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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 22, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    I had one of those days today - life kept getting derailed. I had an appointment this afternoon at the Cancer Centre for my one year post-op check up. I'd arranged with mother in law to come too so we could go shopping afterwards. Then I got a phone call - I had to bring my appointment forward, I needed to see the research team too. Amazingly, we got out of there ii good time. Headed off (in the rain) and got our shopping done. mother in law takes a lot longer to make her way around the supermarket now, so we were home too late to cook the roast dinner I had planned. We'd bought a special treat of chicken Kiev to cook, mother in law was to put it on (ten minutes after we got home!). That gave me about half an hour to put my shopping away and catch my breath.

    Only the phone rang - one of the church elders asking for difficult child 3 to come fix her computer for her. husband got home, it was almost time for us to go to mother in law's for dinner. I went round to the elder's place just as difficult child 3 was finishing up. Her phone rang - another friend from church, did I know of the meeting tonight? Starting in ten minutes? The meeting that the organiser (from another church) did not want us at and so she hadn't told us ahead of time? We'd only found out by chance, and of course needed to be there so it wouldn't get derailed again.

    So I got to the meeting on time, at the expense of dinner with mother in law. Surprisingly, it was a productive (in a limited way) meeting. I really don't think my friend & I were expected to be there. Glad we were, though. I paid close attention and mentally filed away the reference to the organiser having telephoned her 'favourites' that afternoon, to remind them of the meeting. Hmm... last meeting she sent out multiple emails to all of us, over the previous week, requiring replies confirming our attendance.

    The meeting finished in record time (I'd like to think - because my friend & I were there) so I got to mother in law's where they had my dinner dessicating in the oven. Still delicious, all the more so after an unexpected job well done.

    Our problem has been postponed a few months. I think the organiser hopes the problem has been postponed permanently, but I don't think so. I think she's just buried it for a while. My friend thinks she's Aspie (because of the way she just won't let go of a topic, and won't budge from her position) but the degree of deception I saw tonight tells me that this is not Asperger's. It also tells me that we're nowhere near out of the woods yet...

    I'm hoping for a day of predictable normality tomorrow. it ill be a nice change. As for the shenanigans with the meeting - I have to write about it in some form. One good thing about being a writer - you have the BEST fun while also getting revenge!

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    Hope you have a less harried day tomorrow!

    I'm home with a sick kid (had to pick her up yesterday for fever, doctor says near as he can tell it's just a cold), and it's a snow day now.
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    Marg, the day sounds dreadful as I think about something like that happening to me. I hate having things changed at the last minute. It stresses me out but I adjust, EVENTUALLY. Glad the day was at least productive.

    HaoZi, glad it's just a cold but I sympathize with the sick kid thing.

    We are FINALLY back to normal here. The snow has FINALLY stopped, 20 inches later. School is 2 hours late but at least the kids are going. My two just need to get away from each other. I actually enjoy going to work, too. Nothing planned after work/school so maybe the three of us can play games or watch a movie tonight. Hopefully it will be peaceful.