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Good Morning All,

We have another day where we are supposed to get some rain. They are saying we are at moderate risk for severe storms today. After today it looks like we are finally going to have several days with no rain!

We finally got the field trip problem solved. They decided to let us take the kids to the same place as long as we only use the amusement park side. LDM-thanks for the cool ideas yesterday-I will keep them in mind for next year!

Another day of work ahead. The kids are really having a hard time staying settled and we still have another week to go after this :surprise:

difficult child's class has a field trip today-I hope he is able to maintain!

Enjoy your day-I hope it is a calm one for everyone :flower:


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Good morning Sharon, sounds like a good plan for the kids. Hope your rain let's up. We are starting to get the afternoons where the car is too hot to get into if it's parked in the sun. Yuck. Makes for a very long summer.

difficult child has been working. As always I'm grateful.Today is his day off. If he cleans his apt. then husband or I will go to the movies with him. We will see how that goes.

Hope you all have a good day. Good Morning to those that follow.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, we have the rain & storms here as well; the dynamics promise a lot more storms.

Fran, enjoy the night out at the movies.

husband & kt are sitting here with me enjoying breakfast (what the heck is husband doing up?). It's too early to eat in my humble opinion.

Absolutely nothing on my calendar today - looks as though with the weather it will be a day of piano practice, naps & of course, that becky homecky stuff.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :flower:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, I'm glad your fifth graders are going to get to go on their field trip!!! Even without swimming I'm sure they'll have a great time!!!

Fran, I'm glad difficult child is doing well. I hope he cleans his apartment and gets to enjoy going to the movies with either you or your husband!!!

Linda, Enjoy your day!!! It's nice you're going to be able to get some "me" time!!!

Today I'm going to get highlights and a hair cut. I definitely need it!!! Tomorrow, my favorite sanity saver goes in for her day of "beauty!!!" Tonight easy child is getting inducted (SP???) into the National Junior Honor Society!!! I'm so proud of her!!!

Well, got to go... Hi to anyone who snuck in... As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today!!! :flower: WFEN


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I'm glad the kids get to go. That amount of disappointment coupled with typical end of the year rowdiness wouldn't be good. :smile:
Fran- Can I come to the movies too if I clean my house? :wink:
Linda- Enjoy your quiet day. :princess:
WFEN- Enjoy the induction ceremony, congratulations to easy child on all her hard work! :warrior:
I'm finally going out to buy a new washer, I've been so busy that I haven't been able to get out and take care of it. :hammer: Then I volunteer in the school library in the afternoon.
Yesterday was a real adventure, lol! Duckie got a big, nasty hive on her hand during the hayride on their field trip. She was sitting up in front near her teacher & I was toward the back. I have never seen her teacher looked so shocked as when she glanced down and saw this huge hive come up as she was watching. :surprise: She had just got done saying that Duckie seemed to be doing pretty well compared to her other allergic kids because she wasn't sniffling or rubbing her eyes. She pulled me aside later and said she understands why I got so concerned about the farm trip, lol! :slap: by the way, Duckie was fine (albeit a little groggy) after I dosed her with liquid benadryl & her eye drops. The kids had a great time, they even milked a goat & had a pony ride! About a third (including Duckie) fell asleep on the bus ride home. :hypnosis: They have one more field trip: to a local library for story time and playground for lunch. They also have flag day, activity day & a talent showcase. We're having a blast here in the closing days of kindergarten!!! :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning everyone - you're all so busy!

difficult child has her finals today and then we find out if she will graduate. >< Fingers and toes crossed - say a prayer will you please?? Thanks!

Have a great day~