Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, folks.

    It was a busy day today. My cleaner arrived, I showed him the foul-ups form last week and as I expected, he had no idea how that large brightly-coloured hair scrunchie got into the vacuum cleaner. As I expected, difficult child 3 stepped in to say, "It could happen to anyone," and even to try to take the blame himself (when I know difficult child 3 has never handled that vacuum cleaner - it's just me, and my cleaner).
    The cleaner did a more careful job today but really, it was still a case of me needing to think for him. And it is just too much hard work for me now. I need to be on deck for difficult child 3 (which is a big reason why we have this cleaner, he's from a government agency to provide services for families with disability) and this stops me from helping difficult child 3. Cleaning days tend to be unproductive for difficult child 3, as a rule, and they shouldn't be.

    So tomorrow I'm going to call the agency and talk to them about cancelling the service entirely, at least while easy child 2/difficult child 2 is out of work. I'll pay her to do the job, at least I'll know she'll do a better job. I can also bargain with them to increase mother in law's service, she needs it more than I do right now.

    After the cleaner was gone, I put my focus back into difficult child 3's schoolwork. He needed a lot of support this morning; I set him up with some things to go on with while I went to the hairdresser. That took the rest of the school day but I got home and found difficult child 3 had kept working until he finished the day's work. I was so pleased with him! I need to read over what he wrote, print it out and post it off.

    After that I got a lasagne assembled for dinner then we took it down to mother in law's so we could feed her as well. We're phasing back our intense involvement in her days so tonight she has to get herself to bed. We still want her to ring us tonight when she's in bed though.

    Tomorrow I have to go for a mammogram, a few years overdue. I hate them. But my GP was insistent, there really is no other way she will accept. Along the way I'll try to drop in on our welfare office to organise difficult child 3's disability pension. I should have had the paperwork in a few months ago. It's got to be done now he's 16.

    Although it was busy today, getting my hair done was a restful interlude. I might even have scored a job for easy child 2/difficult child 2 - the hairdresser needs a p/t nanny beginning next month.

    This evening we had a doozy of a storm blow through - the satellite image looked promising, that cloud was scoring right to the end of the bar in terms of intensity of water content. But what we got was practically nothing. We did get 15 mm rain over the catchment area, so we can live with it. But otherwise this marvellous and potentially bountiful storm was son et lumiere only. A heck of a lot of son et lumiere, though. Our summer storms are spectacular, to say the least. The sky darkens to night, with a luminous green glow under the clouds, as if we're already deep underwater. The thunder rumble is constant, loud and rolls from one side of the sky to the other, extreme surround sound. The lightning is searingly bright. When we get raindrops they're huge, one drop will saturate you. it's warm though, and lands on the road to immediately turn to steam like a fog machine. And these storms are over in minutes. Beautiful. Scary sometimes. Sometimes drenching, but not much lately. I remember drenching summer storms when I was a child, I would arrive home soaked to the skin but happy to be cool. But these days - we're lucky if it's wet.

    There are more storms forecast tomorrow if we're lucky. I might even get some beach sun in before we have to go out. Wish me luck!

    Enjoy your Thursday.

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    :good_morning: Good Thursday Morning!

    Marg, good plan to have difficult child 2 do the work. Although you might have "hired" her and lost her both in the same day since you think you found her another job! Can't you request another cleaner by advising this one is not working out? Hope that rain comes in for you.

    So here is what is happening around here :beach: we should hit 60 degrees today and :blizzard: snow and really cold temperatures tomorrow! Nothing like living in central virginia! Although our snowfall has now been reduced from the original foot of snow, to between 4-8 inches but, hey, we will take any of the white stuff at this point.

    IEP meeting cancelled for today. Rescheduled for next week. So today will be office - got all the W-2's and 1099's done Tuesday - only thing I have to do is payroll. Should be out of there by 10. I'll be hitting the grocer, prepping dinner, and then cleaning the breakfast room. It's the only room I've not tackled this week. Mom has changed her timing and won't be here to next week - works for me!

    Wishng everyone a great Thursday - one more day, one more day..... :jumphappy:

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I'm sure easy child will be grateful for the extra money right now and at least you know the job will be done right. I hope you get in your beach time tomorrow.

    Sharon-Sixty degrees-I'm jealous!!! However, you can keep the white stuff. I know you will enjoy it:)

    No snow in our forecast just really cold temps. Our high today is 11. Right now with the wind chill factored in it is -12. I'm dreaming of the beach:)

    Yesterday turned into a really long day when difficult child got sick and needed to stay home. husband took the day off to stay home with difficult child which meant I needed to leave the house at 7 yesterday morning and didn't return with easy child from her cheer practice until 8:30 last night!

    Today I am coming home with difficult child after school (I believe he will be fine today-he had some sort of nasty stomach bug yesterday-husband had to clean the bathroom several times) and he and I are not leaving the house:) I already have my workouts in for the week!!!! First time in a long time I can say that. I'm planning on having him and me veg out and watch a movie-maybe- if I get the energy we will bake a cake.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: