Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    It's been busy, too busy.

    Yesterday I attended a presentation for a local kids writing competition, one I helped judge. It was a really enjoyable morning, but I had to dash off and take mother in law to the doctor. I also had an appointment, to talk about how things are going after last Monday's 'turn'.

    The GP wasn't happy that I hadn't heard from the neurologist so she rang him. next thing, I had an appointment for 24 hours later.

    Saw him this afternoon. It's very weird seeing a neurologist who is developing a migraine of his own - if he wasn't so competent, I'd have been really worried about his sanity.
    His verdict - not sure, I did the right thing to insist on seeing him, my reflexes are OK which is good news but he can see SOMETHING has happened. He doesn't think this was an MS turn because my reflexes are OK but he won't rule it out; for now he wants to check my vascular system for possible ischaemic attack, and organised another appointment for me - a Doppler study tomorrow.

    So three days in a row I've had to drive to the mainland to see doctors. Among other things. Each trip is exhausting, far more than it should be. Meanwhile I've got tasks building up at home which I'm not doing, because I get home and fall in a heap.

    On the plus side - difficult child 3 is working well at the moment, even though he's not feeling well. He's making good progress in so many ways. He failed his yearly maths exam (the teacher rang me while I was at the doctor's yesterday) but his teacher said he knows this was not a reflection on his ability, difficult child 3 is a top maths student. He just didn't finish half the paper. I explained I'd given him the paper at the end of the school day which in hindsight was a mistake.

    And difficult child 3 has finally got his 30th achievement award from school, which qualifies him for a Gold Award - with about two weeks to spare for the school year! I posted it all off tis afternoon.

    Tomorrow morning I rest. Then I go and get my carotid arteries tested. I'm hoping they find nothing wrong there, although the alternative makes MS much more likely. Still, that's been looking more likely anyway. Finding problems with my arteries will not rule out MS.

    Somewhere in there, I've got a lot of cooking to do - tomatoes to spice up and bottle. I love doing this when I have time at home to just potter and play Earth Mother, but dashing to and from doctors simply isn't the right 'feel'.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Marguerite,

    We were posting at the same time so I deleted my post. I'm sorry things are so exhausting-I hope they find out what is going on and you are feeling better soon. Great for difficult child and his gold award. :bravo:

    It's going to be a beautiful Fall day here-61 degrees :autumn: . Amazing considering it's 29 right now.

    I'm starting some conferences this morning at 7:15. The actual conference day is Thursday but I'll be doing them now through next Monday.

    I'll only be at work for 1/2 day today as I have a mammogram and ultrasound to look forward to. At my physical the doctor found a lump which I too had found but hadn't told him about. We both think it's just a cyst so I'm not real worried. Wish I didn't have to take off work but there was no way around it.

    After that I'll get in my work out. Yesterday I jogged with my dog for 3 miles-that was a first and I did it in 40 minutes (the other day I did 4 miles but it was a combo walk/jog-last night it was an entire jog). Of course, my body is screaming at me now! :bloodshot:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful daughter and finds a multitude of reasons to smile. :thanksgiving2:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving2: Good Tuesday Morning! I just love that little guy!

    Marg, it's a shame you have to drive so far when you are feeling so low. I hope the docs find some answers for you soon :doctor:.

    Sharon, it's more like spring than fall! It is currently 57 degrees here! Going up to 70 and then 72 tomorrow! Hope you and the docs are correct about the cyst. Please keep us posted :angel:

    I have to take my car back in this morning. They had to order a part. I will be sitting there for about two hours! Unfortunately, they don't have wifi or I'd take my computer! I'll read the newspaper from cover to cover though! :reading:

    Wishing everyone a good Tuesday and plenty of reasons to smile :smile:

  4. Stella Johnson

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    I'm so sorry to hear you are going through all this. I haven't been around the on the board much lately. I truly hope it isn't MS.
    I know what you mean. Running around to docs doesn't exactly bring out my creativity either. It's pretty tiring.

    Give your difficult child a big hug from all of us for his gold award. :bravo:

    Wiped out,
    Sounds like a busy day for you. Have you seen the new MRI that they are doing instead of mamograms? I watched a show on it last week. It is much more accurate than mamograms and they said it would reduce unneeded biopsies. Might check into it.
    I wish we had fall weather right now.

    It's another hot day in Texas. The high today is 80 degrees. I'm rather tired of it. I need cool, crisp air. I shouldn't have to run my air conditioner in November!!! :smile:

    I had day surgery yesterday. They cleaned out more scar tissue again. doctor said I had a large mass of adhesions where my appendix used to be and around my ovaries. Not feeling very good. My blood pressure has been high because of the pain. Before I left the hospital they gave me morphine and demoral to get my blood pressure down. Now I'm at home with vicodin and it isn't working very well.

