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    So I had my annual review with my boss today. He is new to the school this year. Before him the assistant principal in charge of attendance gave me the best possible scores every single year. I did pretty good again this year but not the highest I could get. We are graded on a scale between one and four in different categories. One is pretty bad and two means needs improvement. Three is satisfactory and four is above and beyond the call of duty. I am used to getting all fours. This year I got several fours and two threes. One three was for communication with staff and parents and I can't remember what the other three is for. It's all written down in a report that he's going to give me later so I will find out soon. I may not be the most outgoing person like my supervisor is, but I can communicate quite effectively when it's job related. I have no problems talking to parents about their kids' attendance. I have no problems speaking up to the students. But when it comes to small talk, like "Hey how's the weather" and "have you seen any good movies lately" I am not the greatest. I am a pretty shy person. So I guess I got marked down for that. But at least it's a three and not a one or two so that's good. My supervisor is always quick to point out my flaws and I never hear anything positive from her so it is nice that my actual boss recognizes my hard work. I guess I can live with a couple of threes.

    So basically I don't suck as much as I thought I did. Despite this darn anxiety I am working pretty well through it. Now if I could just get through the next week in one piece I will be happy. We got the okay from the boss to bring books to read. Unfortunately I forgot to bring mine today but I plan on bringing it in on Monday. Hopefully I can read with minimal anxiety. Once again the anxiety is abnormally high for me today. Plus I'm sick and I can't seem to shake this thing. It started out with a sore throat and a headache and now it's gone into my chest. I keep coughing and I feel yucky stuff in my chest but I can't seem to get it up. My chest burns every time I cough. And my nose is runny. Yuck. I can't wait to get over this thing. difficult child had it for a week so I'm assuming I'm stuck with it through the weekend. I get easy child again this weekend so I hope I feel well enough to take him to the pool. There's something about the hot sun and the water that relaxes me and takes away my anxiety. It's only supposed to be around 72 degrees this weekend but it will do. I just want to get rid of this darn cold and get through next week as quickly as possible. I need a break!
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    They are letting us out a half hour early today. My throat is killing me so I'm headed to the grocery store for more throat drops and then it's home for some tea. Hopefully relief comes quickly.
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    Great review, Amber! Youre not out yet? Wow! We got out June 6th. Half the summer is gone for
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    Hope you feel better soon.
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    June 28th is my last day. Since the kids are gone my work has screetched down to a total halt. Yesterday we had to finish filing and packing but it's all done now. So for the next four days they are paying us to surf the internet for eight hours. My anxiety spikes the less busy I am so I am going to try and keep as busy as possible. Wish me luck!