Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day. Yes, I'm back. I don't know where Wednesday went, it's weird. They kept me in hospital overnight, I was there for 24 hours in the ER being well looked after (although I would have liked my pain medications a bit sooner!). But once I was stable enough to take my own medications orally, things began to improve. I'm 12 hours out of sync with medications so that is going to cause a few problems over the next few days but I think even the hospital staff were surprised at how fast I improved, and in ways that can't be faked including fever, BiPolar (BP), oxygen sats...

    I was glad to get out this morning (almost lunchtime). A disoriented old woman had been brought in from a nursing home, she was loud and feisty and literally beating up on the nursing staff. By then I was allowed to walk around but when she saw me walking she wanted to be allowed to as well, so I put myself back in my cubicle and stayed put.

    difficult child 3 has been really good, according to husband. He managed to get some work done yesterday even though he was unsupervised and still unwell.

    Of course, even the trip home was eventful. As we left the highway onto our tiny and winding road home, an ambulance raced past, sirens blaring. We're used to that - the winding road is accident-prone. Unfortunately, we got almost all the way to the T-junction to the "island" when we were stopped. Road block. The accident was a serious one. We stayed there for a while back up the road a bit to turn cars round. One rubbernecker I watched drive back away from the accident then turn round and head back again. husband tried to turn him around but he tried to keep going. husband was generous, thought the guy genuinely didn't speak English. I'm less generous - the guy would have previously been close enough to see the accident and there is no language barrier for blood.

    So we headed back to the highway to go the longer way to the south road while behind us a second rescue chopper landed. It took us an hour to get to the T-junction, only to find IT was blocked as well - by the rescue choppers. All the cars we'd turned around were well ahead of us in the queue. But just then the choppers lifted off and the police let us through. The choppers had landed on the only safe place for them - the T-junction itself. The north road was still blocked, only the south road open. The internet news said that one of the rescue choppers was being launched when it got the call-out, and cut its own launch short - a motorbike with pillion passenger had slammed into a sandstone wall at high speed. Idiots - it's very winding at that point, it's got a low speed limit there for a reason. They were both alive at time of the news report but a mess, with spinal and broken bones.

    So I left the hospital before 11 am and got home about 1.30 pm, to difficult child 3 asking me, "Can you get me some lunch?"

    Life is back to normal.

    Mind you, he got on the Wii Fit this morning and it declared that he had lost so much weight he had moved from "normal" range to "starvation".

    This is a NASTY bug!

    Tomorrow we have an appointment for difficult child 3 to see his new specialist, in the city. I'll drive him in, I think I'm up to it, but I've got the option of getting husband to drive us home. All the other appointments I had for yesterday - I've had to reschedule. A blasted nuisance.

    Meanwhile I've been reassuring friends and neighbours who saw not one but two ambulances, AND the fire brigade, who all turned up in response to husband's OOO call.

    The other funny thought just occurred to me - husband MIGHT have thought to bring me in clothes but when I rang this morning, I specifically requested certain clothes, otherwise I'd have been taken home in my pyjamas. And what with being stopped by two road blocks plus me also hanging out the car window signalling drivers to stop and turn around, it would have been very embarrassing in my bright red 'Snoopy' PJs!

    Life is never dull.

    Enjoy your Thursday more than we did.

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    :autumn: Good Thursday Morning Marg and all to follow!

    I have those fall leaves up there even though it feels more like spring here in Virginia!

    Marg, I read the post by husband yesterday. I'm glad to hear you are home and well! It's good news that difficult child 3 was able to handle his homework alone - perhaps you will have a little more freedom to come and go during the day while he is working. Get to bed!

    Guess what happened to me at the gym yesterday? You will never guess :heh:. I got asked to audition for a new series of commercials for the gym! They had taken one of the racket ball courts and turned it into a mini-studio. My trainer asked me to do it. They were looking for folks of all fitness levels that had some unique stories or perspectives. I went in there and they asked me a series of questions. After about 6 or 7 minutes, they said they would like me to audition! So they hooked me up to the mic, turned on the bright lights, and started filming! Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone......... I'll let you know how it plays out.

