Good Morning Sunday


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G'day everyone,

Just grabbing a quick moment to start the thread, before I had to go fix dinner.

We've had a lazy Sunday, taking it easy and doing little jobs that need to be dealt with before we go on holidays. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is getting the washing off the line; it's just after sunset. BF2 has been away overnight and is hopefully due home in half an hour - the next boat, and the last for the day. If he misses the boat then easy child 2/difficult child 2 has a long drive to go fetch him. Pricey, with petrol so blasted expensive right now. Every little excuse (and often none at all) our petrol companies put the prices up. They put them up after Hurricane Katrina. They put them up after Cyclone Larry. And they 'forget' to lower the prices when things ease back to normal. Our prices are pegged to the world price for crude oil, and the Aussie dollar. Both are favourable right now, but prices have shot up (Marg's Man here to about US$4.95 per US gallon).

Tomorrow we have a busy day, lots of little things to do. Expensive purchases to make, like a new printer and new camera. difficult child 3 has to come too, because his bank account has to be sorted out, the bank has started charging fees on his account which is not supposed to happen because he's a child. The advisory bloke I spoke to last week said that we'll need to bring difficult child 3's proof of enrolment in school. Is he crazy? difficult child 3 is 13, by law he HAS to be enrolled in school somewhere, until he's 15. But have I proof of his enrolment? I don't think so. Schools tend to not provide this because it's not needed. The best we can do is a letter from the school, addressed to difficult child 3. Or his worksheets, which have his name on them. Hopefully his new passport will be sufficient ID...

Wish us luck - we might have an interesting bureaucracy story for you tomorrow night!

Enjoy your Sunday. The weather here was magic - gently warm, but definitely autumn. Cool evening, though.



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Good morning Marg & all who follow. :coffee:
I'd probably walk into the bank with every piece of correspondence difficult child 3 have received from the school this calendar year. :smile: As for gas prices, we've taken to combining trips & carpooling when practical around here. It hasn't hurt our family as much as others because husband can work from home & we don't drive SUVs. :smile:
We have church today, it's the last official day of Sunday School and the kids are leading the first part of the service rather than having a regular class. They are following the "service" we do downstairs and a newly ordained deacon will teach the lesson. After service, we'll go downstairs for cake & ice cream sundaes. :thumb: It'll be fun. :surprise:
Have a great day! :salute:
Good evening Marg, good morning TM and everyone to follow.

Oh yeah, the price of gas here is enough to make one faint. Chicago's is among the highest in the nation. When I figure out how to flap my arms and fly, I will let you all know, and share my secret.

Today is supposed to be the Lilac Parade, (Pixie is going to be in it with her cheerleading squad) but it is starting to look like the weather might not cooperate.

I hope everyone has a great day. Find somehting beautiful to look at.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Good luck with the bank tomorrow-geesh you would think they would understand! Those are high gas prices! Ours are really high right now for us-$3.29/gallon.

TM-Sounds like a fun morning at Sunday school!

BBK-The lilac parade sounds cool-I hope the weather cooperates-if not do they reschedule?

I went to church last night so I wouldn't have to go this morning. In a bit I'm heading to the health club so I can get my workout in and done! :smile: Later we are going to easy child's recognition ceremony-she, of course, doesn't want to go because she doesn't like the attention-I told her too bad we were proud of her and she was going!

It's going to be a cold day here with a high of only 59-yesterday it was in the 80s this weather just can't make up its mind!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday-hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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Good Morning everyone!

Marg- i will never complain again about the $ 3.07 for gas, here however i was able to find it for $2.99 in NH last night

Tm- have a nice time at church

BBK- the parade sounds like a nice time

Sharon- have a great work out, and fun at pcs recognition ceremony

Well not much going on here, the rain has stopped after three days, difficult children soccer game was postponed yesterday. so i took him to see shrek the third, so expensive 17 dollars to get in, and two drinks a popcorn and two things of candy came to over twenty dollars. The movie was okay, parts of it was very long, and parts were funny, so i kind of wished i waited until it came out on video. difficult child finally gets all the parts they put over the kids head. Today difficult child is going to his dads something that is never done anymore, so i get a free sunday until nine or so, have a nice day!

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Good morning friends,

Marg, a lazy day sounds wonderful.

TM, we've cut the trips down & combined errands as much as possible. It's the many psychiatrist, therapist, & other appointments that are draining our budget. Have fun today with duckie.

BBK, have fun at the parade.

with-O, easy child should be proud. Enjoy the workout.

Jen, too funny about the lines that are "directed" at the parents - you know to keep us in our seats.

kt has called several times over the last 2 days at respite. Just checking in - I guess to make sure we haven't moved on her.

I'm spending the day playing on the piano - the weather turned & I can't plant the flowers I'd like to. Yesterday I got a new book of music that I'm anxious to explore.

Have a good day all - it's Sunday. Peace is required.