. Very sad. Round midnight I notice difficult child 3 still partying in the thick of it - he must have realised that the ratio of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) kids to 'normal' kids is fairly high. He blends right in.
One am we finally drag the kids out and head home. BF2 sick on way home - too much rum & coke, from the smell.
Two am finally in bed.
Six am I wake with hangover plus, only I didn't drink anything alcoholic. It's the body, giving out on me after doing too much.
husband has been wonderful. He rummaged through the fridge and produced a meal of leftovers (including pan-frying leftover sashimi - it was delicious!). I downed painkillers, then more painkillers, ironically it took a glass of port to vasodilate my pounding brain enough for me to sit here and touch base with you all.

So have a good Sunday and consider me a moral lesson in what happens when you try to do too much!

Anyone want some rock-hard avocados?



Wow, talk about busy. i wouldn't have the energy to do a quarter of what you did. And, like you..I would not have been able to move the next day.
I have been in so much pain, back, shoulders, neck, head, knees, ankles (swelling) hands falling asleep and getting numb..I finally went to MD. I know my cholesterol is high, talked to him about that..He wanted to run some blood tests to make sure nothing else was going on. NINE tubes of blood. Go back in two weeks to see if there is any problems.
difficult child and I have a hard time being in the same room. He refuses to take new medication psychiatrist prescribed. Abilify. difficult child had baseball early Saturday morning for 3 hours. then lunch break and soccer game. Sunday another soccer game. I skipped out on the soccer game Saturday, needed to nap before work. I will get home from work just in time for today's game.
difficult child has homework, but I have not gotten involved in school issues. He argues with me on everything, so that will be husband's area. difficult child was on the computer (as usual) Saturday. He came running in by me all smiles. Said he just got some really good news. A girl was on line and told him she thinks he is really cute and likes him. (he has been so sad, no friends for a few months..but having several meltdowns a day at school..scares people off) I reminded him to be very nice and respectful if he likes this girl. Also reminded him not to gossip about others. I pointed out a few days ago that sometimes when he gets frustrated and angry it scares people. He agreed. He apologized to me for always getting mad. he said he tought about it and he knows he needs to stop and walk away rather than keep going. I too agreed that I need to work on that also. We had a good Friday and Saturday. So nice to see a smile on his face.
Working now, very hard to do when my hands keep going numb. With the ankle swelling and such I worry about diabetes. my mother has diabetes and has been on insulin for a very long time.

Suppose to be a very nice day. Warm and sunshine. Hope everyone enjoys the Sunday.


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There can be many causes for ankle swelling independent of diabetes. Warmer weather; being on your feet too much; sometimes just getting older. Massage is good for it, whatever the cause. Massage as firm as you can stand it (no firmer) back towards the heart. Hope the blood tests don't show anything nasty.

I'm glad you and difficult child were able to apologise to one another. Did you praise him for recognising a better way to handle things? Being more aware of your failings and trying to find other ways to deal with them is a sign of increasing maturity. Well done to difficult child! (and to you, too!)



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Good Morning everyone1

Marg- my goodness you make me tired just listening to every thing you did yesterday, please get some rest today.

Kjs- have a good day

Well difficult child had his bowling tournament, his age group is 11-13 year old boys, we got so lost getting there, map quest was great, lol it forgot to mention that the road we were taking was under construction, and no way to get to another road, lol good thing i'm always early. His teammate however made it with one minute to spare, he did great he bowled a 353, and his friend a 408, so with the totals together it got them fifth place out of 16 teams.
No rest today i'm off to ct. with more map quest directions, i'm taking my mom to meet her long lost brother, all my moms siblings were adopted when younger, so she has never met him, as she wasn't even born when he was given up. She's very excited, and i'm sure she'll cry. Well i'm off to get ready for my adventure.


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:coffee: Good Sunday Morning All!

Like Marge, I overdid it the last two days and am very tired but.......gotta keep plugging!

Marge, your Saturday sounds wild! No wonder you were extra tired today. I hope the rest today helped and you can get a good solid nights' sleep tonight.

K, glad you and difficult child mended a little. Need to stop all extraciricular activities if the rx'd medications aren't taken, in my opinion. It could play havoc with him by not taking his medications consistantly. Hope your tests come back positive. Rest today.

Well, the shower went off without a hitch, the expectant mother was so suprised and grateful. She is a wonderfully humble young woman from India and it was a pleasure to pamper her and the comoing baby. easy child and her bud did all the cleaning and made a little extra cash!

Today is the last Sunday for our minister. He and his wife are moving, he is retiring. A duel sermon (she is a minister as well) today and then a farewell luncheon. Hopefully then I can come home and fall into my special chair and take a Sunday afternoon nap!!!!!!!!

Have a peaceful and restfull day :kisses:



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Good morning Marg, Kjs, Jen, Sharon & all to follow. :coffee:
Well, haven't we been busy with sushi parties, driving all over the countryside for sporting events, ducking homework battles & baby showers! We all deserve a great big pat on the back!!! :warrior:
I'm teaching Sunday school this morning :smile:, then I will have to keep Duckie busy while husband watches hockey. I've also got to fit in piano practice there somewhere...
Have a great day! :salute:

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I hope you are able to get some serious rest time in today. You deserve it after your day.

Kjs-Hope you are feeling better and that the tests don't show anything serious. I'm glad you and difficult child shared some positive time.

Razzle-Very cool about difficult children bowling tournament. How nice that your mom will finally get to meet her brother.

Sharon-You deserve some time in your special chair!

In kind of a grumpy mood today but hopefully that will wear off-it's supposed to be beautiful-80 degrees!!!! I will need to do my first lawn mowing of the year-it can only be avoided for so long!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning all!

I'm a slug this morning & haven't the energy to address you all - I apologize.

Marg, put those avocados in a brown paper bag - should ripen in a couple of days, even sooner depending.

We pick kt up from respite this afternoon at three. husband was down & out yesterday - sick as a dog. I, however, enjoyed my day.

Quick grocery run this morning, vacuum & dust then chill til I pick up kt.


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Good morning all. Yesterday was very busy for me as it was for others. I cleaned up my grandfathers yard, took 1 1/2 pick up bed trailers of pine needles to the dump and 1 1/2 trailer loads of branches. easy child and difficult child helped with the needles with only a moderate amount of fighting. Today I am off to a part time job untill 1:30, then a few other errands and home. I would like to sleep for 14 hours or so, but must study for a nutrition class. You would think that would be an easy class :faint:, but not in this case. I have to learn which enzymes work and where they are and all kinds of stuff that is actually really interesting.

Have a good day everyone! :smile:


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OMG, Marg! You had me groaning, laughing and salivating all at once! I'll take the avocados!
I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Razzle, I hate MapQuest! Who writes those maps anyway? They are always missing streets.

Kj, I hope you feel better... I'm glad difficult child got that msg. That is so sweet. And it certainly affected his attitude!

Hi everyone else... I apologize for writing a Good Morning note at almost dinner time! :crazy: