Good Thursday morning friends....

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:coffee: is brewed & I'm sipping away on my first cuppa. My PT yesterday went well & we've proceeded to more challenging lessons on balance.

Tomorrow our lawn service starts so kt & I need to get out there this afternoon & pick up any big branches, toys or anything we don't want lost to those big old lawnmowers.

Cannot wait until I get back on my feet well enough to do this again - I love working in my yard; even mowing.

Still haven't found a home making service - really need the help with deep cleaning & laundry around here.

Okay, done whining.

Nothing happening today except psychiatrist appointment for kt & a few phone calls I need to complete. A few errands this morning.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


Linda I sure hope you recover quickly. Have you thought of putting up a posting at a local college for help. Many of the college kids are in need of extra money. I cleaned a ladies home, and did laundry when I was in High school. Not deep clean though.

Well, Today is husband's birthday. Shame on me, as I do not plan to see him. With all the doggie trouble yesterday never really was able to nap, and have to work the night shift. easy child is coming home and the two boys are taking Dad out for dinner. I placed a card in his car when I left for work, and will pick up a cake and wrap the gifts when I get home at 1pm. Guess I will send him a text message. I will get up for the lighting of the cake. lol, don't know how to do the candles. 54 - enough to melt the cake.

Hope everyone has an enjoyable day.

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Good Morning,

Linda-I'm glad your pt appointment. went well. One thing I wouldn't miss is lawn work-I hate it! When you are fully recovered if you are ever bored you can feel free to come and putter around in my yard :grin: Enjoy your day-take time to take a nap!

Kjs-Enjoy your day and happy birthday to your husband!

I stayed up til 1:45 reading last night (I'm trying to make it through all the Stephanie Plum books this summer and I'm on number 8 right now!). Then difficult child was up at 2:40!!! Thankfully husband got up first even though he was up late with me. Finally at 5:00 he came back to bed so now I'm up with him. Poor difficult child-he slept so much yesterday due to his stomach that I'm not surprised he was up so early. At least he is in a good mood!

This morning I have a therapist appointment for me and I also will be calling the doctors. for difficult child. Later we are leaving for Green Bay (if everything is o.k. with difficult child)for the weekend-it's my 25 year reunion. I'm hoping to squeeze in a workout before leaving.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day (and weekend)-stay cool if it's hot like it is here! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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G'day, all. I'm utterly exhausted, things are so busy and I didn't sleep last night. Brain a whirl.

Linda, don't overdo the yard work, take it easy.

Kjs, NEVER put too many candles on the cake, the icing catches fire before you can blow them out. Speaking from experience. Use numerals once you go past thirty.

Sharon, I hope you get some rest soon. You and me both!

difficult child 3 - couldn't get in touch with the local GP today, nobody there even though their answering machine said they would be there from 9 am. I had been trying to support the local practice which has been run down by a lousy doctor in recent years, but I already wasted yesterday, a day I could have used, waiting for them to open today. So I looked up doctors online, found a GP not too far away and made an appointment. She's good - agrees we need to consider chronic appendicitis but wants to rule out other things too. difficult child 3 has to provide various excretion samples - he's not impressed - and she's ordered a CT. I'm hoping to line it up for tomorrow, although I have a lot of work to do which I've been neglecting while he's been sick.

mother in law's still in hospital, we visited tonight. They've put her in Maternity ward - how's that for overcrowded hospitals? And this is the private hospital, I hate to think what the public hospital is like...

Once I've chased difficult child 3 to bed, I'm heading for bed myself. Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done tomorrow, with a functioning brain.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.



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Good morning everyone!

Linda - Make sure you take it easy so that your body can heal!

Kjs - Happy birthday to husband! Sorry to hear about your doggie troubles :frown:

Sharon - I hope difficult child feels better soon and that you get to go to your reunion! I'm doing the book marathon too

Marg - Glad to hear that you found a doctor for difficult child, sounds like she is really on the ball. I hope you get some answers soon!

I'm tired. husband and I went and saw Harry Potter last night while the kids were at a sleepover. It was pretty good. It wasn't my favorite book in the series so I wasn't expecting to love the movie. It was good to refresh the brain though so that I can get reading the final book. Still trying to finish the book I am reading now first. Another hot day today so it'll probably be spent in the pool. easy child has her riding lessons and cheerleading tonight so it will be busy. difficult child starts back to hockey on Saturday. His neck seems to finally be healed.

Good morning to anyone I missed! Happy Thursday!


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Good morning Linda, Kjs, Sharon & Marg. :coffee:
I'm sorry I'm already running late so there's no time to address each of you this morning!
Have a great day! :salute:


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woke up to horrible rain, standing water, TV says many roads are flooded. easy child had planned to go fishing this morning.
I have to be at court, the case where my easy child was victim (one of several) is still ongoing, yes, longer than a year and still not done, trial has not even begun, yet, we go at least once a month for "status" <sigh> Meanwhile the man continues to be re-arrested for more charges, some similar, and for witness tampering etc. And he continues to work.

The trial was supposed to begin last month but a previous trial with the judge ran over, so ours was bumped, again.
ANyway thought I would hop on and say hi while waiting for my cup of coffee to cool.
"HI" and everyone have a great day.


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:princess: Good Thursday Morning Everyone!

I know it's late, and I must admit that I just got out of bed about 30 minutes ago.....

Linda, glad your pt went well yesterday - if you are looking for quality house cleaning, check and see about a company called "The Maids". They are a franchise, not sure if they are in your area or not. I use them and they are very thourough. The come right in and put little booties on their feet and the 4 or 5 of them go after your house! As far as the laundry, perhaps there is a high school girl that would like the extra cash. She could come over once a week for a few hours and while the washing is going she could play some board games or such with kt.

K, hope you get your rest today - happy birthday to husband!

Sharon, hope difficult child is ok and your weekend trip is on!!

Marg, glad you found a gp - hope you are sleeping well right now!

Christine, easy child is going away next week so I think I will break down and take difficult child to see Harry Potter. Have a good day.

TM, wishing you a great day too!

Running, I agree with the "no news..." mattra!

Gotta get going and get off to the office. The hot tub finally arrived on Saturday and bonehead had the electrician here yesterday while we were out of town. easy child is going out to get the "shock" chemicals while I'm at work and we are bound and determined to be sitting in that thing tonight!

Wishing everyone a great day.



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Linda-Good luck with the house cleaning service. I hope you find a good one. I like the college student idea.

Kjs-I would go for the #'ed candles. Wax just isn't very tasty.

Sharon-I hope difficult child feels well enough to enjoy your weekend at Green Bay.

Marg-I hope its not appendicitis and if it is, I hope the catch it early. Less recovery and much less painful. Get some rest!

Christine-It wasn't my favorite book in the series either. We just finished the 7th book. It was great! Enjoy!

Tired & Running-Enjoy your days!

Dreamer, sorry court is taking so long. I'm sure the wait is very straining.

Sharon-I'm envious! A hot tub! I hope you do get to enjoy it tonight.

As for us today is chore day in our house. Was woken up this morning to hear that youngest difficult child destroyed middle difficult children art project made from other peoples trash. Then used the water bottles from god knows whos house and mouth and drank out of them. GROSS! This afternoon we have our first neuropysch appointment. Not sure what to expect, but I'm sad that they don't prescribe medications. It means even more Dr. finding and I'm so fed up with quacks. Besides chores and the Dr., nothing exciting.

Everyone have a good day!