    So, I'll be around alot for the next few days since I'm on light duty from the surgery. Daytime tv really is boring. I think I've seen everything on Discovery and Court tv. :slap:

    Have a great day!

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, keeping fingers crossed for a diagnosis; for guidance in treatment & soon. Fall in that heap this afternoon & let husband & your kids wait on you hand & foot. You deserve it!

    Sharon, keeping a positive thought for this afternoon - can be scary stuff.

    Sharon, I hate hanging around car repair shops. I've found a few here that have wifi; or at least with coffee shops nearby with free wifi. Hope the car is repaired quickly.

    Stef, just what you need - scar tissue on top of all that has gone on this year.

    kt is off to school. I'm sipping my hmj & listening/watching the news. I'm about to shut that off & put on some more soothing jazz. Life about town is getting to me of late.

    I spent the majority of the night working on a water color painting of a bonsai plant. Haven't decided if I'm going to trash it or not. I'll finish it & then decide. It's a way to pass the time when I can't sleep anyway.

    A few chores this morning & then a few hours of sleep. Trying to get this sleep pattern turned around & not being very successful.

    Have a good Tuesday - find a reason to smile today. Hug your loved ones.
  6. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Good Morning All!

    Marg, I hope the docs find something simple and easy to fix. I totally understand falling in a heap, esp after 3 days of docs!!

    Congrats to difficult child# on the Gold, testing is ALL in the timing for many people.

    Wiped, I hope they find it is a benign cyst, have a good day with the conferences. Way To Go on the exercise!!

    LDS, maybe you can enjoy the time at the car repair shop with a cup of your favorite coffee and look on it as uninterupted time to read and absorb??

    Steph, I am sorry you are having a rough time with the pain. If it doesn't get better, CALL the doctor - and try not to get brushed off. It isn't easy, is it?? Hope S stays fairly stable through this. I bet she has grown a lot since we met at Fran's house.

    Linda, I hope you can get some sleep. Even a routine where you get the hours of sleep in the day is better than no routine. Or so I am told.

    I am going to try and move around a bit more today. I have to compose a letter to the doctor's office about this stupid thing and their attitude toward me. Otherwise, we are working on a science unit and downloading The Red Badge of Courage and some lessons on it.

    Have a good day all!

  7. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Marg, I hope this is the last round of tests you have to endure, the doctors find answers to your health problems soon, and you finally start to feel better!!! As always, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!! I hope difficult child 3 feels better soon. And, Way To Go difficult child 3:bravo:!!! - Great news about qualifying for a Gold Award!!!

    Sharon, I'm so proud of you!!! I love jogging outside in the cool weather. It's so peaceful... I do some of my best thinking when I'm either walking my dog, jogging or running outside...:its_all_good: I hope your mammogram and ultrasound go quickly and smoothly. I have "lumpy" breasts and have to go through this often.

    Sharon, I hope your car appointment goes as quickly as possible!!! I HATE having to wait while my car is being worked on - As far as I'm concerned, it's right up there with having a root canal!!!

    Steph, I hope you're feeling better soon!!! I'm not glad you're not feeling well, but it'll be nice to see you here more. I know what you mean about boring tv!!! How about a few extra zzz's??? Napping sounds like a great idea to me...

    Linda, I hope you're able to get some much needed sleep!!! :sleeping: I hope your day is peaceful and uneventful...

    Susie, I hope you're feeling better. I hope you manage to get some time to yourself to relax...:flower:

    Today I'm going to do a bit of Christmas shopping/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/money.gif: . I also want to call husband's aunt. I know she gets lonely especially this time of year.:thanksgiving2thanksgiving3: From now through the kids' winter break, I'll be doing lots of extra running around between doctors' appointments for difficult children, meetings for difficult children, and the kids' after school activities.:skate: easy child's Spelling Bee is coming up soon. I'm hoping husband will be able to take a bit of time off from work and go to it with me. It's so nice when we get the chance to watch an enjoyable school activity instead of having to deal with all of the negative stuff that happens because of the difficult children.

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today. :autumn: WFEN :autumn: :flower:
  8. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all.
    It's a gloriously beautiful autumn day. difficult child has been in good spirits the last day or two. It always gives me a more upbeat attitude too. He still spends money he doesn't know if he can afford or not but I suspect that will be an eternal problem. Sure didn't inherit the frugal gene his parents have.

    I hope you all have a decent day with your difficult child. :crazy2: If that is possible.
  9. ShakinThingzUp

    ShakinThingzUp New Member

    Quote from your profile:

    Home: a beach village, sort of island surrounded by water and 'bush'.

    From one islander to another....... sorry about the commuting... I hate it too... makes life so much more difficult!!

    God bless!