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Good morning everyone, are you all still sleeping? Between the cat and the birds outside i was up early. Not a very exciting weekend here, just trying to get things together for vacation at the end of the month. difficult child has this week off then will start his extended school, he hates it, but they say he has to go. Well have a great day everyone!


Good morning.

I spent 8 hours at the baseball field yesterday. This is the big weekend for baseball. Pancake and Porkie breakfast yesterday, picture day, all teams play. Had to be their at 8am for breakfast and pictures. Game was at 10am. Then I promised my neighbors who were busy that I would watch over their little 10 year old who had pictures at noon and his game at 2pm. So, I watched two other 12 year old games, then the little one's game at two. Didn't end until 4pm.
Get done with work at noon. Need to quick get some sleep before getting back to the field for the All Star Game at 4pm. (knowing I HAVE to sleep makes me wonder if I will fall asleep) difficult child's team won a tournament in the beginning of the year, so the trophy's for that tournament are handed out prior to the start of the All Star Game...which if you haven't seen my other post..difficult child was voted in. he is so very excited. They have announcers their. I am nervous for him. Then their are 6 weeks left of the regular season.
Everyone have a great Sunday!
Good morning all!

Razzlyne, I'll just bet difficult child is not looking forward to extended school. I hope you have a wonderful vacation, however!

KJs, congratulations to difficult child from auntie Bad Kitty for making the All-Star Team! How very proud you both must be.

If you missed my post in the watercooler, I spent the last day & a half in the hospital again. I am SO blessed that I got home yesterday, as Tink has her cheerleading competition this morning. I would have just about died if I had missed it. She is having her breakfast of champions as we speak.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. Have a great Sunday everyone. Find something beautiful to look at!


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Good Morning,

Razzle-Hope you have a good day. Where are you going on vacation?

Kjs-Sounds like a couple of busy but fun days! Enjoy.

BBK-Glad you are home and feeling better! Enjoy Tink's competition and let us know how it goes!

difficult child has been up since 5:30 as usual which means I've been awake that long. I finally got out of bed at 7:00 and went for a 3 mile walk with my dog!

Later I will go to the health club and get in a workout. As for the rest of the day I'm not really sure. We do have my sister in law and niece coming for dinner. Last night we went with them to a casino. I, of course, lost the $20.00 I brought along to bet.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :dance:


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:smile: Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

I feel like I have finally gotten back in the groove following our week at the beach. I had to get up early and go to work Friday morning after arriving home late Thursday night. After work it was going to the grocer and planning a dinner for a guest that I planned a couple weeks ago. Yesterday was all about laundry and recouping. I actually took a two hour nap!!!!!

Jen, always good to be looking forward to a vacation :smile:

K, glad difficult child is enjoying his sports and doing well. Hope you get a good rest in today /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif

BBK, glad you are back from the hospital. Hope the cheerleading competition goes well :cool:

Sharon, my kids have already gotten into the "summer sleep in" jag - both difficult child and easy child are still asleep and it's 10!!!!!! Hope you have a nice evening (good thing you're not going back to the casino :grin: )

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday.


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Good morning friends,

Raz, sleeping in is such a luxury. Enjoy your day - take a nap if you can. Heading someplace exciting for vacation?

Kjs, how cool that difficult child participates in baseball to this level!

BBK, welcome home - fingers crossed here for your quick recovery.

Sharon, wm never could sleep in either. Sounds like difficult child is a boy on the go - places to go, people to meet.

Sharon, kt is in the vacation sleep pattern as well. That ends this week due to extended summer school starting. Enjoy your day.

I did sleep in this morning with a caveat - didn't fall asleep until 3 this morning. I thought post menopausal meant fewer hot flashes - don't you believe it! I believe all the energy radiating off me last night could run our a/c for the next week or two.

husband is off to visit wm this afternoon, kt will be hitting the lake with her PCA & I have 2 challenging piano pieces to learn before Tuesday morning. It will be a good day to stay in & practice - going to be a hot one.

Relax - it's Sunday. No meltdowns or rages on our day of peace.