Good News came my way


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how was everyones mothers day? MINE was perfect my 6 made me a card and she can't even write her name but she wrote: mommy I love you love TyAsia. I was floating on cloud 9 because like I said she can't even write her name. I just thought that we needed something good to say. I also found out that they are putting 6 in the intermediate unit next year for school. (life skills.) I'm happy because she is not ready for just "learning support." (special education) Meeting on May 21.
Pixie made me a "salad'.

Got out a butter knife. Cut up strawberries & cucumbers. Threw in grapes, mandarin oranges, and lettuce.

I stopped her before she put mustard on it. After all, you know, I did have to eat it.


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I got breakfast in bed and homemade cards. The three of them even got together and wrote a cute song that they performed for me. For some reason they were all perfect on Sunday. Gave me a glimpse of that "perfect family."