    Thursday means the office and I think it will be a full day today. Our secretary's last day is tomorrow before a two week holiday. She is getting married in Jamaca next week. I'll be stepping into help where needed and I have to just get a few things back in my memory. It's been years since I've "handled" bonehead's administrative stuff as well as the collection of rent and showing of properties.

    I hope everyone has a great Thursday - the weekend is almost here :happy-very:.

  3. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone
    has a nice day!
    Marg- Glad u r ok!
    Sharon- the weather here is much like yours. Hope we both can enjoy the
    spring like weather while we have the chance.
    difficult child has a therapy appointment later in the day
    Sending Hugs to All

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Glad to hear you are feeling better. Due to my Addison's disease I get the same way when I get a stomach virus and am usually getting pumped full of ivs within a couple of hours. It's nice though when the medications kick in. Be sure to get plenty of rest now. I'm sorry to hear of the horrible accident you came upon. It's good difficult child was good while you were away.

    Sharon-How cool about the commercial! I bet you did great:) I bet you'll be surprised at how fast your memory kicks in at work.

    Rabbit-I hope you have a great day!

    I'm staying home today due to appointments for the kids. difficult child was supposed to have an appointment this morning that was canceled and easy child has one this afternoon. I thought about changing my day to only a 1/2 day but thought my back (although feeling tons better) and my voice could use the rest since I already had the day and didn't want to do that to the substitute I had already booked. I'm planning on lots of rest today and maybe even getting in a workout

    I'm glad easy child has this psychiatrist appointment. this afternoon. It is very much needed.

    Think I'll make chicken with rice and a mushroom gravy for dinner tonight.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  5. Andy

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    Marg - Glad you finally made it home! Nasty bug, nasty accident, nasty detour. O.k. you are done with the nasty stuff. That 1st wedding is coming up fast - time to get EVERYONE healthy to enjoy it.

    Little Dude's Mom - WOW! Can I get your autograph? A star in our midst.

    Rabbit - Yes, enjoy your beautiful weather. We have had a great Fall with beautiful weather and very glorious colored leaves. It ended here yesterday.

    Wiped Out - Yes, stay home and pamper yourself. That back takes longer to heal than it will feel like. Don't overdo.

    Well, it is coming and I can't do anything about it. I truly enjoyed this fall more than I have enjoyed any season in a long time. We have rain all day today turning to snow overnight and snow all day tommorrow with a promise that it will remain as slush. No word of the wind forcast.

    Today I will call to see if difficult child can still get into a babysitting clinic on Saturday. My brother in law will be headed to town to judge a public DNR hearing. husband is suppose to be home tonight. I made reservations at the new resturaunt in town for supper. easy child is on her way to a college visit with a friend of hers. Fortunately the friend's mom is going with and driving.

    brother in law wants to drive home (3 hrs) after the hearing is over tonight - scheduled to go to 8:30. He is not going to have a fun decision to make - drive in rain tonight which can turn to ice if weather drops or wait until the morning to drive in snow. My vote would be snow during day light hours on the freeway. If he does stay in town, I may allow difficult child to be up late to join his uncle and easy child for dessert somewhere. I am sure it will be too late for swimming at the hotel?

    Everyone have a great day today. Those in the snow today take very good care to stay safe. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.

  6. 4sumrzn

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    I'm glad you are home & feeling better Marg!

    The kiddos started back to school yesterday after being off for Fall Break & I'm off work today....yippee! It's also suppose to be a rather nice day again before the cold yucky weather shows up. So, I guess I better take advantage of my kid-free-quiet-pretty-day (I would love to sleep though)! Everyone else have a great day!!!!!!!!
  7. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sorry I cannot address you all this morning ~ running very late today.

    Marg, glad to see your smiling face again.

    I have 2 IEP meetings today & am not in the least prepared for them. kt's SD is only "allowing" 45 minutes but wanted the entire team there - I do believe there will have to be a second meeting.

    I'm out of the loop for wm's mtg. Cannot keep up with both sides of the story.

    Oh well......

    Have a good day friends.
  8. Jena

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    good morning martg

    Im glad your feeling better, yes you in snoopy pj's directing traffic would of been funny. sorry you had such a rough time getting home. No, life is never dull.

    Good look on appointment. tomorrow, maybe you should have husband do the drive and give yourself a break for a day or so at least.

    Everyone else have a great calm day