Good Tuesday Morning Friends!


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* Good Morning *

We are having the coldest day we've had in a couple years - 8 degrees. But, no white stuff. What good is all this cold if I can't get the snow???? :smile:

Bonehead ex is still on the bonehead warpath :smile: Doesn't feel he needs to disclose any financial information (assets/debts) in our property settlement :smile: He keeps saying he wants to get "this done"......

difficult child doing ok. He's got this "edge" that concerns me. I'm keeping my eye on it.

Full day at the office today, then the gym with the girls, then a meeting at church. Busy one today.

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday.



Good morning. *

Sharon - we're supposed to have snow today. They're forecasting 1-3 inches.

It's -5 here right now. School is closed.

Nothing big going on here. I had cut my hours back a couple weeks ago to only work while difficult child is in school - temporarily. Since there is no school today I'm going to try to put a full day in. We'll see. She'll be home with easy child and that doesn't always go over well.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good Morning,

Sharon-Keeping a good thought for difficult child and hoping bonehead ex makes a change for the better. You have the same temp as us this morning. I hope you have some fun in your busy day. :smile:

It was sure nice to have a day off yesterday. I didn't do much which was nice-I did squeeze in a workout in the basement. It was 7:30 last night before we ventured out to get gas.

Today it's back to work. The students only come 1/2 day as it's a teacher inservice day. Tonight difficult child has wrestling. I think husband is taking him as I ended up taking him both times last week. I'm going to try a new recipe-oven fried pork chops.

Enjoy your day and stay warm * Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning Sharon and Wyntersgrace, sorry to hear about the bitter cold. I don't envy you. Doesn't seem we will be getting the beastly cold again.
Our temps are very warm and pleasant for a few days. I'll send some warm thoughts up north.
I have a pretty full day today and tomorrow but hopefully it will be pleasant.

Sharon, good luck with bonehead. :warrior: Keep advocating for yourself and your kids. Getting it over with is his choice and not yours.

wyntersgrace,hope things work out with easy child and difficult child. It's always a little nerve wracking.

I attended easy child's open house last night. It was fun. You can tell it's the second half of the senior year. easy child is more relaxed, teachers seem more relaxed. Far cry from difficult child's open house's.

Have a good day everyone. Stay warm.
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G'day, everybody.

difficult child 3 is making progress. We seem to have finally sorted out the problems with wrong subjects being allocated. I've got some work with him on his trickier subjects (anything requiring expressing himself!) but otherwise he's doing OK.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 just got home from her first college class - "I think I'm going to enjoy this course, I think I can do this!" It's the first time she's felt so optimistic about it. I'm glad - she needs a future and so far this has been the only indication.

difficult child 1's birthday tomorrow and we still need to talk to him about what he wants us to do. He won't be home for dinner so we'll have to celebrate another time. But when?

Sharon, I do hope you can knock some sense into bonehead - how can he get things done if he won't 'fess up?

wyntersgrace2 - I hope easy child holds difficult child together today for you.Sharon, I can't imagine what it's like to have that sort of cold weather.

Fran, enjoy your warm weather.

husband is watching the end of another cricket match - Australia hasn't lost a match yet this season. it's getting boring. The only good thing is all the jokes. Like, "What do you call an English cricketer who puts on sunscreen?
An optimist."

Or the story of a kid in Family Court who wants to divorce his family. "My father beats me," the kid says.
"What about your mother?"
She beats me too," he replies.
"I'll send you to live with your grandmother then," says the judge.
"No, she beats me too," the kid says. "Even my uncle - he won't stop hitting me."

Finally the judge decides to award the boy's custody to the English cricket team - because they never beat anybody.

I've got to go watch - there're only six balls left in the match. Not that I normally watch cricket - it's as exciting as watching paint dry - but the end of a match is not bad.



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Good Morning my friends...

Very cold here in the tundra..both inside and out... :shocked:

Wanted to wish you all a good day and praying for peace for all of us...

