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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by ksm, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Difficult Child called and said she had a job interview this afternoon for a CNA position at a nursing home! They said they will get in touch with her on Monday about the job. She still has her hostess job at a restaurant. Her hours had dropped from about 25 hours a week to 12 to 15 hours. That inspired her to apply for a different job. Now, they started giving her back some shifts, but the CNA job pays about $3 to $4 more an hour.

    I think she is seeing that living away from home is not all fun and games. She is living with her dad, my son, so that is good. But it seems like she has had a falling out with her friend, and in that little group, Difficult Child is the only one working. I think she gets used for rides, etc,

    She missed her appointment with her case manager this week, who was to help her apply for food stamps. This is her last month for case manager assistance. Hopefully, they will meet next week. She just list track of time...sigh...

    She was glad to come to our house and enjoy the air conditioning and "real food" last night. She didn't even complain about the chicken and rice casserole having cream of celery soup! Big improvement!

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    OH, this was oldest Difficult Child who is 18. Youngest Difficult Child is a whole other story.

    But I post about her on general parenting forum. She is 16.

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    Wow, ksm. This is going far more positive than we thought it might after graduation!

    We LOVE good news around here.
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    It is fun to listen to her complain about her friends...her best friend quit one job for a differ t one, worked three days at the new one and quit. Her friends boyfriend also quit his job the same day. Her friend is living with her brother and his wife, and neither one has a job, and the wife is pregnant. They are living in a home without air conditioning. I told Difficult Child that was the mature one in her circle of friends. Lol... KSM