Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Mar 7, 2009.

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    Happy Saturday! I am so glad the weekend is here. As usual I'm up early because I have to leave for work in a few minutes. What isn't usual is that difficult child is already up. Poor husband, he is still sick and I'm guessing the moment I leave for work difficult child will have him up.

    Not too many plans for the day with husband still not feeling well and I'm getting the feeling my cold from the week before may be trying a rebound.

    I do want to get to the health club and take a nap. I'm thinking of making enchiladas or lasagna for dinner.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing, peaceful Saturday:pet:
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    :bravo: Good Morning!

    Hope this Saturday morning finds you well rested and ready to start the day (not too many errands I hope).

    I slept really hard last night. I've been having some really serious pain (that has built slowly over the last 7 weeks) in my left lower neck, shoulder and elbow. This week it began to really affect my sleep. Time to get to the docs! She fit me in yesterday. Pinched nerve. I've been given some muscle and skeletal relaxers and anti-inflamatories, sleeping pills, elbow cup, and an rx for physical therapy! Geeze..........

    No sleeping on pillows, no weights at the gym, no heavy lifting. I can still do my treadmill and water fitness but no hand equipment in the water.

    My neice should be here around noon and then we are hitting the mall. difficult child needs sandles and black dress pants for the cruise and easy child needs a bathing suit and sandles. I need a dress for captains cocktail party/dinner. I'm hoping to get it all today!

    Wishing you all a great Saturday :bigsmile:

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    Good Morning Sharon,

    you and I were posting at the same time! I merged our threads together. Hope you get that nap in this afternoon!

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/WO, I hope husband is feeling better soon. Lasagne sounds good, but is a fair bit of work if you're making it from scratch yourself.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope the neck pain and the rest of it can be sorted for you soon. My neurologist told me to get a down pillow, he said it should help a lot. Not sure how right he is, but I do love my down pillow!

    It's been an interesting Saturday for me. My meeting today - it was in a services club and I had the most extremly officious pompous idiot on the door, unbelievably unpleasant. I walked up to him and said, "I'm here for the meeting with..." and he said, "Nobody here by that name. It's not on my list, so don't even bother signing in."
    "Well, maybe they're here anyway but didn't register as a formal meeting, maybe they're just sitting in the bistro..."
    "Don't believe me, huh? It's not on my list and all meetings are supposed to be on my list..."
    At which point I spotted the team who waved to me. This only seemed to make the bloke more angry. I had difficult child 3 with me, thinking we could at least go into the bistro - the bloke then focussed on him. "He can't come in, he's wearing thongs."
    I looked at difficult child 3's footwear. "They're not your run-of-the-mill r ubber flipflops," I said. They are designer footwear. But never mind..." I turned to difficult child 3. "Son, go to the car, you'll find my spare ladies' sandals. They should fit you. Go put them on."
    "Righto, mum." And he headed off.
    The bloke then said, "Eighteen, is he?"
    "He has to be eighteen to come in here. Your mob are sitting near the poker machines."
    The old man was beginning to use sarcasm a lot, it was getting difficult to work out what he was meaning. One minute he was telling me to not sign in, the next he was saying we couldn't do something because... then I would solve the 'because'... then he would put another obstacle in the way, and it was getting wearing. He was letting out information a word at a time, almost sounding smug like a traffic cop playing with his latest victim. And this bloke was the first interface between the club and members of the public! Unbelievable!
    "I brought my son to have lunch in the bistro, "I told the man. "That's out of sight of the machines."
    "He can't come in the club if he's under 18," the man said.
    "Then of course it will be acceptable for me to buy him lunch and then take it to him at the door?" I said sweetly.
    One of the group, who is a member of this club, had come over to try to sort out the mess. I was still being polite (the bloke was being rude enough for both of us) but I was ready to rip him a new one. Meanwhile we had to get the meeting started. I finally gave up on getting difficult child 3 some lunch in the bistro - turned out I was out of cash apart from some stray coins, so I gave the coins to difficult child 3 to go get himself a burger from his favourite shop. My friend the club member was outside talking to difficult child 3, she came back in and said, "He asked if the man was stopping him from coming in because he noticed he's a bit different. Poor love."
    I explained to the other people at the meeting that difficult child 3 is autistic and felt that was why the man was being so rude. We later reassured difficult child 3 that this was not the case.
    I told difficult child 3 (and again told the group) that the man had made a big mistake to offend a writer - the best revenge is to use the man in my next piece of work. difficult child 3 said, "Mum - you're evil!" and went off with a grin. After he got his burger he took himself back to the car to play on his DS. He's a good kid.

