Good Thursday morning fellow warrior mums

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Yup, it's Thursday - only one day left until the long weekend before school starts. :bravo: I'm looking forward to kt starting school. She got to meet her teacher & the aides who will be in her room earlier this week & she's excited (even though she will be getting homework this year).

The clothes shopping trip is this afternoon - should prove to be interesting.

It was a beautiful day today - especially this afternoon. I found a bit of time to work out in my yard & clean out my bird bath. Need to get the feeders down & cleaned tomorrow. The birds are beginning to picket around the feeders asking for a clean feeding place. :smile:

I see the opthomologist this morning - we'll see if the news on that end continues to be positive. I'm certainly counting on it.

Enjoy your Thursday - find some quiet time for yourselves. It's good for the soul. :flower:


Good Morning

Linda - up early or not to bed?? Hope you get some sleep. Glad kt is excited about school, makes it more positive. Hope your eye appointment is positive.

It's been a busy week. difficult child and I met with program director of spec. ed on Monday. We discussed his schedule and she was able to address his concerns. It was very positive.
difficult child had a physical on Wednesday and two vaccines. Then played a double header baseball game. He pitched for the first time in his life...and I missed it. I had to get a nap in before work so I didn't go:( He did good, was happy. But now has two sore arms.

Have a great Thursday.


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G'day, Linda & Kjs.

Linda, do your birds like a lot of water? Something we do (for our water-loving lorikeets) is nail a plastic ice cream container to a wooden plank. And maybe another, and another... Of course, the water will leak out of the one that's been nailed, but you can stack another one neatly inside the nailed one, and put water in the inner one. The outer one stops the birds knocking it over.

I hope kt enjoys going back to school and you both enjoy the shopping trip.

Kjs, don't fret that you missed watching him pitch. He sounds like a gifted player, you'll get the chance again. We often fuss about making sure we capture baby's first steps but it's important to recognise that in all cases, baby's first steps are the ones that you see. Who knows how many times he's done it when you weren't there to see? The important thing for your difficult child now - you were there afterwards to be happy for him, to be proud of him and to help him celebrate. And to minister to those sore arms!

It's nearly the end of a very tiring week for me. Next week will have its busy days but surely can't be as bad as it's been so far.
Niece did her dance exam today - she passed and is now a fully qualified dance teacher in highland dance, accredited to teach anywhere in the world. She's hoping to go for her judge's exam as soon a she's old enough. And she danced today still recovering from a broken toe! But then, this is the girl who broke her pelvis with a high kick, fell and got up to finish her dance in an international competition a few years ago. For a while it wasn't certain if she would ever dance again, but here she is...

husband is driving her to the airport tomorrow morning on his way to work. I drove her to the exam today, then did my shopping while we waited for her to finish the two hour exam (theory and practical). Meanwhile, difficult child 3 stayed home and worked on his own - and got a lot of work done. He really does seem to do better when not disturbed.

I still haven't organised my injection - I'm really reluctant to and if I wait until tomorrow I might be able to ask the doctor instead of my friend. But I know I need to do it.
Tomorrow is my house cleaning day, I just hope I've got enough energy to do my little bit alongside my friend/cleaner. APEC visitors begin to arrive, restrictions come into force, police will now have much more power and most sensible people who have a choice will be avoiding the business centre of Sydney. And if you sense a little resentment here, it's shared by most Aussies especially those who work in Sydney. We just want it to be over, and for all the personal protection staff brought here by various overseas dignitaries, to go home. It's as if they don't trust us, and it's a grave insult to an Aussie. We can put up with the random body searches, we can put up with the cameras everywhere, but to be told we can't go into the heart of our own city, even those who work there, is unAustralian. We've never had to do this for anyone else in the world, not even for members of the British Royal Family. This is a country where a prince can meet a girl in a pub, fall in love with her and marry her.

OK, I shut up now.

Gotta go get dinner on.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone. It's been a lovely summery day here, amazingly warm. Hopefully more tomorrow. If I get the chance, I might go lie on the beach. Or the deck - as long as it means lying down...




Linda hope kt and shopping go well. Wishing you positive thoughts.

Kjs I know it is hard to miss the games but he will have another and you will be there. We do have to take care of us too.

Marg you have sounded busy. Hope you get done everything you need to.

easy child has to have oral surgery (again). So I am off to work and then back to get her for that. Which means the rest of the day could prove to go ethier way. Been doing email inquiries with gfg2s Residential Treatment Center (RTC). So much less stress with the email. Why didn't I think of it before. Granted as I talk on phone or in person I can get questions answered right away but with this I get the answers I can print them, and I can calm down and not see their collective looks of why have to ask so much...

Morning to anyone that snuck in..Try and have a stress free day.



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Good morning ladies

Linda - It's great to hear that kt is excited for school, that's the biggest hurdle with our kids.

Kjs - I know how you feel with missing our kids sports, it's happened here too. Sounds like he had fun and that's a great thing!

Marg - Congrats to your neice!!! Your country sounds beautiful and the people wonderful

MCINH - Poor easy child, I hope the surgery goes well.

I still don't know what's wrong with my foot this time. A new kind of rash and the doctor last night didn't know what it was, eek! difficult child has tryouts AGAIN tonight, please keep him in your thoughts, it's stressing him out because it's been dragged on for so long....easy child is going to a welcome bbq at her new school, then to get her hair done and tonight while we are at difficult child's tryouts, she has cheerleading.

Busy night for us!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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Good morning Linda, Kjs, Marg, Beth & Christine. Sorry I'm not responding individually this morning, but I'm exhausted from being up and down all night.
Not much planned: more errands, Duckie gets her hair trimmed and cheer later tonight. Have a great day! :smile:


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:smile: Good Thursday Morning!

Linda, My birdbath is so popular that I have to clean mine every other day! Glad kt is excited about school starting.

Kjs, glad you and difficult child had a good meeting with the Special Education director.

Marg, tomorrow is my cleaning day too! Glad things went well with your niece and that you are enjoying the warming weather.

Beth, hope all goes well with easy child's surgery.

Christine, keeping fingers crossed for difficult child - it's a shame they keep these kids dangling for so long!

TM, glad duckie is doing ok this morning - enjoy your day!

Well, I decided to do a test run for school next week this morning. I figured I would wake the kids a little early this morning to see how they did. Well, they are both still abed!!!!

I'm going to the office this morning then a few errands. difficult child has orientation at his new middle school tonight. He told me yesterday that he was going to call his dad and see if he could take him. So, bonehead is taking difficult child to orientation :surprise:. Remember what happend last week??? I told bonehead last night when he stopped by that he had to make sure he got all paperwork and really listened so he could let me know what was gone over. He said I should probably get him a tape recorder to take along :crazy:

Wishing everyone a great day :angel:

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Sorry I can't respond to everyone individually this morning. I'm in a RUSH!!! I just looked at the time. difficult children have dental appointments this morning. HELP!!! I've got to think positively - maybe this time things will go smoothly at the dentist's office...

Anyway, got to go - As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower:WFEN :flower: :flower:


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Good morning! Hey Christine, a friend of mine had a weird rash on her foot and believe it or not she put a tiny little Monastat 7 on a spot and it cleared up that little spot in 24 hours. then she used it on her whole foot and it was totally clear in 2 days. See, we women multitask!!! :rofl:

Have a great day!