Good Morning Thursday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 18, 2010.

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    G'day, folks.

    I finally heard from the cleaning agency today, I'm getting a new cleaner. Actually it's someone I've had before, I know her well. She's not brilliant but she's better than the last bloke I've had for years, and at least she is stable. We're still trying to organise more help for mother in law, I'll have to get busy over the phone tomorrow.

    I've been doing more writing, published another article today. I also have been fielding emails from a stage production I've got myself and easy child 2/difficult child 2 involved in. There's a nasty spat going on with the playwright and the director, it's not pretty but thankfully I can stay well on the sidelines.

    With all that, I had a fairly quiet day today. I did take my scooter to the shops to buy milk - of course, that's when the phone rings! While I was scooting along, the agency was ringing me to sort out cleaners. Then back home, difficult child 3 fielded a call form welfare about his application for disability. Now, although he is "the client", he is clearly not capable of negotiating his own case file. But did they call me? Nope. Even though I'm listed as the person to talk to.

    So I got home to a note difficult child 3 had written (thankfully he took a message) with a name and phone number, and a garbled "I think she said we were supposed to be there today."

    Turned out, he had an appointment for medical assessment for fitness to work (even though he is a school student) and they never told us about it. So I rang them back, tore strips off them for first, not telling us; and second, talking to difficult child 3 only and not me. As I said to them, the reason we are applying for disability, is because difficult child 3 simply CAN'T manage his own affairs yet! I made it clear we had not received anything in writing, and the dingbat on the phone said, "Where was your appointment supposed to be? Which location?"
    Um, lady, we weren't told ANYTHING about the meeting, I'm ringing YOU to find out!


    So the appointment has been re-scheduled for Tuesday. And my replacement cleaner will normally be on a Monday now, but will do my first service the day before my surgery. That will be good timing. So things are falling into place.

    husband said I need to cut his hair for him this weekend, since by the following weekend I am likely to have a bit of trouble raising my arms. I'm hoping I'll bounce back after the surgery, I've got things on for the next three days after the surgery. I can drop them if I have to but I hope I don't have to.

    We just got back from mother in law's place, I cooked a roast chicken dinner. We don't need to cook for her tomorrow night, plus I have leftover chicken we can turn into some sort of dinner for just us.

    I'm slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) getting things organised and sorted. Over the phone or computer as much as possible, so as not to physically tire myself too much.

    Tomorrow - difficult child 3 has a day of schoolwork of course, then tennis class down on the village green. I don't know if I'll get the chance to swim tomorrow, but I'm going to try. As things get organised, it buys me time away from the phone.

    It's all good.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. trinityroyal

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    Marg, I'm shaking my head at what you consider a "quiet day". Glad that you got so much accomplished, AND that you're taking it as easy as you can before your surgery. My difficult child 1 had a similar experience with our disability office here. They kept wanting to speak with him directly. Finally husband took him to their office for a meeting. They never tried that again after actually speaking with him.

    This is my third week back at work, and my first one "flying solo" since going on maternity leave. It's been terribly busy getting back up to speed, but I've been enjoying being back, much as I miss the babies.

    Today is my meeting-free day, so I will have a chance to sit down and plough through some of the work that's built up over the past few weeks. My goal is to clear my desk before the weekend.

    Gosh. I hear the clock chiming 6. I need to get moving or I'll be late for work. Still not used to the routine.

    Have a good Thursday everyone.

  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-I agree with Trinity, it's amazing what you put into a "quiet" day. Sorry there was so much confusion with the welfare people. Sounds like you had quite the mess to straighten out!

    Trinity-Great to see you on the morning thread. I'm glad you are enjoying being back at work. Give the twins a hug for me!

    This seems to have been such a long week-not all bad-just busy and long. Friday will come tomorrow even if it does seem far away.

    Book club is tonight after school, I'd really like to go since I still haven't made it to one this year but it does mean driving back across town and we'll have to see if I have energy left.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Thursday Morning!

    Marg, sounds to me like a busy day! Also sounds like you are "getting your ducks in a row" prior to surgery. You know, it's so a woman thing to get everything in order and make sure everyone is taken care of before we face something like this. Sounds like you are already planing on rushing back into life full swing afterwards. I think you will find if you pamper youself a little before and after, it will be better for your health in the long run. Superwoman never had surgery.....

    Trinity, great to hear from you on the morning thread! You are probably about to run out the door - hope your day is a good one.

    Sharon, hope you decide to make the book club. I know how much you enjoyed it last year. Have you read the book yet?!

    Heading to the office this morning and, if I have time before difficult child pickup, I'll run to the grocer.

    Wishing you all a quiet and uneventful Thusday!

  5. GoingNorth

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    'Morning all.

    I've been in the process of getting my lower teeth fixed, I have horrid enamel and over the years without care, not only accumulated a lot of cavities, but my teeth became horribly stained and just plain nasty looking.

    My dentist has been methodically taking it one or two teeth at a time, scaling roots while he's working, and rebuilding all the chipping with some sort of resin.

    Looking good so far.

    So, having decided that my teeth look better; it occurred to me that I hate the way my hair looks.

    Off at 1PM to get my hair trimmed and something done about the base color to liven it up some. Adding in "foil" highlights on top of that. Nothing really obvious, but it'll warm up my mousey brown hair and cover the grays which are popping up all over.

    So today goes Hair/dentist/oil change and tire rotation for my car which has to cart me down to Chicago on the 24th.

    I won't be able to get into the dentist until I get back from visiting. BUT, then it's just re-doing two more teeth, scaling more roots and replacing a crown.

    Wish I could trade in the old gold crown against the new gold crown, but no such luck.

    One good thing about all of this is that I'm rapidly getting over my dentist phobia. I still don't "like" it, but it's sure not as bad as I expected. They have new topicals so you you barely feel the local needle, and they do nerve blocks instead of numbing each tooth individually.

    Worst of it so far was yesterday when I got a horrible neck cramp while in the chair and had to stop the proceedings until I could get that worked out.

    I keep telling my dentist that he he needs to add a chiropractor to his practice for patients like me.

    So, all's well that goes well, other than one unexpected plumber's bill this month. I'm not sure about having my hair colored, but hopefully that will turn out OK.

    Have a great Thursday to all of you.