    We won't be meeting there again. I've had dress code problems at this club before, but never to the extent of today's total rudeness. I'd dressed to kill to make sure I in no way came close to offending the dress code. I'm sure if difficult child 3 had worn his sneakers, they would have found them unacceptable also. And from what I know of club rules - he should have been permitted in the bistro. The man also tried to exclude me based on where I live (our laws allow this) but I live far enoguh away to justify "bona fide traveller" rules.

    Creep. I still can't work out why he was so instantly rude to me - I can only assume he's like this with everyone, which could explain why the club was so empty.

    At least the meeting was productive.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  5. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I hope husband feels better soon. So much icky stuff that just hangs on and on going around here. Your dinner plans both sound very good. I don't make lasagna from scratch but maybe I will do enchiladas tonight?

    Little Dude's Mom - What a long list of don't dos! I would have to write it down and carry it around to remember. Atleast shopping is still doable. I hope you get it all done today!

    Marg - I think a letter to the establishment is in order. A letter from the person within your group who made arrangements to meet there would also be good explaining how rude the door person was and because of that they have just lost the business of your group. Its members will find elsewhere to spend their money.

    This morning I will work in the kitchen. We haven't been home much for a few weeks and the refridge needs to be cleaned out.

    At 10:00, I will go to the bowling alley to get an Average Verification Form and see if the person working today knows what happened to the registration form of an upcoming tournament (next Saturday). The deadline was yesterday but I called the contact person and explained why it was late (I didn't know about it until Monday night and then left a message for her on Wednesday night to see if there where still openings. Then Thursday night the staff at the bowling alley stated I needed to talk to this person Saturday morning). The contact person will wait for the info to come in the mail. She should get it Monday or Tuesday if I mail it this morning.

    difficult child is feeling better today. Still has a bit of a stuffy nose so must be coming down with a cold. With Iowa Basics at school this next week it would make sense that he gets sick in time for it! The weather is warming up and with it comes outdoor play and wet colds. Let the cold season begin again!

    I hope you all have a great day and find something to make your kids laugh.

  6. Kjs

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    good morning

    Sharon - sure hope husband feels better soon. There is something nasty going around all over. Enjoy your workout.

    Sharon - Hoping your pain gets better. Good luck with the therapy. Hope it includes massage therapy too. Did doctor suggest heat or ice? We use one of those neck pillow things that you freeze or heat in the microwave. I love it.

    Marg - Good for you keeping your cool. I would of lost it. My fuse is short and I would of lost it with that man. Glad things worked out for you.

    Andy - Good luck with the bowling. And, yeah, good luck with the fridge. That job is one of my least. Cause, you work, takes up all your time...and it is something nobody even notices.

    Well, today we have a someone coming over to give us an estimate on new windows. We desperately need them, but in no way ready to replace all. We have a lot of improvements, so a little at a time. I signed up to win FREE windows at a local expo. Instead we get the non stop phone calls. husband finally agreed for an estimate. Then they called me yesterday to confirm. They said they will be here at 10am and they just want to be sure husband and I do not have anything planned for the rest of the day! WHAT??? The REST of the DAY??? husband called them back. They told him 3-4 hours or more. (we have 5 windows in the entire house) We are only looking at three. Maybe ONE. husband told them if the company knows what they are doing they can measure, show us windows and leave us an estimate. We have NO intention of purchasing at this time. If we are pressed to purchase we will ask them to leave. I HATE pushy people.

    Still thinking over our sofa selection too. The one I like is hard to get out of. I don't think husband could get out of it with his knees and back.

    Glad it is the weekend. I worked every day but one in 2.5 weeks. Went in my room to watch a movie at 4pm (while I made difficult child do homework). I woke up at midnight. Then slept until 7am.

    Have a good day.
  7. cadydid

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    Good Morning All!

    Wiped Out- You have my sympathy.. but I am in the same boat tomorrow. Luckily, I only have to work half a day.

    Marg- WOW ! Im impressed ! I don't think I would have kept my cool 100% the way you did. My sarcastic side would have come out big time.

    Andy, that is the way that I feel about my kitchen. The kids use that room more than any other in the house and would think that they would notice.

    Im hopefully going to have a quiet day. My anniversary is Monday. For an anniversary present, I paid for his him and 3 of his friends for a day of golfing. And the best part of it I got to surprise him! He did not know anything about it until last night. I would have waited for him to be surprised this morning but we got some potentially bad news last night
    (about that in another post) and it became important to tell him.

    In an effort to have a calm peaceful day, I told the kids that it was a chore free day. My plan is to stay in my bedroom, watch the movies that I have recorded over this week. There is laundry to do, a house to clean, and a yard to rake, but I'm finally grasping the concept that what I don't do today will be there tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a calm peaceful Saturday:D