Good news and !!! news

I've been lurking recently because I've had no news, but not now. First the REALLY good news. My difficult child had felony charges in two counties in TX (Dallas and Austin). They were reduced to misdemeanor unsupervised probation in Dallas, then Austin dropped the charges once she signed her plea!! We felt she needed some punishment, and 2 years of probation seems fair in her situation (if this episode hadn't changed her life, I would have hoped for harder charges). She had been caught trying to pick up pain Rxs she called in while working for a vet. Spending a night in jail for that absolutely ended any relapse in late 2006 and put her on a totally new course. She is about to start her 3rd semester in college and get married (the plan had been married in March 2008). BUT THEN, THE !! NEWS -- she is 6 weeks pregnant! We're going to be g-parents (and at the very tender age of 50 -- we're just babies ourselves!! I thought I'd be 55-60 before little ones ;)!. She is happy but shocked because she got pregnant on BCPs. She had had terrible problems with irregular bleeding on Seasonale and her GYN switched her pills and after one short period on the new pills, she became pregnant. Apparently, the switch messed up her cycle and hormones and then.... I would not have WISHED this for her, I would have preferred she finish college (getting a degree in education), but she is determined to continue school because she doesn't want to work minimum wage all her life. This difficult child does everything in her life the hard way, so this is nothing new! She had an USG yesterday and saw the heartbeat and is excited. Hopefully, this will also cut her smoking down/off. Ironically, she was coming home next week during her break in school and was going to see her PCP here and start on Chantrix, that new drug to help stop smoking, but now that's off.

So--to all those out there who currently feel hopeless (I never thought we would have happiness again, and even felt she wouldn't live) there is hope. I never thought I would be happy to see my difficult child in jail, but it really woke her up. She only had that one relapse after long-term Residential Treatment Center (RTC), otherwise her life has been totally changed, normal, no drugs, responsible, making A-Bs in school, etc. She is approximately 10 months sober following a 5-month sobriety out of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) then 5-month relapse. It can be done, but THEY have to want to do it.


(the future) MRS. GERE
Congratulations, Grandma! :smile:

Terry, wonderful news about difficult child. I hope she continues to walk the good path.

Keep us posted.

Suz :smile: