Good Sunday morning....

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Heck - I've given up on trying to sleep. Hoping to wake husband up long enough to help me carry some loads of laundry to the basement so I can accomplish something tonight.

It's the infamous prednisone insomnia combined with some very ADHD like symptoms. You know - can't keep my mind on any one topic for very long. Can't wait to check in with the doctor next week. Love to hear how the sleep issues will be resolved (& they will be resolved) over the next days.

My dear sister in law called me this evening - she's going out to a gourmet cooking shop next week & putting together a weeks worth of meals for us. What a sweetie.

For the most part I spent yesterday out in the back yard reading & dinking around the house.

kt comes home from respite this afternoon at 3 pm. PCA is scheduled to be here in time to help pick kt up.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it.


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G'day, Linda. Sorry you can't sleep. Whenever I had trouble sleeping, especially when really ill or trying to cope, I would go for a short walk (so I wouldn't disturb anyone in the house) and sit and write my feelings down.
Turned out, part of my problem back then was antidepressants I had been put on, for pain relief. The doctor saw what I'd been writing and got me off those pills, fast!

As for constant lack of sleep - I compensate by catnaps. A ten minute catnap replaces two hours' missed nocturnal sleep. I don't count hours, minutes or whatever, that can only make your sleep worse ("Oh gosh, it's 2 am already and I'm STILL not asleep, I'm going to be a mess in the morning!") I just sleep when I can, or get up and write (or do Sudoku puzzles) when I can't.

I just got back from my marathon editing session with the author whose book I'm publishing. A four hour session - somewhere in there she took her dog for a walk on the beach. It was dark as I left, the moon rising over the ocean. Absolutely beautiful. It was good to work solidly, knowing that I already had dinner thoroughly planned & organised.

I still have more work to do on the book but the bulk of the job is done, from her point of view. She now has to read the proofs on the computer and see if she can find any last-minute errors. Meanwhile I'll polish the layout, do the table of contents and run one last spell/grammar check. I've got until Friday afternoon to get THAT done, then until Monday am to get the computer file to the printer.

Here's hoping we have a better week health-wise for difficult child 3. He's currently feeling fairly chipper, "appendicitis" seems to be recovering.

While I was busy today with my author friend, I'd asked easy child 2/difficult child 2 to take difficult child 3 to the school grounds and get him to finish the practical part of his PE work. She didn't want to do it because it was described as a modified volleyball game, and every time she played volleyball at school, she got a sprained wrist.
So she asked difficult child 1 to take his little brother.
Now difficult child 1 has a sprained wrist!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.



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:dance: Good Morning Linda and Marg and all to follow!

Linda, I remember the sleeplessness on predisone - only it also made me really not care that I wasn't getting any sleep! My sister does the gourmet prepared meals every few months or so with her girlfriends. They all go together for a couple hours and have fun preparing the meals. My sister is a veggie so she just trades with the other gals for the seafood meals. Hope you get some napping in today.

Marg, glad difficult child 3 is on the mend.

Not much on the agenda today. easy child is at the river with a friend so difficult child and I are hanging out. I have some laundry to do today and I might make a run to the farmers market. I have a hankering for some local tomatoes.

Wishing all a peaceful and restful Sunday :smile:.

Good morning, folks! We went to the County Fair yesterday and did not have a particularly good time. If they had had a category for "non-domestic animals", I could have entered difficult child and won. Seemed like it was nothing but No, No, No, I won't, No, No, No, I want to (fill in the blank), No, No, No.

The best part was the pig races. easy child was chosen to be a "section leader" to lead our group of bleachers in cheers for our assigned pig. "Our" pig actually won and easy child got a little ribbon to take home for her participation.

Nothing much planned for today besides church and cleaning up the house. Hope everyone has a good day!


Good morning all.

Have 4 days off and plan to enjoy them. I stayed up yesterday and went to the Church festival which difficult child had volunteered to work at. Nice to be with him.
Tonight we are planning on going to the Outdoor Theatre (seems as if we have one of the last around). Simpson's and Transformers are playing.
Tomorrow I am taking difficult child and the neighbors two kids to Noah's Ark Waterpark. About a 3 hour drive. Only staying for the day. Something difficult child looks so forward to.

I have issues sleeping, but have a bizarre work schedule. With my schedule and appointment.'s, and shopping..I don't sleep much. psychiatrist gave me ambien but I would only sleep for a few hours and be awake. Now psychiatrist gave me Ambien CR. Haven't tried it yet.

Hope everyone has a great day. I am looking forward to the next few days. Enjoy!