Good Morning Sunday


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G'day, all.

We just got back from the city about two hours ago. easy child 2/difficult child 2's 21st birthday lunch went off really well. We went to Sydney's Centrepoint Tower, to the revolving restaurant. If ever you're in Sydney, a visit here is a must. Mind you, going to a restaurant with a panoramic view, on a cold foggy day is not a brilliant idea. Most of the view, was grey. We could barely see the streets below for the first hour we were there, then the clouds began to lift a little and we could see under them. No chance of seeing our house from there, as we usually can. Plus, two of our party are afraid of heights and had to sit well away from the windows.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 had invited two girlfriends including one we've been really worried about - she's a easy child whose mother has thrown her out while she's still trying to finish her final high school exams. The kid is now living at her boyfriend's house with his parents, we were beginning to worry that she mightn't be telling us a full picture - if she had broken up with her boyfriend and was now living on the streets, for example. Thankfully, no need to worry, she's doing really well. We talked frankly about her situation in the car on the drive in, she's really got her head screwed on straight and our minds were set at rest. She's now realising that a lot of the family stories she grew up with (ie that her father is a ratbag who walked out on them and doesn't care, for example) are probably not true; at least, they need to be reexamined.

We dropped the friends home afterwards also. BF2 stayed in the city, he has a business meeting and husband is probably going to drive back 'to the mainland' tonight, late, to get him (he has well and truly missed the last boat, at 5.30 pm). easy child & BF1 came back to our place and from there are driving home to Canberra - work tomorrow. Life is very busy for them at the moment.

Tomorrow I see two doctors - my pain specialist and an emergency with my urologist over the latest series of infections. Still not sure what to do with difficult child 3 while I do all this - he's supposed to be doing schoolwork, but I can't supervise him properly while I'm dashing here and there.

So after the rush, we now have a few moments of peace. Only difficult child 3 seems to want to eat an evening meal, the rest of us are still holding our stomachs and groaning. We had to bring the birthday cake (passionfruit cheesecake) home, uneaten.

A quiet evening is called for. We have one couple less in the house. Nobody on the floor tonight. Hey, maybe difficult child 1 & girlfriend can supervise difficult child 3's schooling tomorrow! Yippee! I've got a substitute in the house for a few hours!

Enjoy your Sunday.



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Marg-I hope things work out at the Dr. visits. Glad you thought of a substitute for a few hours. Passionfruit cheesecake sounds yummy!

Originally my plans for today were to have all the kids pull out all their clothes and try each item on so we could determine what does/doesn't fit. Now my plans have changed slightly as I'm having to investigate cat spray smell through out my house. GRRRR Once I find it and get rid of it, Beaux will no longer be allowed in the back of the house. I hate cat spray!

Besides trying on clothes and reassigning them to a new kid, I plan to run to the local Thrift Store and pick up denim shorts for the kids that need them, possibly JCPenneys again too. One of the good things about having 5 boys, is that typically, when someone outgrows it, someone else grows into it.

Everyone have a great Sunday!


Good Sunday morning!

Marg, sounds like a fun birthday party. Hope all goes well at the doctors' appointments tomorrow.

AllStressedOut, hope you're able to eliminate the cat spray smell and get the kids' clothing all sorted out.

We made it home safe and sound. Hurricane Dean fortunately passed south of St. John and St. Thomas. We felt some stiff winds, but they didn't affect our flight out at all. This morning I'm feeling very relieved and grateful -- we certainly could have faced an entirely different scenario if the hurricane had taken a different path.

M is doing OK. The increased Zyprexa is helping some, but she is still very frightened about eating. She will eat some foods but not others, but it's not clear what makes a certain food feel safe to her. She is also bothered by the sight and smell of many foods. It works out well that she has an appointment with her psychiatrist tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


good Morning

Marg - sounds like a really fantastic restaurant. Glad party went well.

AllStressedout - Wow..never noticed how many children you have.
Hand me downs are a must. I even saved clothes from easy child. Some are really nice, others are out dated since the 12 year age difference.

SW - Really glad the hurricane took a different path. That must of been very scary. at noon I am off until Midnight Wednesday..or Thursday am depending how you look at it. My home computer is getting repaired at this time. Not sure when we get it back.

