Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day, folks.

    It's Thursday. Of course, it's been a bit damp here today. Because it's my washing day, I guess. But for once, the west of Sydney got a lot more rain than we did, they got about 20 mm of rain. We got 5 mm. Just enough to keep the washing damp. Not enough to nourish the parched garden.

    My cleaning guy was in a moderately good mood today although I think he senses the writing on the wall. I did tell him I'm planning on getting easy child 2/difficult child 2 to help me with some major cleaning, because she knows the house and can help me de-clutter a bit. Years of this guy 'helping' me with basic cleaning, and not helping me with any brain-work such as picking things up, has led to increasingly narrow walkways and more junk on the floor. Now that difficult child 1 has moved out, we should be able to stay de-cluttered a lot longer once we get the job done.

    I mentioned in yesterday's thread, my plans to give this guy the heave-ho at last. I'm not nervous of him (not in terms of fears for my own safety) but I've been increasingly dreading Thursdays and that is not good. It also has been increasingly disruptive for difficult child 3 and that is not good either. I should be able to leave the guy so I can go to go work with difficult child 3 on his schoolwork, but when I do that with this guy, that is when I later find big problems. Like the time he hosed out the bathroom, ceiling and all. Or last week, mucking up hanging out the washing. I noticed he mucked it up again today, too - I need to go out and re-hang some of my shirts or they will have peg marks in unusual places! The guy knows nothing about housekeeping except what I've laboriously tried to teach him myself. And after all these years, he still can't get it right.

    Apart from cleaning (and me recovering from it all) we've had a fairly quiet day. Thanks to my cleaner/housekeeper I had some vegetables prepared ahead of time so it was easy for me to cook a roast chicken dinner tonight (including mother in law). We just got back from mother in law's place. We've left a small serve for her to have for lunch tomorrow. She didn't eat much tonight, she's not well.

    Tomorrow I see the dentist for more repair work. I'm trying to insist on difficult child 3 coming out with me, I have some more welfare paperwork to do with him. The sooner we get it all done, the sooner we can get home and get back into difficult child 3's schoolwork. I have some more admin stuff to do when we get home, too (including talking to the agency about my cleaner). I've got stuff to sort out for mother in law, as well as some grocery shopping for her.

    You'll note from my sig that we live on sort of island. The village is surrounded by water and forest, "civilisation" is half an hour's drive away, so a trip to the dentist or doctor (other than the local GP, who I personally don't consult) means we get as much other stuff done too, so we don't waste the trip into town. We have a very large mall there, although it's still regional. And sometimes we have to head right into the heart of the city, to difficult child 3's school.
    So tomorrow after the dentist, I have a list of things to do before we can come back home. A trip "out" generally means at least half a day gone.

    One really good thing - the drive through the "bush" is beautiful and restful. There's also a lot of wildlife, although not usually very active during the day. Last night driving through the village, we saw a few deer foraging. There are always some, but I was surprised to see them last night with the light drizzle we had. I often see them when I'm walking at night.

    So think of me while I'm lying back and saying "aah" tomorrow. And enjoy your Thursday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I'm sorry mother in law is still not well. I'll be glad for you when your "help" is finally gone. It sounds so stressful.

    Barely have my eyes open today. Really need to get to the health club tonight!

    Suppose to hit 34 degrees today-that's balmy here these days!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    :sled: Good Thursday Morning! :skate:

    Marg, you have put up with this cleaning guy for years....he probably thinks he's doing fine! Around here, cleaning crews don't really do the picking up, they do the cleaning. The joke is that you have to clean your house for the cleaners! But seriously, the putting of things away is normally the homeowners job, the crew does the cleaning and scrubbing - especially when your price is based on the hour. But I think I remember that your guy is not just supposed to be "just" a cleaner right?

    Sharon, sounds like one of those hard-to-get-going kind of mornings. Hope you can fit the health club in tonight - one more day Sharon....

    So schools are finally reopening here, 2 hours late, but they are opening! But......another storm is supposed to sock us beginning tomorrow afternoon and lasting through Saturday! Not as much as last time, but sleet mixed in as well.....

    difficult child doesn't have to be at school until 10, so I will probably just stay at the office all day since it will be such a late start. easy child and her roommate are hosting a home party tomorrow night. They are so excited to be doing something so "homemakery". Her roomate's mom, my cousin, and I are all preparing a dish for them to serve. They've decorated their apartment for Valentine's Day and finished all the cleaning yesterday (and some cleaning it was - was I that messy when I was in college??). Hope the snow and sleet doesn't dampen the evening - they've been planning this with the rep for two months.

    Hope your Thursday is a great one :peaceful:

  4. Marguerite

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    Sharon/LDM, you're right, he's supposed to do a bit more - he's supposed to at least pick up stuff so I can put it away. I have difficulty if I bend over to pick stuff up from low down - balance problems. Past cleaners will pick up for me and put it all in one heap, even obvious rubbish such as crumpled paper, elastic bands etc. I also have cushions in stacks (alternative seating/lounging for bulk kids watching movies) which at times difficult child 3 leaves lying spread out. It's easy to toss them back into a stack when it's time to vacuum, but this guy just vacuums around them. Or the crumpled papers or elastic bands - he just tries to run the vacuum cleaner over it. So it clogs, with something as small as one elastic band, which then snags everything else to follow.
    But vacuuming up a giant rainbow-coloured scrunchie AND not realising it, is what finished me with the guy. I remember when I tried to teach him how to squeegee windows - after one attempt I have permanent scratches in the window glass and one of my mirrors because he really is a klutz. So over time he gets to do less and less, because I can't trust him to not wreck stuff.

    People from this agency are also supposed to help with self-care, if it's needed. Thankfully I don't need it. Not from him. When I need it, I get husband's help!

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Marg, he sounds like a real gem! Think is past time for him to go!
  6. crazymama30

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    Good morning all

    Marg, I am in agreement with the others, it is long past time to let him go.

    Sharon hope you make it to the health club. It sure is hard to make it there sometimes, I know that one.

    LDM hope that though the day starts late that you still get enough done.

    I did not sleep well last night, woke up too many times to count. Does not bode well for my busy day. therapist at 9am, primary doctor at 11:30 (mainly to discuss easy child) and then easy child gets her sinuses CT scanned at 4pm. She has been getting sick so much, and the allergy tests were negative so now the CT. I want lots of bloodwork done if this shows nothing, but easy child is a major needle phob, so I need to NOT be the one to mention it around her.

    Hope everyone has a good Thursday.