Good Saturday morning....

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    Good morning all,

    It's a chilly windy morning with rain in the forecast today. I so hate dreary days.

    Not much happening about the tweedle household today. kt's Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker is coming in to work with her - help kt get homework done & her bedroom organized (once again).

    I'm in the process of making a pot of chili for dinner tonight ~ going to put it in the slow cooker & let it simmer all day long. That with corn bread & a salad sounds wonderful for dinner on a chilly day. Get it ~ chili, chilly?????:rofl: Sorry, one too many pain medications last night, I think.

    husband is off to the hardware store this afternoon to order the supplies for the back stairs & small deck that my dad, brothers, BILs & husband are putting up next week. It will be nice to have a stairway out to the garage that I can manage.

    It's Saturday so I hope you all have a fun day. I hope you all find something to smile about ..... a good belly laugh does wonders as well.

    Have a good one.

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- The chili sounds like a great dinner on such a chilly day. by the way, I love corn bread... fell free to send some my way. :winks:

    Duckie has a football game to cheer for this morning. In the rain. Again. :rolleyes: The coach and I are annoyed because it is a playoff game and we managed to get 80% of our girls confirmed. Our organization has four games today and we are the only ones cheering because the rest of the squads couldn't get enough cheerleaders to commit. The rule is if the players play in it, the cheerleaders cheer in it. Period. :devil:

    Duckie has a Halloween Party this evening. She should have a lot of fun. :frankenstein:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Kjs

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    Linda you are off to an early start with dinner. Sounds good to me, but others are home sick. Guess I shouldn't cook today.

    TM - Hope it is a warm rain. Hope she has a fun time at the party. Will she be dressing up in a costume?

    All are sick in my house. Even the dog. Raining and cold/windy this weekend. Halloween events going on all over town, and trick or treat is tomorrow. I feel bad for the little ones out in this weather.

    I work till noon and back at midnight.

    Have a great day.
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    G'day, people. No time to chat - sorry. A big day today, I was out early because difficult child 1 asked me to come along to a flat inspection with him and girlfriend. I had offered - trying to rent a flat is very difficult, easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 took over 12 months to find their place. It wasn't until husband went along too that they were finally granted a lease.
    So I went today - and the landlord said to the kids, "I'm inclined to let you two have this flat, I do have others coming to view in the next hour but you brought your mother and that tells me you have family backing you."
    It shouldn't matter. but it does.
    The landlord wanted more information from them - employer phone numbers and addresses, referees phone numbers, other stuff (nowhere near as much as usual - they often ask for photocopies of pay slips, a list of previous rental agreements, photocopies of birth certificates, passports, the equivalent of social security numbers) so girlfriend sent the info to him within the hour. He rang her back minutes later to tell her that had the unit.

    So difficult child 1 and girlfriend now have a place to live after they're married. It's pokey, it's going to be damp, but I've lived in worse. Much worse. It will be a good first apartment.

    I stayed out because I had a meeting to go to. Did some shopping, visited easy child 2/difficult child 2, then went to my meeting in the afternoon after all. Got home later than I intended just in time to miss the excitement - our tame budgie got outside. A visitor had left the front door open and with all the bustle of visitors, had scared the bird who flew into the yard and perched in the bushes. Immediately a butcher bird (effective predator) got interested and was after our mate. It took effort and luck, but difficult child 3 got our bird to 'step up' and then covered him up. From difficult child 3's description, our budgie was in shock. By the time I got home minutes later, he was settling down but still anxious, very close to our other budgie and both sitting high up in corners. I brought in some new branches for them to play on (play gym) and soon our bird was happily chewing on the new branches and calming down. Scary!

    Tomorrow is a play day with the tiny trains. Today was hot, almost summer; tomorrow is the same, maybe warmer.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :pumpkin: Good Morning!

    Linda, the chili sounds great! I kinda wish I had the makings - but the cornbread sounds the best! Can you tell I am carb challenged lately??? Most of the carbs are out of my eating routine, but I do get a hankering for more than wheat pasta and cous cous from time to time. Enjoy your day!