Had plans to take difficult child to county fair this evening. The last day. I think those plans have changed. It has been raining non stop since yesterday afternoon. I think it is forecasted rain for the next 7 days. Definately cannot complain though. So many others have it much worse. maybe we'll take in a movie.

Have a great Sunday. Rest well for the week ahead.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-The restaurant sounds amazing-sorry you ended up with a cloudy day. I hope the doctors tomorrow can figure out exactly what is going on and take care of it! :doctor:

All Stressed-I hope you get rid of the cat smell!! Sounds like a busy day for you! I hope you manage to squeeze in some rest! :flower:

SW-I'm glad you made it home safely! I'm also glad that M has a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow-I hope he/she is able to help! :flower:

Kjs-I'm tired of the rain already!!! I hope you enjoy a good movie :wink: -I think husband is taking the kids to the Simpson movie today.

Honestly I swear we are going to have water in our basement soon! We had almost 3 1/2 inches of rain yesterday and it is still raining. Having the four dogs here this weekend is no fun with-the rain-I wish I had gates in the house to keep them on the kitchen floor! We also have rain in the forecast for the next 7 days. It's hard to keep difficult child busy with-all of the rain-he needs outdoor time to help tire him out.

At some point I will get to the club, husband is taking the kids to a movie and he and I are going out with-friends for dinner. One of their daughters who knows easy child is coming over to babysit difficult child. Hopefully that goes o.k.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful, dry (unless you need more rain, day! :dance:Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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Good Morning all,

Marguerite, I still hope to visit your lovely country some day. The restaurant sounds wonderful. Good luck with the doctors.

Allstressedout, 5 boys! I can't even imagine. I'm with you about animal smells in my house. I really can't stand it. Good luck with the clothes reassignment.

smallworld, glad you are home and away from danger. How is your daughter doing?

Kjs, enjoy your time off. Yuck about the rain. Sounds like a good movie day.

Wiped out, my baby sis is pretty sick of power outages too.(she is in Minnesota). I meant to mention that my new pups are 2 yrs old already and siblings. We adopted them from a rescue agency. They are sweet but still pretty needy for attention.

Keep your fingers crossed for those in the storm's path. The folks in Jamaica and some of those smaller islands have a tough time trying to prepare. The folks in Mexico may have their hands full too. Send good thoughts that somehow they are not devastated as it seems they may be.

husband should be home in about 2 hrs. He and easy child will be home for the week. husband working from home and easy child getting ready for the move to NY. I forgot how messy young men can be.Ugh, but it's nice to see him. We did some school clothes shopping on Tax Free weekend. I'm not going to school but I did manage to squeeze in a pair of adorable shoes for me. :smile:

No news from difficult child. He is having a blast with his friends.

Have a peaceful Sunday. Hope your difficult child is having a meltdown free weekend.


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Good Morning Everyone, i hope you all have a nice day. We got home late from the laundry mat, so i am very tired right now. Today is going Occupational Therapist (OT) be a quiet day, a quick run to dunkin donuts, however i would rather have starbucks today wish it was not so much money, then off Occupational Therapist (OT) the bank to get difficult child money. He is going to OZZFEST tomorrow, with my nephew, and his father. It is the first time i will not be at a concert with him. I'm sad as i would have loved to see his face when he sees Ozzy play. Well have a gtreat day!


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Morning all. Sorry I can't address each of you personally. Not doing too well this morning. This chest cold had me sleeping in a wingback chair most of the night. Kinda up and down all night and pretty stiff this morning. And, mom comes in a couple hours!!

easy child is doing a creative gospel reading at church this morning and I will have to miss that. Don't want to spread my germs to the congregation!

Mom called a little while ago and said that since I was not feeling well she and difficult child would "handle dinner." That's an interesting concept........




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Good Morning to everyone...Hope your days goes smoothly!

I was planning to take all 3 kids to the beach but the 2 older ones are still sleeping and it is too peaceful to wake them. D/H is out on a motorcycle ride with his buddy and I've been at the computer. I am planning a quick weekend trip to Virginia in a few weeks for my cousin's wedding. I am so excited. I haven't seen 2 of my cousins in 17 years! And we all grew up together, living on the same street as kids!

Thinking of you guys!



I wanted to wish you the best at the doctor's tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes. MicheleL


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Good Morning My Friends....Well it is really good evening. :smile: But it has been awhile since I was on the morning thread and decided to join this one. :smile:

Glad too see you all and will see you tomorrow...