Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    It was a wild night last night. Winds of over 100 km/hr took out power lines, we woke to a blackout. Outside, trees down everywhere and a huge mess.

    We had a busy day today. First - appointment at the school. The original reason was to sort out the accusation from the English teacher, but she begged off the meeting. She was supposed to ring me two weeks ago and still hasn't. She's avoiding me. Not good.

    After the meeting we persuaded difficult child 3 to do his exam a day early, and at school. This was something his teacher had told me I would have to do (when she accused me of helping difficult child 3 cheat) so I wanted to make sure that this was done, to show my willingness to prove or innocence. So SpEd supervised. It was a one hour paper, difficult child 3 took a while to settle but seemed to make a good effort. I haven't read the paper so I don't know how he went. He's got a copy of it on his computer though, so I can at least look at what he wrote.

    After the exam we headed off to the therapist. I couldn't find a parking spot so I sent difficult child 3 in on his own while I delivered some stuff to husband (who works nearby). Came back, parked and went in to see therapist for the last half hour. From there difficult child 3 took the wheel (centre of Sydney outwards, during peak hour - not bad for a learner!) and he drove us to the eye doctor to collect his new specs. From there to the mall (difficult child 3 still driving) and from there to his drama class.

    It was dark by then, the wind had died down a lot. husband met up with us, we had dinner then difficult child 3 drove home in husband's car.

    We all slept badly last night because of the gale, so we're heading for bed early tonight.

    Tomorrow is my cleaning day, so we will be busy in the morning. Another reason to get some sleep!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a GREAT day! I am still looking forward to the end of
    camp! the last day of camp is this Friday. Then In late August school will start, Another thing
    I am looking forward to.

    Marg- It sounds like u had a busy day! Hope u get a good night's sleep.

    Hugs Rabbit
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I'm sorry difficult child had to take the exam again. It just doesn't seem right. Those winds sounds incredible! I hope you sleep better tonight!

    Rabbit-I hope time flies for your sake! For mine-I'm not so ready for difficult child's camps to be done or for school to start:)

    I'm up earlier than I want to be because difficult child is being a major PITA! Today I'm going to skip my workout since tomorrow in boot camp we have our "test" to see if we show improvement. I'm hoping by resting my body will do better tomorrow.

    This morning I have an IEP for a student of mine and then I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Ladies!

    Marg, perhaps it's not such a bad thing this teacher didn't show - perhaps the guilt is eating her alive! Great for difficult child for all the driving - exciting time!

    Rabbit, hope your day is a good one!

    Sharon, bet a nap is in there somewhere...

    Got a call from easy child early this morning - her car is dead...she had to be at a babysitting job at 7:45 so it's a good thing she also has a scooter! Her car is about 25 minutes away at her boyfriend's parent's house, so we'll have to go out there together after she gets off at 3 and see what's up. So I'll head out to the office for the day shortly so I can get all done before she gets off work.

    Need some board mojo, prayers, and strength ladies - our really good friends little 3 year old went through surgery yesterday and they found a tennis ball sized tumor on her kidney (she had not been feeling well and her peddoc said she had a stomach virus - she went into the hospital because of dehydration on Saturday). They couldn't remove it surgically because of the size in relation to the surrounding organs, and it's attachment to major artery. The surgeon said it was the most aggressive form of this childhood cancer, they put in a shunt for chemo with the hope the tumor will respond by shrinking so it can be removed. The docs were not hopeful after surgery last night. This is devastating. They just closed on their first home yesterday morning. Life can change at the blink of an eye. Please think a good thought, and if you pray, please offer some for this sweet little one, her parents, and the docs.

  5. hearts and roses

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, sending prayers up for that sweet little baby. I hope her body responds well to the treatments and she grows strong! God bless her parents, I would be devastatingly turned upside down and inside out.

    At the office today, difficult child has another interview, easy child stopped by the house while we were out and took some more of her belongings, but of course, not the belongings we'd like her to take!

    Today is H and my 14th anniversary. Hasn't always been an easy ride, but getting better! I think we're going to keep it low key tonight so we can have more spending money next week on Fire Island with his family.

    Have a great day everyone~