    TM, sounds like your group of girls are the most dedicated. Good lessons learned for life ahead. Hope it's not too miserable out there. I'm sure duckie will have a blast tonight :vampire:. difficult child has a costume party next Saturday. His closest friend, Lili (whom he's been friends with since K) is hosting the party with one of her girlfriends. difficult child said he was waiting to RSVP until he hears how many other boys will be going. easy child told him being the only, or one of the few, boys at a party is a good thing - he's not quiet agreeing with that theory yet!!!!

    Kjs, hope you guys are get better soon. At least you are getting the sickness over together rather than dragging it out a few weeks! Why is your town doing trick or treat on Sunday rather than next Friday on Halloween?

    Marg, sounds like a really busy day for you and yours. Hope, midst the trains tomorrow, you find some time to rest a little.

    Everyone is bemoning the cool, dark and rainy day today - me, I love it! I woke this morning with incredibly sore muscles! I had my first personal trainer session yesterday on the weight machines at the gym. My abs and upper arms are screaming and I also woke with cramps for the first time since June! Thought maybe I was done, but...... So I'm just sitting by the fire with the heating pad this morning. difficult child and I are watching a scary movie this morning and I think a nice nap is in the cards!

    Hope your Saturday is a restful one, and if not restful, at least a break from the busy week schedule. Keep it warm :witch:.

  6. Andy

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    Timer - The Chili sounds good. A great chilly day meal! I hope that the stairs and deck comes along smoothly. Hopefully KT will enjoy her newly found room.

    Tired - I am finding more and more parents are putting their kids in activitities for the practice time but have no intention of making the performance top priority in their home. I was so glad football didn't work out for difficult child - giving up two nights a week and every single Saturday morning for a few months was way too much for our household. Then there are kids who don't come to practice yet the parents believe they should have the best postions (like - I want my kid to be the quarterback or pitcher). That is not fair to the other kids who work hard. I don't care how good you are - if you don't make practice, you are first in rotation to sit out and get the not so much fun positions.

    Kjs - Too bad everyone has to be sick on one weekend full of activities. Sounds like movie day in your house today.

    Marg - Glad the kids found an apartment. This has been a bad month for our board birds! Glad difficult child 3 was able to save the day for your budgie.

    Little Dude's Mom - Hope those aches and pains are soon history.

    Our therapist appointment yesterday was great. I thought back and determined that it was almost exactly one year ago that difficult child was admitted to the psychiatric hospital. On that day, our first therapist appointment, he was cowering in fear in the office because he had such strong self harm thoughts that he was finding a hard time fighting off. No way would he have been able to meet with the therapist alone. We had left that 1st appointment and he cried stating he needed more help, that he couldn't handle this anymore. Yesterday a totally different kid. Laughing and smiling. Talking about what good was going on in his life. No problems leaving me in the waiting room while he goes back alone with the therapist. Amazing what he has come through and conquered in one year! If I had hope he would come through this, I certainly didn't think it would happen within one year.

    Today I return to the dollar store for more plain little lanterns (couldn't find pumpkin ones yesterday). We have a Food Shelf trick or treating at church this afternoon - I need to figure out what time. I think I should grocery shop today? Sounds like tomorrow will be icky weather. However, I am getting antsy feet and need to do something on my own so may wait until tomorrow when husband is home so I can escape alone.

    I hope everyone has a great day - find a way to make your difficult child laugh.
  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Linda-If I leave right now I could be there by dinner time:) The chili sounds delicious and we are having the same kind of dreary day here.