Good Morning Everyone :smile:

It's another FREEZING day * here too!!! easy child actually put on her heaviest jacket and a pair of socks without me asking her too!!! difficult child 2 has been HORRIBLE /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif the past few days. He hates being cold and takes it out on me. If anyone wants him, he is AVAILABLE!!! Okay, I knew I wouldn't have any takers :hammer: - Every now and then, I still have to try...

Sharon, I'm so sorry bonehead is being such a @@@@@@@ (feel free to fill in with whatever comes to mind)!!! Why can't he act like a mature adult??? He should be smart enough to realize that the sooner he discloses what needs to be disclosed, the sooner you both can get on with your lives... I hope he comes to his senses soon!!! This topic always makes me so /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif!!! I understand what you mean about the "edge" and difficult child. I hope difficult child continues to do okay... Glad you're gettin in a :smile:!!!

wyntersgrace2, Stay WARM!!! I hope you have a calm day with easy child and difficult child home together.

Sharon, I'm glad you had a day off yesterday. I think a day off now and then is a ncecessity, especially with difficult children! I'm happy you got a :smile: in too. For me, :smile:s are a necessity!!! Stop making me hungry so early in the morning. Hope the new porkchop recipe is a success.

Fran, Thanks for sending us WARM thoughts!!! We need as many WARM thoughts as you can send... What about a couple more emoticons - maybe a sun and a palm tree??? Then it would make it easier to dream about a tropical vacation... I know what you mean about the difference between a difficult child and a easy child open house. It's so refreshing to be able to go to a easy child event!!! Hope everything goes well with your busy schedule.

Marg, I'm glad things are straightened out with difficult child 3's schoolwork and that easy child 2/GF2 enjoyed her college class. Happy Birthday :smile: to difficult child 1!!! And, thanks for making me laugh :rofl:!!!

Cookie, Hope you stay WARM too!!! And thanks for praying for PEACE!!! I know we all could use it!!! ( I tried to put the angel emoticon here. However, my computer skills are terrible.)

Well, I'm going to finish my :smile: and head to work. WFEN

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Good morning friends,

I sooo slept in this morning. I got a full nights sleep for the first time in weeks.

Sipping on my hmj - planning my day. Marriage therapist, appointment, bills to pay, laundry & treatment plan research for a kt staffing tomorrow.

Yesterday, I completed a recipe template & the cover design for the recipe book we are putting together as a donation for the cancer walk.

Enjoy your day; stay safe & warm. Keep your loved ones close.


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Good morning all, I do not have time to address you all indivitually. I have to leave for a doctor's appointment. in a couple of minutes. Fran, I am so happy that you are able to enjoy pleasant times with your easy child. So often the good ones are sidlined for our difficult children. I know how it feels to just be able to enjoy easy child's accomplishments. It adds such affirmation and happiness into our often troubled lives.

LDM, Sorry about your ex. They can sometimes be so very dense.

To all in cold country try to stay warm. It is cold here also. I have on my snuggle wear under my jeans. I'm sure the nurses will have a giggle over that! But hey I'll be warm while I'm out and about. -RM


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Good morning!
Sharon- I hope hope your ex grows up soon. Prayers that difficult child gets back on track. :warrior:
WG- I hope you get through the work day, what a tough situation to be in. *
Sharon- You're busy as usual! I hope the recipe works out. :smile:
Fran- Glad the open house went well. We get Duckie's first report card today, we shall see... :blush:
Marg- Glad to hear easy child 2/difficult child 2 feels enthusiastic about her class, that's a big hurdle! :warrior:
Robby- Duckie has informed me that Oreos are extra yummy when dipped in hot cocoa. Perhaps that would warm you up? :smile:
WFEN- Sorry difficult child 2 is being so difficult, it's hurts when our kids target us. :frown:
Linda- I'm glad you are catching up on rest. :bravo:
I have to run to the grocery store and volunteer at Duckie's school today. Wish me luck that my car starts! :hammer:
Have a great day! :smile: Hi to anyone that snuck in.