    TM-Sorry about cheering in the rain, not a lot of fun. Too bad more girls won't commit. I hate to say that I hope easy child's team loses its first play off game Tuesday because we are headed out of town next weekend and there would probably be a game that weekend. The Halloween party sounds like fun.:witchcrafting:

    Kjs-I hope everyone is feeling better soon.:sick:

    Marg-Definitely a busy day. I'm glad your Budgie is safe!:D

    Sharon-Sounds like a peaceful day at your house. Sorry about the sore muscles. Right now I'm dealing with shin splints from our walking field trip the other day.

    difficult child is off at respite. It is always sad watching him go (he was teary eyed about going yesterday) yet always such a good thing at the same time. It is so much more calm and easy child gets a break as well.

    husband and I are headed to the club in a bit and then the rest of the day is unsheduled filled with naps and movies and probably some cleaning as well (I really need to get my clothes switched over for the season, something tells me with snow showers in the forecast I won't be needing my summer clothes for a long while.

    Oh and, of course, I need to watch the Michigan game as well today.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Saturday.:pumpkin:

  8. Wiped Out

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    Andy-You snuck in on me. So good to hear of all the great progress your difficult child has made in the past year! Glad you will get some alone time tomorrow-you deserve it.:D
  9. Stella Johnson

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    Morning everyone!

    Linda, chili sounds wonderful. Good luck on the stairs and deck.

    I love watching little kids play football. So funny to watch the heard run from one end of the field to the other.

    Hope you guys are feeling better soon. It's horrible when the whole house is sick.

    Sounds like an act of Congress just to get an apartment there.. wow!

    Hope the movie is fun. Sore muscles are never fun but it's worth it.:D

    What is food shelf trick or treating?

    Good luck with the clothes. Every year when I go through and pull it all out, never fails we will have a heat wave.:angry-very:

    My sister wants me to go maternity clothes shopping with her today. Not sure if I am up to it or not. we have had a little cold snap and my hand is killing me. RSD and cold weather do not mix well.

    This morning when she called she said, "You can take me to get a manicure and then we can go shopping." I think I created a monster. The weeknd when the docs told us the baby had problems and possible Down's I took her to get a mani/pedi to try to make her feel a little better. Now she expects it. What a brat.

  10. Happy Saturday Morning to All!

    Linda, Mmmm... chili on a chilly day - my favorite. Do enjoy! I'm excited about those steps, and I hope they exceed your expectations.

    TM, Duckie has a busy schedule. I hope you can work some R & R in there as well.

    Kjs, I hope everyone at your house gets better soon. Use this weekend for some good sleeping time.

    Marg, the apartment sounds exciting. It's wonderful to see your son taking this step of independence. I certainly remember my first apartment. It was a dump, but a little paint here and there ,and some swatches of colorful fabric, and voila... it was a palace for me .
    That's so scary about the budgie. I live in fear of our Whistler confusedly flying outside. I'm glad he's back home. Maybe he'll relax in a few days time.

    Sharon, way to go with the personal training. You are on the right track. Enjoy that scary movie and good time with your hubbie.

    Andy, it is uplifting to hear about difficult child's progress. It warms my mommy heart. I hope you can escape and get some time just for yourself.

    Sharon, I hope you can get some relaxation in amongst all of your chores. Yes, I do think it's time for the clothing switch. Not my favorite chore, either.

    Stella, maybe that hand will feel a little better today. I hope you and your sister can have a little fun in the middle of all that shopping...

    Today is rounding out to be glorious, sunny fall day. I have lots of deferred chores all around me, but I feel like celebrating today. easy child is off to a college radio station convention in NYC . He called yesterday and he's having a wonderful time meeting up with some old roommates and high school friends who live in NYC now. He sounded happier than he has in months, since he and his girlfriend broke up. His call made my day.

    There is also absolutely wonderful news about difficult child! His SAT scores arrived yesterday and he improved his score by 210 points! I find that amazing, and think that the improvement is partially due to the accommodation the school and SAT finally approved - allowing him extra time on the test. He scored in the 90 th percentile in everything except writing. We are simply blown away by this. I can already tell that this score is a real confidence booster for him.

    I think we will spend some time celebrating - difficult child's choice!

    Have a great weekend all!